With Love – Girl Boss (With Gloss) Brand Review

With Love, What is this brand? How did she start?

Lauren Evans, the business owner – a literal GIRL BOSS – NOT AN MLM EITHER – of With Love is a brand she started recently, that has taken off in areas around Texas, and Kentucky! She ships as well which is so nice. Her products are all natural, and hand crafted which is perfect, and I am one that ADORES shopping small and the fact this small business is using natural ingredients just amazes me and makes me want to buy more! I love supporting products like that, and I love using them. The more natural, the better. After seeing what she had to offer I just had to ask her “how did you start?” Her response:

“So I started With Love in February of 2020 to help make some extra money around the house. I live 2000 miles from my mom and grandparents so originally that’s where I wanted my profits to go. (I bought my first plane ticket I leave Thursday morning) I’ve had huge dreams and still do for my business. I hope and plan to expand my shop to both men and women and I hope to just have more in my shop in general. I am the only worker as of right now, it’s based out of my home. I literally started from nothing and worked myself up. I didn’t plan on starting when I did, but I’m glad I did because I probably would’ve got “cold feet” and backed out cause this is a huge thing lol. I kinda just dove into it, which isn’t always a good or bad thing.” – Lauren Evans (Owner of With Love).

The Products She Has to Offer:

She offers all of the following but not limited to:

  • Lip Gloss
  • Earrings
  • Sugar Scrubs
  • Under Eye masks
  • Lashes

And more! I was lucky enough to have been gifted some lip glosses and other goodies to try and show you all; including some of the FALL Collection of her lip glosses which did NOT dissapoint!

Me holding the Punkin’ lip gloss


I got to try 4 flavours which were:

  • Punkin’ – 10/10 – Tasted like pumpkin pie, no joke…
  • Orchard – 9/10 – You could definitely sense the apples in this one, this one did reflect an orchard though!
  • Witch – 9.5/10 – Tasted like Halloween loot a bit, like a mixture of candy, like, the smell of it (LOL) was unique for sure.
  • Suga Cookie – 11/10 – MY FAVOURITE! Tasted just like a sugar cookie, I do recommend this one if you want to try any, this one definitely reflects it’s flavour to a T.

If you would like to watch the video of me testing these flavours for the first time on camera, here is were you can watch it –> CLICK HERE.

The Earrings

These were so cute! I ended up pairing these with a 70’s inspires bell sleeve dress.

Link to similar product: CLICK HERE.

These are just simple studs, but super cute and go with everything!

Link for studded earrings similar or the same: Click Here.

My Honest Review On The Lip Plumper

This lip plumper which is made from natural ingridients was one of the best all natural lip plumpers I’ve used. AND IT WAS HYDRATING AF. I’d defintely reccommend. 10/10.

Message With Love to order by CLICKING HERE.

Go Check Out the Website & Follow Their Socials!

With Love:

As Always, thank you for taking your time to read through this blog, hopefully it was helpful, and I really do hope you check out this amazing small brand! They have amazing products. Very affordable too!

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Vintage Derby Fashion: My Outfit This Year for the 146th Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky derby for many that have grown up in Kentucky has been apart of our traditions for a very long time. Kentucky is known for its beautiful farms, its blue grass, and for being the heart of horse racing. May 17th 1875, Kentucky held its first Kentucky Derby race. It is actually amazing how far the Kentucky Derby has come; you can find more on the history of the Derby by clicking here!

Picture of a race in motion at Churchill Downs Picture source: Click here.

Although the Kentucky Derby is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville Ky, My photo-shoot with Frame 98 was photographed at Keeneland in Lexington Ky. Fun fact! My grandfather Eldon Cheek actually worked here for many years on and off the track and where he did, they would hold picnics and gatherings and it was just so amazing growing up. Keeneland is honestly my childhood; it was definitely a big part of my life as a kid. Growing up, I have always been fascinated with horses, and I had always dreamed of attending the Derby in person. This year was going to be my first time then Corona-virus just had to ruin it (ha ha but like, corona isn’t funny but I laugh to cope)! But the dresses, the crazy gorgeous hats, and the race itself, so appealing. And this dream is what inspired me to have this shoot at Keeneland. And if you end up liking my outfit or some parts of it, if you read till the end you’ll have a chance to shop my look with direct links (not affiliate links, so no, I am not getting paid to sell you this outfit, but I love fashion and helping others find things they like).

Now let’s get into the outfit & Photos!

Photo by Frame 98

The dress was an Amazon find, but designed and sold by, Belle Poque you can check out their Instagram by clicking here. They specialize in vintage clothing and looks, I adore their store and style!

The head piece and accessories came in one package and were also bought from Amazon; basically everything I will list to complete this outfit can be found via Amazon!

The shoes were designed and bought from Dream Pair Shoes! I often buy their shoes all the time when i need something quick because they will always be the ones I can get 1-day shipping on, which is amazing! I absolutely adored these ones, and they went PERFECT with this dress and the accessories. Check out Dream Pair shoes by clicking here!

Here is where you can find these cute shoes! DIRECT LINK-CLICK HERE!!!

Want the head-piece and pearls!? CLICK HERE-DIRECT LINK!!!

Photo by Frame 98

Lastly, if you are interested in this beautiful vintage dress CLICK HERE-DIRECT LINK!!!

“How was it working with Frame 98?”

I would recommend Frame 98 (Tyler Roberts) to anyone that wants portraits, product shoots or well, really any shoot in general! He was patient, not awkward, very clear in directions and he worked at a steady and professional pace! I 11/10 would recommend, especially to fellow bloggers! You can follow Frame 98 on Facebook by clicking here, and Instagram by clicking here! Below you can find a gallery of the pictures Tyler/Frame 98 took, as well as get different views of the dress in case your curious as to what it looks like from different angles.

All photos in gallery above done by Frame 98 via collaboration. Location: Keeneland.

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Find Yourself with a Floral Class – Ky Bloggers Event Jan. 19th 2020

All photos except otherwise stated, were taken by Sarah Canton

Who would have thought, I would find a little bit more of myself, through a floral design class by Alexandra Pallos Floral.

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Kentucky Bloggers End of the Year Bash

All photos featured in this blog were the work of local photographer, Kinga Mnich UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE

As most of y’all know, I am a Kentucky blogger and I often attend local events with fellow local bloggers! Kentucky Bloggers had their first annual End of the Year Bash, with rewards for a few categories. I was one of the Lifestyle Blogger of the Year nominees, though I didn’t win, I still enjoyed myself! In this blog I am going to share the venue, and all brands and people involved as well as my experience with this End of the Year Bash 2019! Stay tuned for the end, you won’t want to miss the exciting news!

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Happee Health: Women’s Urinary Health

As a woman, I can assure you, if you get UTI ‘s often, you are not alone.

Out of 100 women, 50 will experience a UTI at least once, in their lifetime.

See? You are not alone! I am one of the fifty, that at least get them twice a year. I am also pre-diabetic which ups my chances at getting them unfortunately. But lucky for me, AND YOU I have found the perfect vitamins that we can use to either reduce chances of getting a UTI, or ease or pain through it.

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Wedding Blog 7.13.19

Robert Jacob Lee Lamb proposed to me September of 2018 right before he got admitted into the hospital due to his BP shunt malfunctioning. Seeing him in the hospital was devastating, it was too much, there were so many problems that occurred personally as well. But we made it. Our love grew stronger. I knew we could do anything and overcome anything after experiencing that… and well, then the wedding came creeping up on us and we were already behind on that so scratch out the part where we could get through anything (JUST KIDDING – LOL). We thought going through each other’s illnesses were tough, wedding planning was way tougher! My expectations of the wedding were set too high considering the money state we were in, however, I still dreamed our wedding was that of perfection, and just all-around that beautiful fairy tale wedding that I had envisioned.

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Things We Did In Central Tennessee | Things to do in Nashville and Franklin Tn

If you’re reading this, that must mean you are interested in taking a trip to good ‘ole Tennessee! Well, buckle up and keep your feet in the ride at all times. Keep reading to find some incredible activities that I and my husband can give honest feedback on. Nothing in this blog is sponsored or an ad. Purely honest information.

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Back on the Farm – Eckert’s Orchard

My relationship with the orchard…

When I was younger, my childhood was spent here when it was once Boyd’s Orchard. It was the place where all the kids knew it for the huge slide while the parents and adults knew it for the place with not only cider donuts but apple cider. I remember in elementary school we got to visit this place and witnessed the apple cider process and such.

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Places You Should Visit In Downtown Versailles, Ky

There is so much you can do in Versailles, Ky! Downtown is the place to go whether you are passing through, visiting, or even living there. Or if you just want to take a day trip and enjoy what this area has to offer! I will be mentioning something you won’t want to miss so read until the end!

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