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My Cat’s First Photoshoot

I took my cats, FluffKatt (Fluff Cat) and Tinker (Short-haired Cat), to get Christmas photos done! …the outcome is absolutely adorable too. Earlier in September, I won a giveaway, and it involved a pet photo session from Jeannie Francis’ Pet Pics. Wonderful person, excellent photographer! I’m just going to have to have these pictures speak for themselves!

Jeannie Francis Pet Pics

This pet photographer is gifted, and her prices are excellent, especially for her talent and what she delivers. She is a photographer who specializes in pet photography based in Lexington, Ky. You can check out her website by clicking here! You can also check out her Instagram as well by clicking here.

How My Cats Acted

My cats weren’t too excited. However, they did so much better during the session than I thought they would! We used the door squeaking and a few noisemakers to make them look, and for the most part, the pet clothes we had them put on helped them stay in one spot to somewhat pose some. Tinker is just a natural star, while FluffKatt was the one we really had to work with. Overall, it was such a fun experience, and I’m so happy with how these turned out!

The Photos

These photos turned out so good! I hope they bring a smile to your face!

Cold Weather Date Ideas in The Nicholasville/Lexington Area

We’re getting to the part of the year where the days are colder and shorter. However, the romance is still fluttering in the air. In this blog post, I will share five date ideas for the Holidays!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

5. Grab Some Coffee/Hot Cocoa

There are quite a few local cafes I can suggest!

4. Have Dinner at a Nice Local Resturaunt

Eating at local restaurants is a great way to bond with someone while supporting a local business! Here are some excellent local restaurants I have been to and certainly suggest!

3. Check Out Local Events Near You

Always check if any events are going on near you! You will find all sorts of fun, unique, exciting things to do! You can check out my “News and Events” page here on my website or search for events on Facebook! I always keep my events page up-to-date! A few events my Husband and I are looking at this December are:

2. Go Look At Christmas/Holiday Lights Together

Sightseeing for Christmas/Holiday lights is always a fun idea! Many neighborhoods in Lexington often decorate for Christmas, and I feel this would be a unique date experience. There are also places like Louisville Mega Cavern, which hosts Lights Under Louisville, and Southern Lights in Lexington that showcase Christmas/Holiday lights and displays with quite a bit of extra things to do! I will say, Southern Lights has to be one of my favorite places in the wintertime.

1. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is also a unique date idea. So many people are afraid to get on the ice, but this makes for a great bonding moment together as you can face your fears with each other by trying ice skates out! The Lexington Ice Center is a magnificent place for those who have never been ice skating before! You can check out their website by clicking here. You can also visit Triangle Park in Lexington and their seasonal skating rink! To view times and prices, click here!

Final Thoughts

No matter what you choose to do for date night, remember that time is precious. Turn off the cellphones, try something new, get out and experience the world around you! If you enjoyed these ideas and if you try them out, let me know! I may make a post for date ideas in Nicholasville or Lexington, or both soon! Comment below what your perfect date night looks like; I would love to hear your thoughts as well! If you enjoy supporting and living local, please consider subscribing to this blog for more posts like this one. I often highlight businesses here that are local in Central Kentucky! You can also follow me on Instagram! As always, thank you for reading and tuning in!

The Lemon & Lavender Market – Nicholasville Ky

Over this past weekend, there was a vendors craft market hosted by Lemon & Lavendar, a Nicholasville business specializing in vintage crafts. The event was so fun and I met so many amazing people and got acquainted with so many amazing locals & small businesses in Kentucky.

Photo Taken by Me

A Little About Lemon & Lavender Vintage:

Lemon & Lavender is a local business that specializes in vintage crafted items. The owner is, Becky Ogden and she operates a booth at Route 27 Vendors located off N. Main in Nicholasville.

“In July I had a grand reopening of the booth where I completely reset and restyled it to fit my style better and stock 99% vintage/antiques now. I’ve been there for 3.5 years. I hope to open my own shop someday, but until then, I’m focusing on my booth and some pop-up sales! Folks can watch my Instagram and FB page for more info! People can also contact me for Lemon & Lavender Vintage & antique t-shirts as well!! Here is a pic of the shirt and my booth after I reset it.” – Becky Ogden

You can check Lemon & Lavender by clicking here for their Instagram, and here for their Facebook page!

Below is a photo of the shirt, and her booth!

The Businesses Who’s Booths I Visited:

There were so many businesses & booths that I lost count! However, here is a list:

And much more! If you were a business there and I missed your booth, email me and I will add you to this list. To learn more about these businesses, click their business names in blue as it will send you to their social media page or website.

Final Thoughts:

I absolutely had a grand ole time, and I feel so did others who attended. I saw lots of happy smiling faces and shopping bags everywhere! It was an in and outside event that was so much fun! I absolutely love connecting with local shops and people. For more content like this, consider subscribing to my blog for all the latest in Central Kentucky, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

CNC Bakery – Nicholasville’s Number One Sweet Spot

Nicholasville is full of sweet spots, and when I tasted CNC’s donuts, I just had to spread the word. This bakery is full of love, laughter, and sweet treasures. I had the sweetest honor of interviewing the owner, Lana and getting an inside scoop on all the delicious information I will share with you throughout this blog post. If you don’t have a sweet tooth now, you definitely will after reading this!


CNC Bakery sits in a beautiful historic home right off Main St. in Nicholasville, Ky. The bakery started when the pandemic hit hard; Lana said her s/o suggested that she start her own business, and she chose a business in which she knew she would enjoy. Lana graduated from Sullivan University, thus creating Cinnamon Nutmeg & Clove Bakery & Deli, CNC Bakery for short. Her favorite thing about this bakery is that she gets to do what she loves!

Let’s Talk About Their Tasty Menu

CNC Bakery offers donuts, deli sandwiches, cookies, muffins, pies, salads, bread… If it can be baked, she and her team can create! They also take custom orders for cakes, cupcakes, etc. My favorite sweet treat from CNC Bakery is their long john chocolate donut filled with Bolivarian cream in the morning!

Lana said that their best-selling product by far is their cinnamon rolls. However, it really depends! She also mentioned how everyone enjoys the bread they make and that sometimes people even ask for just the bread alone. She noted how she was so shocked that so many people just wanted the bread alone. CNC Bakery also does offer gluten-free options.

CNC Bakery does offer catering and can create custom-made cakes for any occasion! Something I found really cool was how she created Loretta Lynn’s 89th birthday cake! Lana was a baking star in the Jessamine Journal’s article, Reaching For The Pie In The Sky, as this article discusses how she was chosen to make Loretta Lynn’s 89th birthday cake. The link to this article will be listed at the end. But can we take a few minutes to appreciate that a Nicholasville bakery was chosen to make Loretta Lynn’s cake? How awesome is that! Pictured below is the cake in question!

Image sourced from their Facebook page

We were famous in a small town when we got back from Tennessee (after delivering Loretta Lynn’s cake and even being apart of her 89th birthday celebration)

Lana Rowland, Owner of CNC Bakery

New Additions…

CNC Bakery is getting a drive-thru soon! Lana mentioned how they would be doing a cinnamon roll week after opening this new addition!

CNC Bakery is also expanding! Lana announced that they are adding a bakery in the Fayette Mall, located in the food court called Lana’s Bake Shop, and there she will be releasing a new line of items, including snickers, smores, and much more donuts. She also mentioned a few new coffee flavors! Lana’s Bake Shop is said to open real soon! The picture below is a sneak peek of the new location!

Image sent by Lana

Something Worth Mentioning…

Lana sent me something that I wanted to add to this blog post. She shared an article with me about her dad’s first cousin and how he, Fred, was bigger than life to her, and an inspiration. I encourage everyone to click here and read more about Fred (Frederic Lee) Baker!

My cooking and baking journey didn’t happen by accident, it happened by love. Over generations.

Lana Rowland

More Information + Final Thoughts

CNC Bakery is located at 615 N. Main St. Nicholasville, Ky, and you can call them via 859-241-6229. The bakery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 to 3:30 pm. Consider checking out their Facebook and Instagram page! (click the blue text to visit those pages)

I am so thankful for getting the opportunity to meet Lana Rowland and to get an inside view of her bakery! She is such a sweet person, and her baked goods are so delicious. I urge everyone, if they haven’t visited this cute bakery, to do so soon! I am so excited for Lana’s Bake Shop to open in the Fayette Mall too! Shop local, support local.

Oh! One more thing, CNC Bakery, like many other local businesses in Jessamine County, were featured on the board game, Jessamine-opoly, a Monopoly copy board game created by the company, Late For The Sky, a company that is known for custom-made board games. Jessamine-opoly has been sited at the Nicholasville Walmart, it is uncertain how many of this board game, are available.

As always, thank you for reading! For more content like this, please consider subscribing to my blog, as you will get an email every time I post a new blog post. You can also follow me on Instagram by clicking here!

Link to the Jessamine Journal Article

KCAL Old Time Radio – Nicholasville Ky

KCAL Old Time Radio/Jessamine County Old Time Radio Troupe is a nonprofit located on Main St. in Nicholasville, Kentucky produced and directed by Doug Fain, Denise, and Norman Cline and features other members including but not limited to David Damron, Connie McDonald, Billy Holland, Eddie Clements, Roger Garrison, Steve Watts & Susan Clements.

Photo sourced from their Facebook Group Page

Background and Purpose

It started out as the Jessamine County Creative Art League, then The Old Time Radio Troupe decided to join in and do shows with them. Eventually, the KCAL group took over and this is the beginning of their 8th season! The group does 4 shows a year. The last 2 years and this one, they have and are hosting a Halloween show at First Vineyard. The KCAL Old Time Radio Theatre is located at 109 South Main St. in Nicholasville Ky!

We call it theatre of the mind because if you can, sometime during many of our shows we ask that you close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to either be sitting in the audience or listening on the radio.

Denise Cline

Upcoming Shows

  • October 30thSOLD OUT EVENT – Call for waiting list: 859-885-5363
  • November 5th – The Annual KCAL Gospel Showcase live and in-person at the Jessamine Christian Church
  • December 10-12th – Christmas Show at Downtown Theater

For box office, call 859-885-5363

More information on Nov. 5th show: FREE ADMISSION, however, a love offering will be taken during the concert. ALL of the proceeds from the benefit will be donated to the Jessamine County Schools Homeless Education Program.

Something to Consider…

I encourage everyone to put one of their shows on their bucket list! I hear so many say there is nothing to do in Nicholasville, well I found something for everyone to do! Their shows are entertaining, and they are non-profit. They do everything themselves and they work hard to entertain the community and to give back to our community through donations. Please consider donating, for more information click here. To see their current donors click here.

My Final Thoughts

I enjoyed meeting some of the members and had a great interview with Denise Cline. I cannot wait to attend their upcoming shows. I had the chance to have a peek at their upcoming Halloween show and it seems like it is going to be a hit! They have photo ops relating to the shows, and they’re just amazing people. Check them out on Facebook and visit their website by clicking here! As always thank you so much for reading, I really do hope you check them out, and please consider subscribing to my blog so you can stay updated on all things Kentucky, more specifically, all things Jessamine County! Stay safe.

Jessamine Fall Festival 2021

Highlighting One of the Most Anticipated Events in Nicholasville Kentucky!

Nicholasville Kentucky is a small town located south of Lexington that offers quite a bit of stuff to do and sights to see! Some may argue there is nothing to do here, however, I beg to differ and will protest that statement in my upcoming blog, Hidden Gems of Jessamine County I plan to release by January 2022.

This past weekend Jessamine County hosted their Jessamine Fall Festival (in Nicholasville) which featured local vendors, food, fun, and community interaction. I attended the morning and afternoon of the event on Saturday. It was a great crowd, and everyone followed guidelines and was respectful towards one another and I am just so proud of that. In this blog, I will discuss some local businesses and some of the fun I had with my husband, my sister, brother-in-law, and his nephews. In the end, I am also featuring a gallery of photos sent to me by the Jessamine Fall Fest page and fellow citizens who enjoyed their time at the festival!

Photo taken by me

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony was a nice one! They opened with the East & West High School Choir singing the National Anthem along with the American Legion Guard Post 63. As well as the East Jessamine Middle School Harmonics group with Mr. Mason-Walker.

Local Vendors and Shops

There was a great variety of vendors from all over Central Kentucky! I, unfortunately (with the crowd) only had the chance to speak to a few, but I am adding all the vendors I know of to this list so if you missed out, you can go check them out on your own time! If your business was there and not listed, shoot me an email and I will add you! I highly encourage everyone to go support these businesses!

  • Breaking Free Kentucky – Nonprofit organization in Central Ky that helps with resources for housing, services and job opportunities for women whose lives have been affected by abuse and trauma. I visited their booth and purchased a candy apple. I just had to feature this because as a survivor myself, how could I pass this opportunity? I love women supporting and helping fellow women. Visit their website by clicking here.
  • Handcrafted From Home – A small business local to Versailles, Ky. She makes some really funny and amazing things for the home! You can check out her Instagram by clicking here.
  • Grams Greatest Creations – A local crafts maker who also makes amazing funny and sweet home goods! Click here to check out their Facebook page!
  • Beyond Sight Creations – Creates amazing wire trapped crystals that are tarnish resistant and so beautiful, and so much more! You will need to click here and check out her Facebook page to really get the full idea, beautiful pieces for sure. Nicholasville local as well!
  • Your Country Princess Boutique – Local shop here in Nicholasville Ky that specializes in custom goods, home décor and much more. Check out their Facebook page by clicking here!
  • Ponies & Paisleys Embroidery and Vinyl – Cute shop that offers embroidery and screen printing! Check out their Facebook Page and click here!
  • Lock 8 Designs – A local shop to Central Kentucky, Nicholasville area that specializes in embroidery, clothing and much more. Click here to check out their website!
  • Chrisman Mill Vineyards & Winery – Vineyard and winery located in jessamine Co. Ky. I tried one of their sweet sangrias while at the festival and it didn’t disappoint. May have to do a blog just for them soon! Like them on Facebook or just check them out by clicking here!
  • Sassy Mama – Boutique local to Central Ky that features maternity clothing that is comfortable and cute! Click here to check them out on Facebook!
  • Azalea’s Bowtique – This is another local craft maker who creates the cutest bows! Check them out on Facebook by clicking here!

Car Show


Overall, it was a very nice festival this year, with a much bigger crowd than in 2019. It was quite impressive and very fun! There were other events but I didn’t attend them. Below is a gallery full of photos from several people who attended as well! There was face painting, airbrush tattoos, and more! I cannot wait till next year’s Fall Fest! Thank you for reading and please consider subscribing to my blog, I blog about all things Kentucky and I also help small businesses and local businesses with promotion. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as well!

Other Blogs Worth Reading:

Wilmore Kentucky – Let’s Go Shopping

Wilmore, Ky is a quaint little town in Jessamine County. This treasure is often overlooked and deserves more recognition. I grew up in Nicholasville however, half of my childhood was spent in Wilmore. I even attended Asbury University for two years because this town just holds a very special place in my heart, it always will.

I was so excited when Ky Creatives invited me to come to experience their Fall Night Market, unfortunately, the last one of this year, however, there will be more to attend next year and I am so excited! Last weekend was the first time in a few months I visited Wilmore, and it was a very good visit. Not to mention that downtown Wilmore is just so beautiful and filled with love and happiness. It was also bittersweet because as I passed the old Sims drug store with a for lease sign it just flooded tons of memories for me. Sims was a special place, the atmosphere matched a 1960’s movie. They had the best pizza and ice cream. Thankfully, The Local Confectionery brought ice cream back to the main street, so I guess that makes up for it. Below are some shops I recommend you stop by next time you are in Wilmore.

Let’s Go Shopping

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or getting Christmas shopping finished, Downtown Wilmore definitely has you covered!

Gigi’s Boutique

Gigi’s is owned by Lisa Smith who is a gentle soul with a passion for fashion of course! Her shop features clothing, home goods, decorations, just everything you would want in a cute boutique! I actually had the chance to interview her a while back which you will get to read once I post my blog, The Hidden Gems of Jessamine County. Definitely go check her shop out! She is also on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo sourced from Facebook

Shades Of Bluegrass

This cute shop showcases local goods by local artisans and even offers laser engraving pieces. They have the best coasters in town and I honestly wanted to buy everything in their store. Perfect gifts for any woman or man in your life. Follow this shop on Instagram!

Photo taken by me

Days Gone By Boutique

Days Gone By is one of my favourite clothing shops that even have a reward system! They feature affordable items that also have a hint of vintage charm. Their Fall styles are also almost to die for! Definitely pick up some new clothes for Autumn here! Days Gone By is also on Instagram.

Photo sourced from Facebook

The Local Confectionery

This ice cream shop is so unique and very charming, I definitely recommend everyone to stop and try a new flavour here! They also have the cutest sitting spots available! Maybe do your homework or work here while you enjoy a nice cold treat! Check out their Instagram and Facebook page too!

Photo taken by me

The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch is a very charming shop that includes items created by Kentucky makers, and local artists. They have the best candles, plants, home goods, and stickers! I always find myself buying their stickers. Follow them on Instagram!

Photo sourced from Facebook

Solomon’s Porch

Solomon’s Porch is a treasure. They were also featured in my Five Best Local Restaurants of Jessamine Co. Blog which you can read by clicking here. The atmosphere of this café is so cozy and everyone here treats you like family. The menu is also so creative and the food so so delicious! Follow them on Facebook.

Photo from 2019


Narratology is a non-profit social shop that features ethically made items. 100% of their profits are donated to charities that share their values. Their shop showcases very beautiful jewelry and beautifully crafted items. Definitely check them out as well as their Instagram page.

Photo sourced from Facebook

What I Got On My Haul

I got quite a bit of items from all over the Wilmore Night Market. Couldn’t show all as they are Christmas presents.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for reading and as always I hope I sparked some interest in you. Wilmore is so beautiful, go grab a cup of coffee, shop ’till you drop, and be open to meet amazing people. If you enjoy content like this or are local to Jessamine County, consider subscribing to this blog so you can receive an email every time I post a new blog! Don’t forget to also check me out on Instagram, as well as these shops listed! If you would like to have your business presented on my blog please email me at

Bluegrass Creative Market Fall Edition

I had the chance to go to this past creative market and it was so fun! For those that didn’t know this market existed, it is a market that is held once every season that showcases local businesses and what they have to offer. I got quite the haul to share with you all! Don’t forget to go like the Bluegrass Creative Market Facebook page as well as their Instagram!

All the Booths I Visited

  • Worker Bee Sewing Company
  • Pet Wants
  • Candy Lea’s Treats
  • Marci’s Mix Good Nuts
  • Concinnity by Erica
  • Nerd Babes Co.
  • Shop Karat Cake
  • Flora and Faunaamor
  • US Soap and Body
  • Brekort Art
  • PJ’s Creative and Distinctive Gifts
  • Mother Clucking Products
  • S’more Than a Feeling

What I Got

  • Candles from Nerd Babes, a s’more from S’more Than a Feeling, a Halloween door decoration from PJ’s, which, they also gave me a cute shop local bag! I got some delicious nuts from Marci’s Mix and two seasonings from Mother Clucking Products. I ended up getting quite a bit as you can see more items in the gallery posted above.
  • Final Thoughts

    There will be a Winter/Holiday market this year on November 6th-7th! Don’t miss out! I absolutely had a grand time and I suggest anyone local to central Kentucky to definitely check out this market. Thank you for reading, as always!

    Evan’s Orchard – Sunflower Festival

    My husband and I visited the opening of Evan’s Orchard‘s sunflower festival and it was so fun! We took many cute photos and even enjoyed some ice cream in the fields! This year there are two fields (back in 2019 I went with a friend and only remember one field) being the sunflower field and zinnia field! Both were so pretty and perfect for photo opportunities! Tickets are just $12.00 per adult!

    The Zinnia Field

    Look how beautiful! Even after the rain, it continued to look so beautiful. There were a few cute props here at the zinnia field but the field alone is great for pictures. I didn’t have trouble finding any flowers to pick because they were all bloomed to perfection! Not to mention, my husband searched and picked me some without even asking. For the fields, they had a choice for creating a flower pail for $20.00 I do so believe!

    The Sunflower Field

    The sunflower fields were equally just as beautiful! So many sunflowers and more photo props! Evan’s outdid themselves this year! There weren’t too many people there when we arrived so it was perfect timing to use the props while there were no lines to wait. However, for the swing, we had to wait and then it started raining! Luckily I had brought my umbrella. Thankfully the rain stopped once it got to my turn for the swing!

    Other Activities They Have

    They also had live performers (that sing), food trucks, an ice cream truck, and they were also accompanied by Wise Bird Cider Co.! There are plenty of things for the kids to do as well such as the playground which is very big and nicely displayed. You can also just come and shop around! The Sweet Apple Café is a part of their market and you can view their menu by clicking here.

    Overall, we had a great time and got some awesome photos! Most importantly, we made some very sweet memories! Evan’s Orchard is located in Georgetown, Kentucky and their sunflower festival is going on until August 22nd!

    Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoy content like this and want to be updated on all the fun stuff here in central Kentucky consider subscribing to the blog! Keep up to date with Kentucky happenings by following me on Instagram! P.s. This post was not sponsored! I just love supporting our Kentucky farms!

    Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe

    We’re in the last month of Summer and it is also Peach Season!!! So I decided to give y’all my recipe for peach cobbler! This year was the first year I ever made peach cobbler but I did dang good for my first time! I also added quite a bit of ingredients nobody was telling me to add, but the choice of adding extra things made it delicious!

    I used some peaches we picked at Eckert’s Orchard in Versailles Ky; right now it is their peach season and they do offer pick-your-own! It was so fun picking peaches with my mom, definitely something I suggest everyone do at some point! Eckert’s has fun for the whole family too! Below you can find the peach cobbler recipe.

    Ingredients and Measurements:

    • 1 1/2 cup of self-rising flour
    • 8 tablespoons of butter (1 full stick)
    • 1/2 cup of water
    • 2 cups of sugar (divided)
    • 5 peaches (make sure they are ripened well)
    • 1 1/2 cup of milk
    • ground cinnamon (this will be sprinkled)
    • 3 drops of vanilla extract
    • dash of salt
    • cornstarch (only if needed)

    Steps to Create the Cobbler:

    1. Boil peaches for 1 minute, then place in an ice bath. This will make your peaches very easy to peel, and somehow also makes them sweeter! Then slice and peel the peaches.
    2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
    3. Take the peach slices and pour 1 cup of sugar into a pot. Mix sugar and peaches. cook for 10 minutes as you’re getting rest of the recipe together. Stir occasionally.
    4. Combine flour with 1 cup of sugar and a small pinch of salt, then mix. After mixing add 1 1/2 cup of milk. Keep stirring till batter is moist. If you feel it may be too runny, add a little bit of cornstarch maybe 1/3 cup, you’re the judge! Mix again if you added cornstarch.
    5. Add 3 drops of vanilla extract if desired into batter and mix.
    6. Melt 1 stick/8 tablespoons of butter and then pour into the oven-safe baking pan.
    7. Pour batter into the pan, then place your peaches in on top.
    8. Sprinkle some cinnamon all around on top of the batter and peaches.
    9. Bake in oven for 45-51 minutes. Use a toothpick to see if it is no longer doughy.
    10. Serve alone or with vanilla ice-cream!

    More About Our Morning Trip to Eckert’s Orchard

    Growing up, I have always visited Eckert’s Orchard. There is something about going in the summertime that makes it even more special. Most people only go to orchards in the fall since they have fall festivities and pumpkins. But going during peach and blackberry season is different and a great experience. I am just glad I had the day with my mom! At Eckert’s, you can pick your own peaches and blackberries during their season with a field pass! Their field passes (for the year 2021) are just $3 for each adult (without considering tax)! However, they also have the sunflower fields open so you can actually get a pass for all three! Sunflower field, pick-your-own blackberries, and peaches; this 3 in 1 pass is $11 per adult. The sunflower fields were so pretty! Below is a gallery of some of the photos we took while at Eckert’s!

    Here’s a link to my 2019 blog on Eckert’s Orchard: Click here!

    Final Thoughts

    Thank you so much for reading! I hope this recipe works out for you and you enjoy it! For more southern recipes, consider following my blog! Have a great day and don’t forget to tag me in your stories or posts on Instagram if you used this recipe! I will share your post to my stories!