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Cosplay Corner: Creepers, Daphne Blake

My Inspiration For This Cosplay

Daphne Blake has always been my favourite from Scooby-Doo, as someone who watched the two original Scooby Doo series growing up I have just always had a love for the show and all things Scooby related. When I cosplayed Velma a week or two ago I received so much overwhelming love so I felt it appropriate to incorporate my favourite character in my new Cosplay Corner series before Halloween arrives. So many are asking me where I got my outfit so here is your chance to shop this look!

Shop This Look

I see a lot of modern-day Daphne cosplays, however I wanted to stay closely true to her character design without buying a cheaply made costume. For this look I decided on Daphne’s purple headband, purple dress, tights, modernized go-go booties, and the iconic purple headband. I actually got the headband, ascot and wig together, however, I did not like the wig that came in the set so instead, I opted for a different more realistic wig of similar colour. Below you can click the blue words to view the products on the websites I bought them from (Forever 21, Amazon Prime & JC Penny).

Final Thoughts

If you do Daphne for Halloween, you may have time to get this outfit before Halloween comes, if you’re ordering today as this blog comes out, or tomorrow possibly! Forever 21 and Amazon Prime are usually fast. If you do shop this look or dress as Daphne, tag me! I would absolutely love to see your version! As always, thank you for reading and supporting my cosplay hobby! I am planning on being there at Lex Con in March so if you’re also planning on going, definitely hit me up so we can meet or get a picture together! My cosplay Instagram account is @caitiecatcosplay and my Tik Tok is @caitiecatcreates . Let’s connect or collab!

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