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The Lemon & Lavender Market – Nicholasville Ky

Over this past weekend, there was a vendors craft market hosted by Lemon & Lavendar, a Nicholasville business specializing in vintage crafts. The event was so fun and I met so many amazing people and got acquainted with so many amazing locals & small businesses in Kentucky.

Photo Taken by Me

A Little About Lemon & Lavender Vintage:

Lemon & Lavender is a local business that specializes in vintage crafted items. The owner is, Becky Ogden and she operates a booth at Route 27 Vendors located off N. Main in Nicholasville.

“In July I had a grand reopening of the booth where I completely reset and restyled it to fit my style better and stock 99% vintage/antiques now. I’ve been there for 3.5 years. I hope to open my own shop someday, but until then, I’m focusing on my booth and some pop-up sales! Folks can watch my Instagram and FB page for more info! People can also contact me for Lemon & Lavender Vintage & antique t-shirts as well!! Here is a pic of the shirt and my booth after I reset it.” – Becky Ogden

You can check Lemon & Lavender by clicking here for their Instagram, and here for their Facebook page!

Below is a photo of the shirt, and her booth!

The Businesses Who’s Booths I Visited:

There were so many businesses & booths that I lost count! However, here is a list:

And much more! If you were a business there and I missed your booth, email me and I will add you to this list. To learn more about these businesses, click their business names in blue as it will send you to their social media page or website.

Final Thoughts:

I absolutely had a grand ole time, and I feel so did others who attended. I saw lots of happy smiling faces and shopping bags everywhere! It was an in and outside event that was so much fun! I absolutely love connecting with local shops and people. For more content like this, consider subscribing to my blog for all the latest in Central Kentucky, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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