Find Yourself with a Floral Class – Ky Bloggers Event Jan. 19th 2020

All photos except otherwise stated, were taken by Sarah Canton

Who would have thought, I would find a little bit more of myself, through a floral design class by Alexandra Pallos Floral.

I attended a Ky Bloggers event coordinated by Sarah Canton (@spaceplaceandgrace on Instagram) and we got to create our own floral arrangements. I had a lot of fun getting to choose the vase; they had different choices to decide on which was a plus!

I chose a short vase and started with the leaves as pictured above (I am not good at botany vocabulary but I’m sure some of you know what the greenery/leaves are called, LOL). They also had a variety of flowers to choose from in buckets on the tables that wrapped around the room, very easy to get to each of them and pick out the flowers you want! I yellow marigolds laid out, but I ended up not using them and instead, chose pale pink roses, and flowers that were vibrant purple, white, green, etc. I wanted to go with a cool, but not so collected look if that makes sense. At first I was so unsure about what all I had picked and put together, but Alex (owner of Alexandra Pallos Floral) helped me out a bit and helped me realize that I had a vision. We all have a vision for what we want.

Here is where I am going to get cheesy, but you gotta listen! We all have a vision for what we want in life! But we need to go after it! We need to not be so down about it and believe! If you can see it when you close your eyes, you can manifest it in front of you, and that is also what I had done with my floral arrangement. And voila!

I used self-timer for this pic…

Anyways, I found out that I love making floral arrangements too! And I am sure y’all would love making them too! Be sure to check out Alexandra Pallos Floral on Instagram, just click here. And be sure to check their website out as well by clicking here!

Again, please go check them out! And thank you so much Sarah Canton for coordinating this awesome event!

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