About Me

I am a writer, a Kentucky blogger, a wife! I am so many things, and have so many labels; however, I would love for you to get to actually know me.

I am 23 years young, I love to sing, and writing is my absolute number one passion! I am working on a few projects at the moment which involve a book where I open up about my past relationship and talk about domestic violence from a teenage standpoint. Not many teens share their stories, and I am hoping to break the ice and help others like me. I am also working on some great content for Instagram, which my username is @lifewithcaitie. I usually always follow back if you’re not a bot, so feel free to check me out and connect with me!

I am originally from Jessamine Co. Kentucky, but graduated from high school in Garrard Co. Kentucky, with the class of 2016. I attended Asbury University, but felt it just wasn’t the place for me so I transferred to BCTC; I am now a graduate with an AA degree I was awarded with in December 2019. UPDATE: Currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Mass Media Communication! I am currently attending Midway University.

My Main Passions & Content I Enjoy: Fashion, beauty, mental and physical health, vintage, and self-love. Oh and let’s not forget that I also enjoy all things KENTUCKY!

I love making genuine connections, and reviewing products and businesses that I truly enjoy, and can get behind. I am an advocate for animals, domestic violence, and so much more. I enjoy bringing awareness to things that need attention as well as bringing awareness to new products and services that can add value to anyone’s life. If you are interested, contact me through the contact page and request my media kit.


Local Businesses You Should Know About

Hometown Heating & Air – Hometown Heroes At Your Service! Hometown Heating & Air is a local business here in Kentucky. Small and locally owned – who doesn’t love supporting those two things? They service counties surrounding Jessamine & Fayette. Just give them a call! They provide so many services to make sure you get to enjoy comfort in your home. Spring maintenances are going on right now! Be sure to ask them about the Maintenance Program! Here is their telephone number: 859-241-6633. David Cheek started this business cause him and his brother felt that so many companies take advantage of others and they just want to provide affordable services for all! You can even visit their website: hvachometown.com

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