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Wilmore Kentucky – Let’s Go Shopping

Wilmore, Ky is a quaint little town in Jessamine County. This treasure is often overlooked and deserves more recognition. I grew up in Nicholasville however, half of my childhood was spent in Wilmore. I even attended Asbury University for two years because this town just holds a very special place in my heart, it always will.

I was so excited when Ky Creatives invited me to come to experience their Fall Night Market, unfortunately, the last one of this year, however, there will be more to attend next year and I am so excited! Last weekend was the first time in a few months I visited Wilmore, and it was a very good visit. Not to mention that downtown Wilmore is just so beautiful and filled with love and happiness. It was also bittersweet because as I passed the old Sims drug store with a for lease sign it just flooded tons of memories for me. Sims was a special place, the atmosphere matched a 1960’s movie. They had the best pizza and ice cream. Thankfully, The Local Confectionery brought ice cream back to the main street, so I guess that makes up for it. Below are some shops I recommend you stop by next time you are in Wilmore.

Let’s Go Shopping

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or getting Christmas shopping finished, Downtown Wilmore definitely has you covered!

Gigi’s Boutique

Gigi’s is owned by Lisa Smith who is a gentle soul with a passion for fashion of course! Her shop features clothing, home goods, decorations, just everything you would want in a cute boutique! I actually had the chance to interview her a while back which you will get to read once I post my blog, The Hidden Gems of Jessamine County. Definitely go check her shop out! She is also on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo sourced from Facebook

Shades Of Bluegrass

This cute shop showcases local goods by local artisans and even offers laser engraving pieces. They have the best coasters in town and I honestly wanted to buy everything in their store. Perfect gifts for any woman or man in your life. Follow this shop on Instagram!

Photo taken by me

Days Gone By Boutique

Days Gone By is one of my favourite clothing shops that even have a reward system! They feature affordable items that also have a hint of vintage charm. Their Fall styles are also almost to die for! Definitely pick up some new clothes for Autumn here! Days Gone By is also on Instagram.

Photo sourced from Facebook

The Local Confectionery

This ice cream shop is so unique and very charming, I definitely recommend everyone to stop and try a new flavour here! They also have the cutest sitting spots available! Maybe do your homework or work here while you enjoy a nice cold treat! Check out their Instagram and Facebook page too!

Photo taken by me

The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch is a very charming shop that includes items created by Kentucky makers, and local artists. They have the best candles, plants, home goods, and stickers! I always find myself buying their stickers. Follow them on Instagram!

Photo sourced from Facebook

Solomon’s Porch

Solomon’s Porch is a treasure. They were also featured in my Five Best Local Restaurants of Jessamine Co. Blog which you can read by clicking here. The atmosphere of this cafĂ© is so cozy and everyone here treats you like family. The menu is also so creative and the food so so delicious! Follow them on Facebook.

Photo from 2019


Narratology is a non-profit social shop that features ethically made items. 100% of their profits are donated to charities that share their values. Their shop showcases very beautiful jewelry and beautifully crafted items. Definitely check them out as well as their Instagram page.

Photo sourced from Facebook

What I Got On My Haul

I got quite a bit of items from all over the Wilmore Night Market. Couldn’t show all as they are Christmas presents.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for reading and as always I hope I sparked some interest in you. Wilmore is so beautiful, go grab a cup of coffee, shop ’till you drop, and be open to meet amazing people. If you enjoy content like this or are local to Jessamine County, consider subscribing to this blog so you can receive an email every time I post a new blog! Don’t forget to also check me out on Instagram, as well as these shops listed! If you would like to have your business presented on my blog please email me at caitie@lifewithcaitie.com.

Wedding Blog 7.13.19

Robert Jacob Lee Lamb proposed to me September of 2018 right before he got admitted into the hospital due to his BP shunt malfunctioning. Seeing him in the hospital was devastating, it was too much, there were so many problems that occurred personally as well. But we made it. Our love grew stronger. I knew we could do anything and overcome anything after experiencing that… and well, then the wedding came creeping up on us and we were already behind on that so scratch out the part where we could get through anything (JUST KIDDING – LOL). We thought going through each other’s illnesses were tough, wedding planning was way tougher! My expectations of the wedding were set too high considering the money state we were in, however, I still dreamed our wedding was that of perfection, and just all-around that beautiful fairy tale wedding that I had envisioned.

My vision looked something like this…

When I started planning my wedding in a notebook, on paper, I had a list of vendors, a list of colours, places scribbled out, and circled. Types of flowers, types of runners, and different ways for unity such as a candle. In my head there were thousands of people seated outside under a beautiful sky, in cute well-done chairs. Flowers of all kinds that matched the themes, and everything! In my head the wedding I had in mind was what I believed as, “perfect”. I already knew how I wanted everything to be, and I assumed that is how it was going to be. It was anything but perfect however, it was magical and I felt like a princess.

Photo captured at my wedding by photographer, Stephen Madden.

Let’s get into the details and view pics from my wedding, shall we?

We got ready at my uncle’s shop. My sister, Elizabeth did my hair while I did my own makeup. And I looked beautiful, and didn’t have to pay someone else to do it which was pretty awesome!

We had the wedding at High Bridge Pavilion located in Wilmore, Kentucky. It is a beautiful place. Very affordable as well though, you must be a citizen of Jessamine County, Kentucky to reserve it. They may have deals for others not living there, but you’d have to call the county clerk and see. They provided 100 chairs, and 25 tables that were perfect for our wedding!

The colours I wanted were:

And I got:

The wedding dress was perfect. Short so it emphasized my bare feet which was the look I was going for. I got the dress from David’s Bridal in Lexington, Ky off of Nicholasville Rd. I was in love – still in love with that veil too!

The cake I wanted:

The cake I got:

It was more than perfect! I also had the cake made with buttercream! The flowers were edible, and the dessert had three flavors in each tier: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla! It was the perfect cake for guests that may be picky! Jessica Dawn White was the amazing baker of this cake. I asked, she delivered! She is @beachbumjessica on Instagram! She does an amazing job on any cake you need! Birthday cakes are her specialty!

Let’s talk about the ceremony!

I’m a deist, but Jake is a full-on Christian! That is why we compromised and went with a preacher. I’m not going to go into too much details on the beliefs part, however, many couples struggle to agree on a preacher or prime minister or whatnot when it comes to the ceremony. I grew up in a church and Pastor John Ritchie, and he has been there for a while, he even visited Jake while he was in the hospital. He is a dedicated man, that is for sure, and that is why I agreed upon a pastor! I feel it is very important to agree about this part of the ceremony because everyone’s religion is important to them and finding that happy medium is what is best for the couple! Just my opinion though, I am sure others can agree! Oh, and instead of doing the unity candle or whatever, we chose to do the sand! So, it was a great compromise, cause now i have a cute vase I can put fake flowers in!

How did we choose the bridal party? It is a long-complicated story, so I won’t go into much detail on that – LOL!

I chose my bridesmaids carefully, also tip: do not choose people as your bridesmaids just because someone else wants you to choose them, for example, your husband or mom. This day is yours, you deserve those you truly love and are always there for you, by your side!

My Bridesmaids:

  • Mary Varie Adams – She has been one of my top best friends since 2018. We knew each other in elementary school, but lately we’ve just become best friends! We eat together all the time, so food is a basis of this awesome friendship honestly!
  • Anna (Annie) Maria Dailey – I met her at Asbury University and has been one of my besties since 2016. We even worked at a summer camp together! I love her just as much as Mary and I just had to have her by my side too!

My Maid of Honor:

  • Elizabeth Ashton Perry – My sister, and my number one best friend! Obviously she was bound to be my maid of honor!

Our Flower Girl:

  • Mylee Lamb – Jake’s younger cousin! Isn’t she so cute?
(left) Elizabeth, Me, Annie, Mary, Mylee Lamb (Right)

Jake didn’t have an issue picking groomsmen one bit, and I applaud him for that!

His Groomsmen:

  • Dallas Michael Murphy – He is my cousin, but he’s also basically, my brother (from another mother, haha LOL, anyways…) and Jake wanted to honor me by having his as a groomsmen.
  • Josh Lee Young – My step father, Jake has gotten very close to him the last few years, and chose him not because of me at all, but rather because it is someone he cares about as much as I do!

His Best man:

  • Donivan Ray Headrick – Someone he has known for a long while, works with, and loves as his brother. They are super close, so I knew he’d be his best man!

Our Ring Bearer:

  • Charles M. Cheek – My younger cousin! Isn’t he adorable as well?
(Left) Dallas Murphy, Josh Young, Jake Lamb, Donivan Headrick, and Charles Cheek (Right)

I wanted all the bridesmaids/and maid of honor to walk in and out with all the groomsmen/and best man. That is what I always wanted, and I got it! Despite what others thought.

The Ceremony was one for the books though, I have to admit, I was so nervous! I was very anxious. Which explains this next picture of me. Warning, I look scared, but don’t worry because I was just anxious something would go wrong, plus this was a huge commitment.

“See what I mean?”

Here comes the Bride…

I had my grandfather walk me down the aisle. He raised me alongside my mother, his daughter, Mary Ann. It was such a magical moment! Not only magical, but emotional. My grandfather just turned 69, prior to my wedding I was so afraid he wouldn’t be able to walk me and “give me away”. I was blessed to have him by my side. I love you papaw, Eldon Cheek Sr.!

“I DO”

The Reception

We had Canes’ catered which costed us $200.

Since I let my papaw walk me down the aisle, I had the father-daughter dance with my stepfather, Josh! It was another emotional moment of the evening! I think the dances were honestly my favourite part! The bridal party dances, the father-daughter dance, and the first dance for bride and groom were so fun and meant so much!

I change my mind, the best part was having those that love us, come and celebrate two lives becoming one!

Thank you to the bridal party, my mother, Josh, Jake’s grandparents, my grandparents, Pastor Ritchie, and Candice Cheek for helping to make this amazing day happen! We appreciate you all.

P.s. Thanks everyone for the presents!