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The Wild Rose Boutique

Wild Rose Boutique is a small, locally owned boutique in Jessamine County, Kentucky, specializing in clothes, flowers, and more! I had the opportunity to attend their Wine & Flowers event – it was pretty fun, and I enjoyed it! Not only did I have the chance to stop in, shop or attend the event, but I also had the chance to ask the owner, Cassidy May, some questions, and now I am sharing their story and what their business has to offer!

The Wild Rose Boutique has adorable clothes; as you can see below, I am wearing the cute green jumpsuit I found there! It is so comfortable but also charming. This boutique also doubles as a flower shop, which is pretty neat and very different from other boutiques in the area. The owner is Cassidy May, who will get married in October (congrats, by the way)! She graduated from East High in Nicholasville, Ky, with the class of 2016 and even studied marketing and public relations at EKU.

I have always needed a creative outlet, and I love being able to incorporate that into my job. I live in Nicholasville with my three pups and future husband, and I love being part of this community.

– Cassidy May
Colour of the jumpsuit may be distorted due to photo editing

Cassidy’s ‘Why’

I wanted to start doing florals because I love the meaning behind flowers.

– Cassidy May

I asked Cassidy why she started the business and what inspired her, and her response was, “I wanted to start doing florals because I love the meaning behind flowers! They are something that everyone looks at and sees beauty in, and I love what they mean to people on the biggest days of their life, whether it be a birthday, a new job, or a wedding. I started the boutique because I grew up in Nicholasville, and we always had to go to Lexington to shop. I wanted to bring boutique-style clothes in and connect with our community.”

The Wine & Flowers Event

I love how they do this event once a month; honestly, it was such a refreshing event! The wines were tasty; we got to learn how to pair wines with certain foods and more. And the flowers were so pretty! I had a blast! I also asked Cassidy to describe the wine and flowers event because I wanted you all to be able to see what that is all about besides me just telling you how fun I had.

Her response: “The wine and flower events that take place monthly are my favorite days of the month! These are always on a Wednesday or Thursday and in conjunction with Wine at Home with Rhonda. During these events, you will taste wines you cannot get anywhere else and get the opportunity to have your favorites delivered right to your door! During the tasting, I will also walk you through how to make your own floral arrangement! These sizes vary month to month, and each features a flower of the month. August features the gladiolus and will be a full-size arrangement, while September features aster and maybe a smaller arrangement. These are so fun, we have snacks, and you get to shop the boutique while you’re here!”

What The Boutique Has to Offer

I am always getting new arrivals and love styling the items in different ways!

-Cassidy May

Currently, they sell day-to-day flower arrangements for day-to-day celebrations and significant events such as weddings and corporate celebrations. Cassidy says she loves creating beautiful arrangements and delivering them to make someone’s day! The boutique carries homemade candles, clothing items in sizes S – 3X, and locally crafted resin art from CJ’s Resin! They are always getting new arrivals, so be sure to go check them out in Nicholasville! Check out their website as well by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

I loved the Wine and Flowers event and highly encourage others to check it out or add it to their bucket lists. I loved the times I bought there, and I wear the jumpsuit at least once a week; it has become a favourite outfit of mine. I want to thank Cassidy May for this interview, and I hope you all go check the boutique out for yourselves! They also have an Instagram!

One More Thing…

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