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Places You Should Visit In Downtown Versailles, Ky

There is so much you can do in Versailles, Ky! Downtown is the place to go whether you are passing through, visiting, or even living there. Or if you just want to take a day trip and enjoy what this area has to offer! I will be mentioning something you won’t want to miss so read until the end!

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I had the chance to visit Versailles, Ky for the first time since 2015/ second time ever. And they have cleaned up very nicely downtown! I was super stoked to go with fellow Ky bloggers to downtown Versailles to see all the shops that gave us a little freebie here and there! There were so many amazing places, even some that unfortunately won’t be mentioned, however, the one’s I will mention are great places locally owned by great people!

I would like to first mention this wonderful cafe that is dedicating to serving anyone. Yes, anyone such as those with money, no money, and not so much money. I am so proud to live in a state where serving others and giving back to our communities are a priority. It made my heart just melt when I found out what Spark Community Cafe was doing inside those doors!

About Spark Community Cafe:

This cafe isn’t your ordinary cafe, it is a cafe where anyone can enjoy great food with dignity. They claim this as a “Pay what you can” environment meaning if you have the money, then you could pay the suggested amount next to the menu item on the menu. If you have only some money, then you can pay what you have. If you unfortunately don’t have any money then fear not, you can volunteer in exchange for your meal! What an amazing way of giving back, especially to those who can only give so little. That is what truly makes this cafe special and I do recommend volunteering here, you get a free meal when you do! Plus, it is an amazing thing to add to the volunteer part of your resume.

This idea is backed by One World Everybody Eats (OWEE) which is a “non-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing food security and building community through it’s pay-what-you-can non-profit restaurant model.” This organization supports 60 existing and starting cafes! I am actually mesmerized by how this all works and how they actually kept this going, who would have thought this was possible? I am so glad it is though!

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I learned quite a lot about this business and how this cafe works. The atmosphere is so welcoming and the message this cafe sends is so inspiring!</

I had the chance of trying out their cheese cake and it almost blew my wig off (I don’t really wear a wig, FYI.) It had the creamiest texture and at the bottom had an amazing gram cracker crust that was super delicious! The added strawberry on top was the icing on the cake! I give their cheese cake 5/5 stars!

For more information on Spark Community Cafe, please visit their website: and you can also follow them on Instagram @sparkcommunitycafe .

One of the next spotz we visited was Spotz Gelato (see what I did there)!

About Spotz Gelato:

It is so beautiful and creative on the inside that I felt like I stepped into a little girl’s dream – there was so much pink! And polka dots, but pink was definitely the dominant colour! Spotz Gelato may or may not be on Uber Eats or Door Dash, however, they offer catering! Their catering service offers a $500 minimum which covers full service with four flavours of your choice! Yes – four flavours of YOUR choice! For up to 100 guests for up to one hour within a 60 mile round trip from Georgetown, Ky! There are additional offers as well, but that one is a huge hit with the locals. They cater weddings, birthdays, family parties, and also corporate events. They are also a part of Kentucky Proud.

I had the chance to try their strawberry gelato which did not disappoint! It was kind of like a mix between an iced slushy and frozen yogurt in my opinion. It didn’t have the exact consistency of your average ice cream, but it is still yummy!

Learn more by checking out their website: You can follow them on Instagram as well @spotzgelato .

We then headed across from Spotz Gelato over to Mrs. Rogers Popcorn & Sweet Shoppe where not only were the goodies sweet but the workers and owners as well!

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More about Mrs. Rogers Popcorn & Sweet Shoppe:

This shoppe gave us each a complimentary bag of popcorn. The popcorn was super sweet and to my surprise has bits of white chocolate on the popcorn pieces! I didn’t see them, but tasted them and it was delicious! I highly recommend this place for all your sweet tooth needs!

You can contact this shoppe via phone number: 859-457-771 and can find them on IG @MrsRogersPopcornandSweetShoppe .

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Next place I’d like to share with you is the Rolling Oven; a mobile pizzeria that can fulfill your pizza and beer needs with a variety of each to choose from!

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More about the Rolling Oven:

I had never been to this place prior, but it was a fun experience since we came on “watermelon day”. I tried their watermelon beer and it actually wasn’t that bad considering I took more than one sip and I can’t take the taste of beer. It was a sweeter blend then most I have tasted but for me I had to ask for another drink. I asked the bar tender what he would recommend that was also the sweetest ting there and he came back with a Grand Mimosa. That alcoholic drink I could actually stand and I did get to thoroughly enjoy.

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With it being watermelon day at the Rolling Oven, there was a watermelon challenge that you could participate in to win a free pizza/gift card.

Picture taken by Muse Marketing

And the winner was… a tough one because anyone can see that it could have been called a tie. (I am pretty sure I won though *wink, wink* I’m on the far right.) But the winner was a fellow Ky blogger on Instagram as @Fod_for_thought, Brandon! It was actually pretty dope she won and the photographer (@musemarketinglex) caught her hand gestures, priceless! It was a fun challenge and I do plan on taking part in it again.

Last but Not Least… The Amsden:

The Amsden is a cute little cafe that is attached to a cute little store that sells local Ky made items! I had the pleasure of trying their Lavender Sparkler drink that was like a club soda. I loved the fizz, however, the garden taste was unexpected! I do think everyone should try it though! They also serve some pretty great coffee!

You can find out more about the Amsden cafe at their Instagram, @theamsden .

Final Thoughts

Downtown Versailles has much more to offer and I hope someday soon I can visit the rest of the stores and such this community has to offer. Big thank you to Marie Pullen at Back-road Bluegrass Blog (IG: @bluegrassblog) for inviting me to tag along and for coordinating this event! Also a special thanks to all the shoppes mentioned in this blog, I truly enjoyed the whole experience!

Sun Valley Farm “At the Crossroad of Bourbon & Horses”

I went on a thoroughbred nursery tour, and my goodness the foals were adorable!

I went with a group of fellow Kentucky Bloggers to Sun Valley Farm to enjoy a nice day and for their thoroughbred nursery tour which I enjoyed very much. Between the complimentary wine and catering provided by Sweet Lili’s Catering and Equus Vineyards, and the foals it was truly a nice afternoon!

The whole time I was with the horses and learning more about how Sun Valley Farm cares for the foals, I was missing my hometown of Garrard Co. Kentucky. Versailles is such a gorgeous place out in the country. It pretty much took me back in time and made me feel nostalgic. I am a lover of animals, and getting to know the process of their care and such had me in awe. It was an educational experience that I had actual fun on and enjoyed thoroughly. The staff was super kind, and very knowledgeable of what they were explaining which gave more of a professional vibe while on the tour. I definitely recommend Sun Valley Farm if you are someone wanting to look into the business of horses or simply if you would like to treat your children to an amazing experience that involves petting the horses!

Photo taken by Muse Marketing Photography

While attending this event I had been invited to with fellow bloggers in Kentucky, I was alone as in, I came by myself not knowing anyone personally but following their accounts and connecting with them via the web. So I was scared to go to this event, I didn’t think my anxiety would allow me to truly enjoy myself. Boy was I wrong, I didn’t feel left out, nor like any of them were strangers. I felt instant connections with not only the foals and horses but those who are in the same boat as me as well as the owners of Sun Valley Farm. This was definitely an experience for the books.

Here are some more photos from the tour:

You’ll never know what you will run into while on this tour…

We ran into many different things while on the tour here at Sun Valley Farm (located in Versailles, Ky.) Such as a mama horse getting an ultrasound to see if the baby is healthy. I never seen a horse receiving an ultrasound, it was such a private moment I felt I was intruding on, but it was so interesting and I had to take a peek! It was a little awkward as the man’s hand and arm was deep in there (AND I MEAN DEEP IN THERE), but it was such a beautiful sight as you turned your focus onto the monitor and viewed the ultrasound. It was an experience I finally can mark on my just written down bucket-list!

You don’t just find horses and foals here, but cats as well! While me and the other Ky influencers/bloggers waited for the tour to start, a cat came out of the bathroom of the tiny room we were waiting in. A medium orange and some white furred cat jumped on the table just looking for someone to pet him. His name was Sheldon, and the tour guide (son of the owners) Brett shared with us that he had the sniffles. He was so cute though (the cat, sorry Brett.)

Some more information about Sun Valley Farm:

Sun Valley Farm was also home of the top two ranked horses on the Kentucky Derby Trail since 2013. I find that to be a super cool fact that I am sure they are proud to have!

They offer daily tours starting at 9;30 am, that start at just $20 you can book your tour online at: !

Where is this farm located you may ask? Well, put this into your Google Maps or whatever map app you may use: Sun Valley Farm 556 New Cut Road Versailles, Ky 40383.

Big shout out to the wine company that helped cater along side Sweet Lili’s Catering, Equus Vineyards!

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The drink I tried was a Blackberry Chardonnay, I do so believe. Unfortunately, I haven’t acquired a taste for wine or that particular one. It was sweet at first, but the aftertaste wasn’t for me. I do however know that all the others enjoyed the wines and I think those who have the taste for them would enjoy a local winery such as Equus Vineyard!

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Sweet Lili’s Catering is definetely a catering service I enjoyed! The food I tried from them was:

  • Mini Candied Bacon BLT
  • Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Tarts
  • Caprese Skewers

The food was delicious!

Photo taken by Muse Marketing Photography

We also not only got to enjoy some treats with the owners of Sun Valley Farm, we got the chance to see their beautiful historical house which was built near/in the late 1800’s.

I met some awesome people that day, and experienced some amazing things!

One more shout out to the amazing woman who coordinated/organized this event, Marie Pullen! She is a blogger from Kentucky; you can find her website and read her blogs here:! I met her for the first time yesterday and she is such an awesome person! I love her personality and how she lights up the room. She is truly the life of the party!

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Websites of the Businesses Mentioned: