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Kroger’s Hometown Pickup Service

Kroger continues to roll latest feature – Kroger’s Hometown Pickup

I have partnered with Kroger and wanted to share that I ordered my groceries this past weekend using the Kroger Hometown Pickup service – it was easy and convenient. You can use the Kroger app to shop and place an order in minutes. I feel this service/feature can be super helpful to many of my fellow Kentuckians and others with this service in their area, especially those in rural areas!

Here is a step-by-step on how you can also order your groceries – quick and easy!

Here is a link you can use, to directly go to Kroger, and start shopping!

Step One: Sign in to Kroger and choose your Hometown Pickup location!

Step Two: Start adding items to your cart! If anything is out of stock, they can do substitutions which is your choice!

Step Three: Once you’re done shopping, you can click your cart, and check out pickup.

Step Four: Make sure the location you want to pick up from is correct, and schedule the Hometown Pickup!

Step Five: Time to pay and place your order!

Final Thoughts

When we arrived at the Hometown Pickup site, we pulled next to the truck, and I gave the driver my order number, and he loaded them in my back seat; I didn’t even have to get out of the comfort of my car!

I loved my experience with Kroger’s Hometown Pickup service, and I believe you will too! Right now, you can save $15 on your first three orders of $35+ by clipping the coupon on the main page when you click the link I mentioned above! – Or you can click the link in my bio over on my Instagram

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