Local Lex Market Celebrates ONE-Year Anniversary!

Pictured with me is, Danielle of Octane Designs & Ky Creatives

I was recently invited by Kentucky Creatives and Bluegrass Collaborative to stop by Local Lex Market and even did some shopping for their one-year anniversary! It honestly feels like yesterday that they just opened!

What is the Local Lex Market?

The Local Lex Market is a gift shop that specializes in craft, homemade, and local goods made by locals! The shop is located at 439 Southland Drive, Lexington, Ky; stated on their website, they’re a year-round, multi-maker market! You can also find personalized goods here as well, and explore a variety of local shops and goods. You can check out more about them via their website and other Instagram!

Local Lex Market’s One-Year Anniversary Event

The event was so fun, and the cake was delicious! I also have to give many props to the Bluegrass Collaborative and Kentucky Creatives for the awesome mocktail influencer bar! It was gorgeous, and the sweets from Tammy’s Sweet Treats and Mother Clucking Products were delightful!

Cheers! From Me and Marie

I ended up shopping, and I have to rave about Modern Zen Candle Company; I got to smell and receive a sample of their upcoming April scents, and they didn’t disappoint! I recommend checking them out.

I also grabbed a few other items and the goodie bag from Local Lex Market, Kentucky Creatives, and the Bluegrass Collaborative. The goodie bag featured wax melts, a beautiful mug by Blue Lotus Pottery, A KY shirt from 2 Mother Hustlers, a gorgeous key chain, popcorn from Tammy’s Sweet Tasty Treats, and dog treats by Khristi’s K-9 Kookies, and more!

More about Kentucky Creatives

As I mentioned above, I was invited as a part of Ky Creatives to come to Local Lex Market’s first anniversary! Ky Creatives is a group of influencers/bloggers/creatives local to Kentucky that helps share and promote Kentucky businesses! You can check out more about Ky Creatives by visiting their Instagram!

“Unbox” My Swag Bag With Me! Filmed by Bluegrass Collaborative

Overall, it was a great time! I recommend checking out Local Lex Market soon if you haven’t yet! For more content like this in real-time, follow me on Instagram! You’ll never miss an update! Also, consider subscribing to the blog, so you don’t miss out on future content! As always, thank you for reading!

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