Cosplay Corner – Misa Amane

This photoshoot was done in early 2022 and is one of my favourite shoots I have ever done in cosplay. This shoot was filmed with a local Kentucky photographer, Erin Brooke Photography.

Misa Amane is one of my favourite characters in the world of Anime. We meet Misa in Death Note, a Manga-turned Anime series where a high schooler finds a deadly notebook and begins to play vigilante. Misa comes in unexpectedly and is a fan fave of most Death Note fans. Many people see her as ditzy and narcissistic when that is far from the truth. Her character is a superstar/actress/model who can be seen as a “girly girl” with a goth edge to her. She is quite intelligent – but does have her moments. If you haven’t seen Death Note, I highly recommend anime lovers do so – it is also a good starting point if you are interested in watching Anime.

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The Photos

A Little More About the Photographer

I love shooting with Erin! She makes the experience fun, plus her skills are excellent. She has a fantastic eye when it comes to photography. Check out her website by clicking here!

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