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Ways to Practice Self-Care While Supporting Local Businesses

In this post, I will discuss ways that one can practice self-love & care at the same time as supporting local businesses. This post will include spending money in order to support local businesses, so if you want more cheap/free ways to practice self-love and care, please consider reading my post, It’s Time to Put Yourself First. This post will also feature local businesses I have personally bought from whom reside in the CKY area. There are no affiliate links, and I get no commission from suggesting any of these businesses to you, so you can feel confident in knowing that these are my honest personal opinions. Happy reading!

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Taking Care of Your Body and Physical Health

Taking care of your physical body is very important, just as important as taking care of your mental psyche.

Bath/Body Care

One of my favourite ways of taking care of myself this way while supporting local businesses is to purchase bath products from a local business that specializes in bath and body products, such as Mcquaintly Yours, which is a small and locally-owned business based in Versailles, Ky. They offer chapstick, bath soap and bath bombs, pain salve, lotion, and more! You can also get your nails done! I try to only let Annie at Emily Nails off of Edgewood in Nicholasville, Kentucky, touch mine! She can do amazing designs and is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet that does nails!

Exercise and Diet

Another way is to get enough exercise which, for me, I invest in a gym membership that is for a locally-owned and operated gym versus a chain. I won’t share the membership for my safety, but there are a few in the area of Lexington-Nicholasville, Kentucky! Eating a little healthier by including fresh veggies and fruit into your diet also goes a long way, and in the Spring and Summer, you can find fruit and veggie stands in town, and you can directly support our local farmers while supporting your health.


Getting facials is another way to focus on caring for your physical health. They can be so fun and relaxing. One of my favourite places to go is the Fizz Facial Bar which has multiple locations in the CKY area you can go to. 

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is just as important, if not slightly more important than your physical health, as it can contribute to your physical health and ability to go through life.

Take Breaks – Connect with Friends

Connecting with friends is a great way to upkeep your mental health, and you can do this and support locals while going out for a coffee at a local coffee place! Instead of going to Starbucks, try to find a local spot near you. Some of my favourite places include Mono’s Coffee, and Luna’s Cafe.

Connect With Others

Connecting with others is a basic need for many in life. You can do this by attending local vendor events where you can join while supporting local businesses too. Even shopping at local businesses can help you connect with others, including other customers and the owners.

Engage in Fun Activities

Try engaging in fun activities! Find a new hobby, or find fun places near you to get out, and get loose with others! Try going to a locally owned trampoline park or skating rink. There’s also a new Main Event located in Lexington that I thought about checking out here soon. I also LOVE LEX LIVE!

Have You Tried CBD?

CBD can actually help your physical body and your mind! I use it to help me sleep better at night and to help calm my anxiety down. If you’re new to CBD and or looking for a new place to get your CBD or to learn more about CBD and its benefits, I recommend visiting KY CBD Farmacy. They have a Danville and Nicholasville, Ky location. They have creams, gummies, and more. I would have included CBD in every list above, but I decided to cover it in its own section in this post because CBD has so many benefits. You can also read more about this topic in my post, Ky CBD Farmacy, which goes in-depth on what they’re all about! 

So What Are You Waiting For?

No matter what you do, remember to do it for yourself. You deserve a break, you deserve a nice bubble bath, and you deserve to do fun things. There are a lot more things I could have touched on, but you get the idea. If there are things I may have left out that you’d like to bring to my attention, feel free to comment below! I would love to hear your ideas.

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