Anakeesta in Gatlinburg, TN

You may have stumbled upon this blog either out of curiosity or because you’re planning on going and want to know what all there is to do there! First of all, Anakeesta is a huge outdoor adventure hub located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Fair warning, if you have a phobia of heights this may not be the place for you to visit… however, my husband who is scared of heights enjoyed himself! I’ll tell you how and why below. In this blog I will go over everything you may need to know (that I know) about Anakeesta before going, and how our trip went, and what all there is to do there! So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

What is There to Do at Anakeesta?

There are many things to do at Anakeesta, there is practically fun for the whole family! There is zip-lining, mountain coasters, gem mining, the treetop skywalk, challenge courses, and play areas! Me and my family done the treetop skywalk and had an absolute blast – though some of my party was a little scared, we went through with courage! It was so fun. Below you can find some of the skywalk pictured so you can get an idea! There are also restaurants, snack stations, gift shops, and much more sight-seeing opportunities such as the AnaVista tower which is also Gatlinburg’s highest point!

More About the AnaVista Tower:

There are at least 80 steps to climb up but they’re worth it when you arrive at the top! You can even see mountains as far as Kentucky (my home state)! I was the only one from my party to go up it, but once I was up there I felt so accomplished and the sights I saw were so beautiful, even in the rain! Below you can see pictured what I’m talking about!

Bathroom Access?

There are quite a few bathrooms with many stalls available throughout the villages! So you don’t need to worry!

Vista Gardens:

The Vista Gardens were so beautiful! You can view the photos below.

Many Photo-Ops Available!

Throughout you will see beautiful setups for photo opportunities! As you can see below, they’re all so creative and beautiful!

“I’m Scared of Heights, Can I still Go?”

There are three ways to get up the mountain! If you’re afraid of heights, sharp curves, etc. you may want to think long and hard about going. I’m talking like if you have a very strong phobia of heights. Because My husband who has a fear of heights handled the skywalk very well, but he doesn’t have a phobia; he just has a fear. What helped him was that the ropes on the skywalk were very sturdy and the bridges were quite safe! We also took the Ridge Rumbler (bus-type vehicle) up the mountain, so that is your best bet. For those not afraid of heights you can take an enclosed chondola or just plain open sky-lift up!


So keep in mind, you’ll get two things of pictures if you take the sky-lift, if not don’t worry they will take one before you choose your preferred method of transportation up the mountain. Just be sure you’re not wearing a green shirt as my husband did! (LOL)…

Other Info:

They offer live music, arts & crafts, and more! For their event calendar, click here!

Final Thoughts

I rate my experience at Anakeesta a 10/10! I enjoyed everything that we did and I made myself some pretty awesome memories. I would go again! Thanks so much for reading this blog, if it has helped you made any decisions on visiting please let me know by leaving a comment below, tell me your favourite thing about Anakeesta if you’ve been! If you liked this blog post please consider subscribing to my blog so you can receive an email every time I post, I will be posting more content like this in the short future! Please also consider following me on Instagram by clicking here! For more information about Anakeesta, please click here!

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