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My name is Caitie; I am a writer from central Kentucky. My three most valued passions include health, beauty, and sharing my thoughts. I enjoy reviewing places, ideas, and products! I am excited to help anyone the best I can. If you would like to take a look around, please do. Any questions? Visit my contact page. Happy reading!

The Lemon & Lavender Market – Nicholasville Ky

Over this past weekend, there was a vendors craft market hosted by Lemon & Lavendar, a Nicholasville business specializing in vintage crafts. The event was so fun and I met so many amazing people and got acquainted with so many amazing locals & small businesses in Kentucky.

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Cosplay Corner: Creepers, Daphne Blake

My Inspiration For This Cosplay

Daphne Blake has always been my favourite from Scooby-Doo, as someone who watched the two original Scooby Doo series growing up I have just always had a love for the show and all things Scooby related. When I cosplayed Velma a week or two ago I received so much overwhelming love so I felt it appropriate to incorporate my favourite character in my new Cosplay Corner series before Halloween arrives. So many are asking me where I got my outfit so here is your chance to shop this look!

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CNC Bakery – Nicholasville’s Number One Sweet Spot

Nicholasville is full of sweet spots, and when I tasted CNC’s donuts, I just had to spread the word. This bakery is full of love, laughter, and sweet treasures. I had the sweetest honor of interviewing the owner, Lana and getting an inside scoop on all the delicious information I will share with you throughout this blog post. If you don’t have a sweet tooth now, you definitely will after reading this!

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KCAL Old Time Radio – Nicholasville Ky

KCAL Old Time Radio/Jessamine County Old Time Radio Troupe is a nonprofit located on Main St. in Nicholasville, Kentucky produced and directed by Doug Fain, Denise, and Norman Cline and features other members including but not limited to David Damron, Connie McDonald, Billy Holland, Eddie Clements, Roger Garrison, Steve Watts & Susan Clements.

Photo sourced from their Facebook Group Page
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Cosplay Corner: Velma from Scooby Doo

Shop the look! It is finally October and my favorite time of the year where cosplayers and the normal people collide, dressing up together and for fun, especially on Halloween! I will be sharing my cosplays and makeup looks with you all this month on my Instagram and here on my blog so you can shop or re-create the look! Today’s look I will be sharing with you all is Velma from Scooby-Doo.

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Jessamine Fall Festival 2021

Highlighting One of the Most Anticipated Events in Nicholasville Kentucky!

Nicholasville Kentucky is a small town located south of Lexington that offers quite a bit of stuff to do and sights to see! Some may argue there is nothing to do here, however, I beg to differ and will protest that statement in my upcoming blog, Hidden Gems of Jessamine County I plan to release by January 2022.

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Wilmore Kentucky – Let’s Go Shopping

Wilmore, Ky is a quaint little town in Jessamine County. This treasure is often overlooked and deserves more recognition. I grew up in Nicholasville however, half of my childhood was spent in Wilmore. I even attended Asbury University for two years because this town just holds a very special place in my heart, it always will.

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Bluegrass Creative Market Fall Edition

I had the chance to go to this past creative market and it was so fun! For those that didn’t know this market existed, it is a market that is held once every season that showcases local businesses and what they have to offer. I got quite the haul to share with you all! Don’t forget to go like the Bluegrass Creative Market Facebook page as well as their Instagram!

All the Booths I Visited

  • Worker Bee Sewing Company
  • Pet Wants
  • Candy Lea’s Treats
  • Marci’s Mix Good Nuts
  • Concinnity by Erica
  • Nerd Babes Co.
  • Shop Karat Cake
  • Flora and Faunaamor
  • US Soap and Body
  • Brekort Art
  • PJ’s Creative and Distinctive Gifts
  • Mother Clucking Products
  • S’more Than a Feeling

What I Got

  • Candles from Nerd Babes, a s’more from S’more Than a Feeling, a Halloween door decoration from PJ’s, which, they also gave me a cute shop local bag! I got some delicious nuts from Marci’s Mix and two seasonings from Mother Clucking Products. I ended up getting quite a bit as you can see more items in the gallery posted above.
  • Final Thoughts

    There will be a Winter/Holiday market this year on November 6th-7th! Don’t miss out! I absolutely had a grand time and I suggest anyone local to central Kentucky to definitely check out this market. Thank you for reading, as always!

    Five Places You Need to Visit in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

    Everybody loves when it is vacation time and this year we took a vacation down south to Tennessee! We visited Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville. We did many things and I, unfortunately, didn’t take pictures of everything but the memories I/we made will forever live in our hearts! Here is a list of five things and activities you should do while in Pigeon Forge featuring extra stops we made! I’m also including two things we did the year before!

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    Evan’s Orchard – Sunflower Festival

    My husband and I visited the opening of Evan’s Orchard‘s sunflower festival and it was so fun! We took many cute photos and even enjoyed some ice cream in the fields! This year there are two fields (back in 2019 I went with a friend and only remember one field) being the sunflower field and zinnia field! Both were so pretty and perfect for photo opportunities! Tickets are just $12.00 per adult!

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