Why You Should Set Goals, Not Resolutions

43% of all people who set resolutions expect to fail before Feburary, don’t let that be you. In this blog post I will go over why resolutions don’t work, why you should focus and track goals instead (look at resolutions as goals) by setting SMART goals, and how you can keep up with these goals. Grab a notebook and pen, because you may want to take notes, and maybe even write down/brainstorm your goals as you continue to read!

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Midway Kentucky for the Holidays

Midway, Kentucky is a small town in Woodford County with a variety of local shops and restaurants you need to check out – definitely add Midway to your Holiday bucket list, as all of the cute shops downtown are stocked full of locally crafted and made gifts and decor!

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Upcoming Events in Jessamine County

It is the Holiday season and I am ready for all of the Holiday cheer! If you are like me, you enjoy the Holiday music, decorations, and events – luckily for you, I have curated a list of events going on in Jessamine County Kentucky this Holiday season!

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Holiday Self Care

It’s that season again when stress is placed on many of us for many different reasons. It doesn’t help that time change also occurs, causing most of us to lose the very little natural serotonin we have left. This is why I have created this list to help many of us (myself included) during these last few months of the year – pour yourself a beverage of your choice and get your pen and paper – ‘Tis the season!

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Halloween Special: Woman in White Photoshoot

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I have decided to create a few spooky galleries to release this month with accompanying stories and poems. For the first post of this Halloween series, I have decided to share this gallery first as it was one of the first we shot, and it really puts whoever viewing it in the perfect Halloween spirit. These photos were so fun to shoot and the photographer I worked with even shared short writing to accompany them.

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2 Mother Hustlers – Fall Designs 2022

You definitely need to peak at these new designs by 2 Mother Hustlers that are perfect for Fall!

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Cynthiana – Kentucky’s #1 Fall Destination

It’s finally Fall y’all! Shew, do I have something awesome and fun to share with you! I was recently invited along with other bloggers to do the Witches Day Out event and a fun business hop in Cynthiana, Kentucky – which is rumored to be quite haunted…

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Cosplay Corner – Misa Amane

This photoshoot was done in early 2022 and is one of my favourite shoots I have ever done in cosplay. This shoot was filmed with a local Kentucky photographer, Erin Brooke Photography.

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Witchy Photoshoot

Recently, I was asked if I would model in a photoshoot due to my hair being the desired colour of the photographer. She was looking for someone with red hair, and she saw I was tagged in another photographer’s post that had my red hair (which I believe was circa 2020) and messaged me via Instagram. I said yes, and I am so glad I did – the photographs TURNED OUT AMAZING!

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