My 23rd Birthday

Turning another year older is something some people dislike but for me, I enjoy it. The older you are, the more wise you become. Some dread birthdays but for me, I cherish them. I also love to document them and decided maybe people will want to know where I got some of this stuff like my outfit, jewelry, the balloons, the cupcakes… the sash and tiara? So I figured I would share a few things!

What I Did For My Birthday…

On Friday night I went out with friends to Texas Roadhouse and the Bar Complex in Lexington. We had so much fun and the drag show was a great watch! They even dragged me on stage with other people who were celebrating something and we did a ‘twerk-off’ … Nope, I didn’t win it either!

On Saturday I attended my niece’s (cousin’s, but she is just like my niece) Birthday Party! She turned 3 years old and that was a whole lot of fun. Her mother also made delicious cupcakes that were super tasty too! Later that evening Jacob (my Husband) had a surprise for me! We ended up at my favourite restaurant, O’Charley’s and then we went to the new attraction in Lexington called, Lex Live where we watched Mortal Kombat which is one of my fave series game and TV entertainment EVER! It was such a good movie and I give it a 100/10! The movie theatre at Lex Live was so nice and I very much enjoyed myself! Thank you again Jacob for taking me on this awesome surprise date night for my Birthday!

On Sunday (my actual Birthday – May 16th) we stayed home and chilled and my parents and grandparents came over to spend time with me. My dad cooked my favourite plate (cheesy mashed potatoes, ribs, cooked carrots & corn) and it was really good! Overall, I had a really nice birthday!

Where I Got Everything…

The Romper

I found it to be so pretty and perfect for 68 degree F weather!

Get Yours here:

The Necklace

I could not pass the opportunity to wear butterflies as they often times represent courage. Plus, they’re beautiful.

Get the Necklace here:

The Earrings

These earrings were also beautiful and I felt went with the necklace quite well.

Get the Earrings here:

The Shoes

At first, I wasn’t even sure about these shoes but they worked perfect! I just ties them around near the ankles instead of high up where they did unfortunately keep coming down.

Get Yours here:

The Balloons

When I saw these balloons I had to grab them! They are certainly super cute and perfect for us ’98 babies!

Get Them here:

The Sash and Tiara

I love attention and feeling like a princess so I just had to get a sash and tiara!

Get Them here:

Where I Got The Cupcakes From…

The cupcakes are always the most important part for me because no matter how old you grow, blowing out candles are so fun and I’ve always made 1 wish on my birthday every year when blowing them out! Who doesn’t want to make a birthday wish on their Birthday? So anyways, the cupcakes are a very important part for me so I always try and purchase them locally from a small local business. This year I chose to purchase from Baking Fairytales by Misbah! I tasted their delicious baking at the past Bluegrass Creatives Market and I knew I had to remember this business for my Birthday! The cupcakes were so delicious (I chose vanilla and strawberry) and the textures were richly fine. I LOVED THE COLOURS as well. They really made these cupcakes stand out beautifully. I definitely recommend Baking Fairytales for your children’s or your birthday or any other event that is in need of a tasty cake or scrumptious cupcakes! Want a better look at them? Head over to my Instagram (@lifewithcaitie)!

My Lashes…

I have been going back and forth between the Kiss lash liner glue and Glamnetic’s magnetic lash liner! But for my birthday I was wearing Vogue (my favourite lash style by Glamnetic) and I felt so pretty with this touch of lash! You can check out their lashes by clicking HERE.


Overall I had an amazing Birthday Weekend and am excited to live my 23rd year! Thank you so much for reading and just a little disclaimer: all links presented for the items are NOT referral links EXCEPT for the Glamnetic lashes. When you click the link for Glamnetic and purchase I do get points for your purchase. I appreciate all who do use that link, thank you.

As Always thank you so much for reading! Feel free to subscribe to my blog for more lifestyle and self love content and for all things Kentucky living! Follow my Instagram (@lifewithcaitie) as well to stay updated!

Shameless Birthday Selfies

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