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Cute Poses For a Sunflower Field Photoshoot

In this blog post, I am going to show some pictures I and my friend have taken, to show some cute poses you and your friends should do this year or any year at the sunflower fields! Sunflower fields are a huge part of Summer as it is the last taste of Summer we get in mid-August. The fields are amazing for photo shoots and just picking sunflowers to take home in general. Check out your local farms for these fields as they may have events for sunflower picking!

Be wonderous

This pose is simple and always cute! Another example of being wonderous:


Try doing close-up wonderous photos too! They always come out great! Make sure to have a pretty healthy setting, for example, flowers that aren’t broken or wilted.

Fruit Fly

You can never go wrong with this pose whether it’s pumpkins, leaves, and of course, sunflowers! I think it’s cute anyway… If all else fails try covering your face a little bit with a single sunflower! Try to find one already picked on the ground unless you plan on taking the ones you use for these photos home!

Try Casually Posing Together

This is a must-take picture, right? Sitting down with the sky in the background always makes for a fun photo to look at!

Use The Farm’s Props

This of course only works if the sunflower patch you are at has props, the photos below was taken at Evan’s Orchard in 2021 & 2022!

Try Posing With Other Objects

We chose AL8-1’s because it’s unique as it is a drink you can only find in Kentucky! It’s ginger ale if you never heard of or tasted it.

Do Some Couple Poses

Fake a kiss behind a huge sunflower or pose like that cliché couple we see all the time at these events! The fake kiss / hidden kiss photo is my fave though!

Try Photos You Can Edit

I love editing so when we were on the ground doing this cute pose, I just HAD TO ADD SOME CUTE STICKERS!


Final Thoughts

Honestly, there are so many poses you can do at the sunflower fields! For more ideas maybe check your local farm’s Instagram pages, and look at photos they were tagged in, that can give you some inspiration as well! Thank you for reading if you enjoy this kind of content consider subscribing to my blog and following me on Instagram. Comment down below if there are any poses you’d like to add!

Farms in Kentucky With Sunflower Fields:

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