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Cosplay Corner: Anna From Frozen 2


Anna is a character from the Frozen franchise owned by Dinsey. I’m sure everyone reading this has seen the iconic first Frozen movie, which features the story of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. Frozen 1 was a wild ride, and according to Little London Magazine, Frozen was the “world’s most popular Disney film choice is Frozen with 1.9 million Google searches globally every year since it launched (source)”. In Frozen 2, we get a more meaningful story with many deeper meanings and messages (in my opinion) than in the first movie. If you haven’t watched Frozen 2, you should plan to this holiday season!

Where I Got The Outfit

  • Costume: I actually bought the main costume from Party City; the cape and the dress came from Party City however, I cut the slit to make it more realistic for the film.
  • Shoes: I was so disappointed I couldn’t find a replica of the shoes she wore in the film so I just settled with a knee-high solid black boot instead, which came from Forever 21.
  • Wig: The wig came from Amazon, however, I styled it myself.
  • Leggings: In the film, Anna is wearing brown pants under the dress/robe so I decided on a brown pair I found from Forever 21.
  • Makeup: For her makeup, I decided to keep it simple, and elegant. Natural look with a lot of blush to represent the cold weather and of course, I added a lot of freckles.

Photographer Info.

For this cosplay, I decided to have a photoshoot to really capture the look in its full glory. The photographer I approached for this shoot is one I have worked with many times before and adore, Alyssa with Crescent Moon Photography. She offers minis and other packages as well! You can check her out on Facebook by clicking here, and don’t forget to follow her Instagram! She is Nicholasville-based!

The Photos

Final Thoughts

I was absolutely stoked when I received the images; I also feel this has been my best cosplay so far! If you enjoy cosplay content, consider following my cosplay and gaming account on Instagram, and for lifestyle and Kentucking living content, consider following my main Instagram page! As always, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do! Happy Holidays!

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