Picnic Spots in Kentucky

An underrated activity that may be on many people’s bucket lists is going on a picnic as people do in the movies. The wine/champagne, the fruit, sandwiches, the whole cliche; Luckily for those in Kentucky, there are many spots to choose from for a picnic! In this blog post, I will share my top five favorite places in the Central-ish Kentucky area that are perfect for hosting a small intimate, platonic picnic with your partner, friends, or family!

Photo taken by ArchxHoney Photograhy at UK Arboretum

Cumberland Falls – Corbin Ky

Cumberland Falls is beyond gorgeous, and not only is it a great hiking spot, but there are also a few places that are perfect for a picnic! Anytime I go there, it is a treat in itself as the waterfall is a beautiful sight.

The above photo was taken by me, and also reshared by @KYTOURISM on Instagram

High Bridge Park – Wilmore Ky

High Bridge is actually where my husband and I had our wedding and reception at! It is a beautiful place with amazing views and a ton of history!

Photo taken and posted by Ben Childers via Facebook of High Bridge in Wilmore Ky

Jacobson Park – Lexington Ky

I have seen very scenic sunsets at Jacobson Park, and I think this park makes an excellent place for a family picnic or even a romantic picnic during the evening. There is also lots of stuff for kids to do during the day here, such as paddle boats and a great playground!

UK Arboretum – Lexington Ky

Another excellent place that features flowers, gardens, sculptures, and more – is also a fantastic choice for picnics (and mock-picnics for photoshoots)! My husband and I spend much of our time there now and then!

Photo taken by ArchxHoney Photography

Lake Reba – Richmond Ky

Lastly on this list is Lake Reba in Richmond, Ky. My family growing up, always hosted cookouts and events here, and I will always cherish this park in my heart. There again, is so much to do, just like all the spots on this list, and maybe even more than the other spots!

Photo sourced from Visit Richmond Ky website

If a picnic isn’t on your bucket list or does not appeal to you, maybe you can find something else to do at one of these locations! These locations are suitable to exercise, hiking, fishing, and more!

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