Witchy Photoshoot

Recently, I was asked if I would model in a photoshoot due to my hair being the desired colour of the photographer. She was looking for someone with red hair, and she saw I was tagged in another photographer’s post that had my red hair (which I believe was circa 2020) and messaged me via Instagram. I said yes, and I am so glad I did – the photographs TURNED OUT AMAZING!

Meet the Photographers

The photographers we shot with were Stephanie and Sarah; their social handles are @sarahraschellaphotography and @stephaniewadephotography on Instagram. They are both fantastic photographers with an eye for catching stunning visuals and photos. Their styles are similar but very unique in every way!

Stephanie Wade Photography is offering Halloween minis! You can check out the times still available by clicking here! I loved working with Stephanie, and I know you will too!

I got the chance to ask Sarah why she does what she does and how she got started, with her response being, “I made some amazing friends in the industry who let me shadow them at weddings, and then I started picking up second-shooting gigs! After that, I opened up my own wedding availability. Last year was my first year of shooting weddings as the main photographer. I have been able to go full-time since then! I’m so thankful for all of the people I have been able to meet through this job. It is an absolute dream job and I’m grateful to my husband for telling me to chase that dream, and to all my clients who have trusted me with such sweet and special memories!”

Both photographers are so amazing, be sure to check them out!

The Models

The models, including me, were Jenna and Grace! They are stunning inside and out! I also could not believe how well we all clicked together. I have gotten many compliments on our coven shoot, many being about how we look like we were having fun, and seem very comfortable around each other – a few people even asked me if I knew them personally to which I reply, nope! We met on the day of the shoot. Isn’t it amazing how photographers can capture such a vibe?

The Location

The photos took place at Jacobson Park in Lexington, Ky, which has a variety of photographic spots to offer! Forest areas, water, creeks, bridges, and excellent sites are everywhere! I recommend Jacobson Park as a great place to shoot photography.

The Photos

Golden hour was definitely in our favour.

You may need to click the images to see them in full view!

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