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Cumberland Falls, Photo taken by Caitie Lamb

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Life With Caitie is a lifestyle blog focusing on local living and helping some discover what it truly means to live in happiness and peace, featuring blog posts that will bring some kind of value or knowledge to your life. Writing is her passion, and sharing small businesses with her loyal readers and followers makes it worthwhile. Take a look around, and consider subscribing to stay in the know!

Just Some Blog Posts Worth Reading…

Our Trip to Savannah

Savannah Georgia Was so beautiful! We visited so many shops and adorable stops.

KY CBD Farmacy

Ever been curious about CBD?

Places to Visit in Downtown Versailles

Showcasing places in Versailles, Ky.

Cosplay Corner – Misa Amane

This photoshoot was done in early 2022 and is one of my favourite shoots I have ever done in cosplay. This shoot was filmed with a local Kentucky photographer, Erin Brooke Photography.

Witchy Photoshoot

Recently, I was asked if I would model in a photoshoot due to my hair being the desired colour of the photographer. She was looking for someone with red hair, and she saw I was tagged in another photographer’s post that had my red hair (which I believe was circa 2020) and messaged me viaContinue reading “Witchy Photoshoot”

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