Evan’s Orchard – Sunflower Festival

My husband and I visited the opening of Evan’s Orchard‘s sunflower festival and it was so fun! We took many cute photos and even enjoyed some ice cream in the fields! This year there are two fields (back in 2019 I went with a friend and only remember one field) being the sunflower field and zinnia field! Both were so pretty and perfect for photo opportunities! Tickets are just $12.00 per adult!

The Zinnia Field

Look how beautiful! Even after the rain, it continued to look so beautiful. There were a few cute props here at the zinnia field but the field alone is great for pictures. I didn’t have trouble finding any flowers to pick because they were all bloomed to perfection! Not to mention, my husband searched and picked me some without even asking. For the fields, they had a choice for creating a flower pail for $20.00 I do so believe!

The Sunflower Field

The sunflower fields were equally just as beautiful! So many sunflowers and more photo props! Evan’s outdid themselves this year! There weren’t too many people there when we arrived so it was perfect timing to use the props while there were no lines to wait. However, for the swing, we had to wait and then it started raining! Luckily I had brought my umbrella. Thankfully the rain stopped once it got to my turn for the swing!

Other Activities They Have

They also had live performers (that sing), food trucks, an ice cream truck, and they were also accompanied by Wise Bird Cider Co.! There are plenty of things for the kids to do as well such as the playground which is very big and nicely displayed. You can also just come and shop around! The Sweet Apple Café is a part of their market and you can view their menu by clicking here.

Overall, we had a great time and got some awesome photos! Most importantly, we made some very sweet memories! Evan’s Orchard is located in Georgetown, Kentucky and their sunflower festival is going on until August 22nd!

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