Top Daycares in Jessamine County, Kentucky

Me working as a camp counselor at Rockfish Camp in North Carolina – Summer 2017

Every mother/father/caregiver only wants the best for their children. I, myself, even though I have no kids also want the best for theirs and your children. I have compiled a list below of the top FIVE daycares that are located in Jessamine Co. Ky that real people have nominated! Those who nominated these businesses/daycares weren’t allowed to nominate their own or nominate any if it was owned by their family or friend. I can assure you this list is genuine and I was not paid to promote. I simply just want to share the best!

A lot of you may or may not already know but I, myself have been in childcare for 7+ years. I have worked as a babysitter for more than 5 people overnight and during the day. I worked at a summer camp in North Carolina during the summer of 2017; and I have worked at two different daycare facilities. None of the daycares I mention are any that I have worked for as again, I want this to be genuine. I have also been a part of the Lunch Buddy Program at Wilmore Elementary which is where they assigned college students who attended Asbury University a child who really needed a mentor or someone to keep them company. As you can tell after all that being said I really enjoy being around children and just having a positive impact on their lives is just amazing and it really gives you a different outlook on life. This is why I wanted to do this, so I hope my list helps you all! DISCLAIMER: there is no particular order however I went by how many nominations they had from top to bottom. I was able to ask those who nominated these daycares their opinions and input. I was not able to go in any in person due to COVID as I didn’t want to potentially harm anyone. All interviews were done via email and if you would like to add information then please email me at or comment below with your opinions! Thank you.

Children’s Choice Learning Center

Over 10 people total nominated this daycare making it #2 on the list! I asked what the same questions and their response:

Our main goal when starting our facility was to provide the children of Jessamine County the opportunity to build a relationship with God. We’re also proud of the educational and emotional support we are able to provide them. Our philosophy is to help each child grow and learn to their fullest ability. We pride ourselves on treating each child as if they were our own. We begin caring for children as young as six weeks, up to children twelve years of age. We have a lot of children who begin their daycare career with us as infants and later age out, we love seeing past children out in the community. Our center prides itself in showering kids with love, redirection and other age/daycare appropriate tactics for behavior issues. Our teachers educations vary from CDA, college, state and federal mandated certifications, plus more. Children’s Choice Learning Center prides itself in providing quality childcare and we would love the opportunity to serve more children in our community. – Daycare Director, Barbara Miller.

Children’s Choice Learning Center has been in business for over 5 years. Below is a recent photo of their staff.

ABC Learning Academy

Over 10 people also have nominated this daycare.

ABC Learning Academy is located off on North Main St. in Nicholasville. They have been in business for quite a while and from what some of the parents have said is that and I quote, “the best daycare I have ever enrolled my children in. They really care for the kids and they are definitely good people. I trust them wholeheartedly with my babies”. They take in between infancy and school age kids. This is a licensed daycare! They responded to my questions and here are their answers:

My Mom (Debbie Edwards) and I both have a degree in Elementary Education and a true passion for children which led us to the decision of opening a daycare. I have been in the daycare field since 2007 and my mom was a teacher. You hear so many heartbreaking stories about daycares, it was important for us to provide  a safe and loving environment for the children off Jessamine Co. We are a family owned and operated business! My Mom and I both serve as the owners and directors and are constantly involved in the daily operation of the daycare. We believe all children are unique and every child deserves to be loved unconditionally. Each of our rooms are designed to meet the different needs of each child therefore, providing a safe and equal opportunity of learning. [They have 6 weeks to 12 yrs] [I asked about how they go about behavioral issues] Positive reinforcement and redirection! We focus on rewarding and praising positive behaviors instead of disciplining negative actions. The owners both have a degree in Elementary Education. Several of our staff have either obtained or working to obtain their directors credentials.

Here is their Facebook Page for more information:

ABC Learning Academy has been in business for over 10 years.

Bellaire Creative Christian Academy

9 People nominated this daycare and again no response but that is totally okay! I still managed to get some info from parents whose children are enrolled here so I hope their words can help you further contact this amazing business!

Bellaire Creative Christian Academy actually has two locations! One is in Nicholasville off 27, while the other is in Lexington! I talked to a couple parents and they all dais they love having their children are cared for by this facility. One mother said that her children bring art home all the time and it just brings a smile to her face because she was with another daycare that didn’t even bother with working with children in such creative ways. So if you’re looking for a very creative daycare that is Christian-based then this may be a fit for you! They take in children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. You can find out more by clicking this link that will take you to their “about us” page on their website: !

Bellaire Christian Academy has been in business for over 10 years.

Academy of Little Learners

7 people nominated this one and I had to share it! I talked with one mother who loves having their child here and I hope her words encourage you to look into this daycare facility! Again I had no response but that is perfectly fine! I found some helpful information that I will list in the next paragraph!

Academy of Little Learners is a daycare located in Nicholasville Ky off of Wilmore rd. They take ages from infancy to 12 as well as most daycares do in this list. I talked to one father and he says this is an outstanding daycare and his child is not at all afraid to go in the mornings (there is a good sign!!!). or years his child has been terrified of daycares due to separation anxiety but he says it looked like they really helped with that issue. He recommends everyone with an ‘anxious’ child to give this daycare a shot! You can also find out more by clicking this link tot heir website:

Academy of Little Learners has been in business for over 10 years.

More Daycares:

Academy of Great Beginnings & Child Care Network (off Brannon Crossing)

Disclaimers & More Information on Blog:

I wanted this blog to be genuine and helpful for those who need a new daycare service or are moving here and looking for a good childcare place . I truly hope this blog post helps others find the perfect choice for their/your children. Thank you so much for reading! I WAS NOT PAID TO POST. Please subscribe to my blog for more locally owned businesses here in Jessamine Co. Ky. Feel free to look around a bit I blog about Kentucky Living, Self Love & Care, Beauty and Fashion… Basically everything lifestyle related. I would like to thank Safe Harbor Academy and Children’s Choice Learning Center for replying to my emails and answering the questions I had. If you see your daycare mentioned and would like to add anything or fix anything please email me at and I will get back to you ASAP!

PARENTS: Please please also research these daycares on your own as well. When you search their names they will be cited on different sites that help parents know more about them. You will be able to see a track record. Just putting that out there as well. Thank you again for reading.

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