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New Home? Need Any Roofing Work Done?

Purchasing a home can be incredibly stressful and one of the main things we made sure to check out was the roofing when looking for homes. Even if we loved the home, we still were iffy about purchasing a home with a bad roof. After learning about Greater American Roofing, it put our mind at ease because we knew we had a great company to call if we needed them. The roof is especially important because without, how would we be protected from outside whether etc.? It only makes sense to have a good roof in top condition!

Greater American Roofing is a business who helps even new homeowners like me, with their roofing problems and needs! Greater American Roofing are not only residential roofers that can help with waterproofing and roof repair services, but they are also commercial roofers in Louisville as well! As many of you who have been following me for a bit know, I just purchased my first home! And one of the most important parts of every home is the roofing! I always heard it was better to play it safe when it comes to these topics (the roof, etc.) when it comes to a new or old home. So, I suggest calling them for your inspections!

Not a New House but Needs Work? Look No Further!

Greater American Roofing also offers maintenances; since it is now Spring it may be a good time to call and schedule one. With Spring comes Spring weather. Windy conditions, heavy rain. I have seen tree branches fall and do great damage to some roofs. You can get a free inspection prior to going on their maintenance program so not only you can see who you’re working with, but they can see what they are working with to better help serve you!

Is it time for a new roof perhaps? Again, with Greater American Roofing’s free inspections you are only one call away from finding out from a professional! Especially during this new season there will be a lot clearer days to really see what is going on with your roof!

The Services They Happily Offer:

They offer a variety of services at your convenience such as the following: roof replacement, roof repair, maintenance for the roof, gutters, siding installations, specialty projects and more! Must not forget, FREE INSPECTIONS and ESTIMATES! They also offer around the clock emergency assistance in case of storm damage (does anyone remember the ice storm of ’09 or even the one we had back in February 2021?) which happens quite often when any powerful storm occurs. They offer services for both residential and commercial!

Image from their website on a project during its progress

More About the Business

This company is VETERAN OWNED and OPERATED so when I heard about this business, I just had to show my support and reach out! I find it amazing that it is Veteran owned, and you all know I love to support my troops and veterans! They have had over a decade in this business and in experience so I definitely trust them with my roof. Did I also mention, they are #1 in luxury roofing and restoration in the industry, and they are licensed and insured! They even have a good rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). They have experience, with copper, slate and tile! Lucky for us Kentuckians they operate in Louisville, Ky too!

A Little Peak at Our New and First Home

Picture of our home (Bought February 2021) via

Our roof is tin/metal which is what I preferred! I know so many of you have been waiting for renovation photos so I figured I would give you all a little sneak peek at what we have been doing and talk just a little bit about it!

I have been slowly working on landscaping as well as renovating and let me tell you… When they say wait to plant after Mother’s Day, listen to them! I had these beautiful blue hydrangeas die on me, but it is okay cause I went and got a replacement flower. You live and you learn especially with this being mine and my husband’s first home!

Don’t forget that in June I will be releasing a whole blog post dedicated to our first home showcasing my favourite spots, all the rooms, the bathroom, living area, dining room, all that jazz as well as the finished landscaping! I am so excited to share this with you all so keep an eye out in early June for that blog! If you subscribe to this blog, you will get the blog post in your email, so you do not miss out on it! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram as I shared some things to my story highlights already and don’t forget to also check out Greater American Roofing on Instagram as well! Here is the Louisville and main websites for their company if you would like to learn more:

Greater American Roofing Main Website –

Greater American Roofing Louisville Website –

Greater American Roofing Instagram Page –

My Instagram Page –

As always thank you for reading! Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Greater American Roofing. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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