Kroger Hometown Pickup Sweepstakes

Kroger Hometown Pickup Service

Kroger has continued rolling out their latest feature, the Kroger Hometown Pickup service, which has been convenient and easy to use! I love how simple it is! If you don’t know what their Hometown Pickup service is, you can click here to read my last blog post that showed a step-by-step process on how you can easily place your order.

Introducing the Kroger Hometown Pickup Sweepstakes

I partnered with Kroger to share their Hometown Pickup service and share their fantastic Hometown Pickup Sweepstakes that are going on right now!

The Kroger Hometown Pickup Sweepstakes is running at this moment through February 28th, 2022! The prize is a 2021 Ford F150! To enter, you must be 18 years old or older and a Kentucky resident! You must also have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance. Make sure you enter for your chance to win! Click here and enter the sweepstakes today!

Just look at what you have a chance to win:

Entering the sweepstakes is super easy, and there is no purchase necessary. To enter, you click the link I provided above and sign in and check your eligibility – Super easy process from there!

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6 thoughts on “Kroger Hometown Pickup Sweepstakes”

  1. My Dad has worked his entire life daylight til dark for 40 + years outside very hard labor and he never complains he just does it because he knows he loves us and we depend on him hes taking on the tasks of raising grandchildren when he should be living his best life I could never repay him for all he has done for our family and not to mention when the tornadoes hit WKY HE wasn’t worried that the weather was gonna put a hurting on his business he put his savings together took it on himself to go to Sam’s Club and out of his own pocket started sending food water and coats hygiene whatever else was necessary to help in their time of need hes selfless he goes above and beyond for his family and anyone in his community please help make our dads dream come true and let him be the one lucky winner were already winning because he’s ours let him when and get that shiny new truck thank you and GOD bless


  2. Hi! Had been entering this sweep for a couple of weeks and suddenly the link in gone! Says “game coming soon”! Any ideas?


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