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Wedding Blog 7.13.19

Robert Jacob Lee Lamb proposed to me September of 2018 right before he got admitted into the hospital due to his BP shunt malfunctioning. Seeing him in the hospital was devastating, it was too much, there were so many problems that occurred personally as well. But we made it. Our love grew stronger. I knew we could do anything and overcome anything after experiencing that… and well, then the wedding came creeping up on us and we were already behind on that so scratch out the part where we could get through anything (JUST KIDDING – LOL). We thought going through each other’s illnesses were tough, wedding planning was way tougher! My expectations of the wedding were set too high considering the money state we were in, however, I still dreamed our wedding was that of perfection, and just all-around that beautiful fairy tale wedding that I had envisioned.

My vision looked something like this…

When I started planning my wedding in a notebook, on paper, I had a list of vendors, a list of colours, places scribbled out, and circled. Types of flowers, types of runners, and different ways for unity such as a candle. In my head there were thousands of people seated outside under a beautiful sky, in cute well-done chairs. Flowers of all kinds that matched the themes, and everything! In my head the wedding I had in mind was what I believed as, “perfect”. I already knew how I wanted everything to be, and I assumed that is how it was going to be. It was anything but perfect however, it was magical and I felt like a princess.

Photo captured at my wedding by photographer, Stephen Madden.

Let’s get into the details and view pics from my wedding, shall we?

We got ready at my uncle’s shop. My sister, Elizabeth did my hair while I did my own makeup. And I looked beautiful, and didn’t have to pay someone else to do it which was pretty awesome!

We had the wedding at High Bridge Pavilion located in Wilmore, Kentucky. It is a beautiful place. Very affordable as well though, you must be a citizen of Jessamine County, Kentucky to reserve it. They may have deals for others not living there, but you’d have to call the county clerk and see. They provided 100 chairs, and 25 tables that were perfect for our wedding!

The colours I wanted were:

And I got:

The wedding dress was perfect. Short so it emphasized my bare feet which was the look I was going for. I got the dress from David’s Bridal in Lexington, Ky off of Nicholasville Rd. I was in love – still in love with that veil too!

The cake I wanted:

The cake I got:

It was more than perfect! I also had the cake made with buttercream! The flowers were edible, and the dessert had three flavors in each tier: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla! It was the perfect cake for guests that may be picky! Jessica Dawn White was the amazing baker of this cake. I asked, she delivered! She is @beachbumjessica on Instagram! She does an amazing job on any cake you need! Birthday cakes are her specialty!

Let’s talk about the ceremony!

I’m a deist, but Jake is a full-on Christian! That is why we compromised and went with a preacher. I’m not going to go into too much details on the beliefs part, however, many couples struggle to agree on a preacher or prime minister or whatnot when it comes to the ceremony. I grew up in a church and Pastor John Ritchie, and he has been there for a while, he even visited Jake while he was in the hospital. He is a dedicated man, that is for sure, and that is why I agreed upon a pastor! I feel it is very important to agree about this part of the ceremony because everyone’s religion is important to them and finding that happy medium is what is best for the couple! Just my opinion though, I am sure others can agree! Oh, and instead of doing the unity candle or whatever, we chose to do the sand! So, it was a great compromise, cause now i have a cute vase I can put fake flowers in!

How did we choose the bridal party? It is a long-complicated story, so I won’t go into much detail on that – LOL!

I chose my bridesmaids carefully, also tip: do not choose people as your bridesmaids just because someone else wants you to choose them, for example, your husband or mom. This day is yours, you deserve those you truly love and are always there for you, by your side!

My Bridesmaids:

  • Mary Varie Adams – She has been one of my top best friends since 2018. We knew each other in elementary school, but lately we’ve just become best friends! We eat together all the time, so food is a basis of this awesome friendship honestly!
  • Anna (Annie) Maria Dailey – I met her at Asbury University and has been one of my besties since 2016. We even worked at a summer camp together! I love her just as much as Mary and I just had to have her by my side too!

My Maid of Honor:

  • Elizabeth Ashton Perry – My sister, and my number one best friend! Obviously she was bound to be my maid of honor!

Our Flower Girl:

  • Mylee Lamb – Jake’s younger cousin! Isn’t she so cute?
(left) Elizabeth, Me, Annie, Mary, Mylee Lamb (Right)

Jake didn’t have an issue picking groomsmen one bit, and I applaud him for that!

His Groomsmen:

  • Dallas Michael Murphy – He is my cousin, but he’s also basically, my brother (from another mother, haha LOL, anyways…) and Jake wanted to honor me by having his as a groomsmen.
  • Josh Lee Young – My step father, Jake has gotten very close to him the last few years, and chose him not because of me at all, but rather because it is someone he cares about as much as I do!

His Best man:

  • Donivan Ray Headrick – Someone he has known for a long while, works with, and loves as his brother. They are super close, so I knew he’d be his best man!

Our Ring Bearer:

  • Charles M. Cheek – My younger cousin! Isn’t he adorable as well?
(Left) Dallas Murphy, Josh Young, Jake Lamb, Donivan Headrick, and Charles Cheek (Right)

I wanted all the bridesmaids/and maid of honor to walk in and out with all the groomsmen/and best man. That is what I always wanted, and I got it! Despite what others thought.

The Ceremony was one for the books though, I have to admit, I was so nervous! I was very anxious. Which explains this next picture of me. Warning, I look scared, but don’t worry because I was just anxious something would go wrong, plus this was a huge commitment.

“See what I mean?”

Here comes the Bride…

I had my grandfather walk me down the aisle. He raised me alongside my mother, his daughter, Mary Ann. It was such a magical moment! Not only magical, but emotional. My grandfather just turned 69, prior to my wedding I was so afraid he wouldn’t be able to walk me and “give me away”. I was blessed to have him by my side. I love you papaw, Eldon Cheek Sr.!

“I DO”

The Reception

We had Canes’ catered which costed us $200.

Since I let my papaw walk me down the aisle, I had the father-daughter dance with my stepfather, Josh! It was another emotional moment of the evening! I think the dances were honestly my favourite part! The bridal party dances, the father-daughter dance, and the first dance for bride and groom were so fun and meant so much!

I change my mind, the best part was having those that love us, come and celebrate two lives becoming one!

Thank you to the bridal party, my mother, Josh, Jake’s grandparents, my grandparents, Pastor Ritchie, and Candice Cheek for helping to make this amazing day happen! We appreciate you all.

P.s. Thanks everyone for the presents!

Things We Did In Central Tennessee | Things to do in Nashville and Franklin Tn

If you’re reading this that must mean you are interested in taking a trip to good ‘ole Tennessee! Well buckle up and keep your feet in the ride at all times. Keep reading to find some awesome activities that me and my husband can give honest feedback on. Nothing in this blog is sponsored, or an ad. Purely honest information. Enjoy!

Let’s talk about where we stayed…

We ended up staying in a hotel in Franklin Tn. The hotel was, Days Inn by Wyndham – Franklin. Below is a gallery of photos that I took inside the room. Our room that I reserved via Booking.com, was a non-smoking king room. It had a stench, but most hotels do in my opinion. I made sure I checked everything even the couch and under the bed in the seams and it was clean. No bugs, thank the universe! The microwave was odd, and we burnt popcorn the first two times unfortunately, but we got the hang of it by the third bag. The fridge kept things cool, and the TV was fuzzy but alright. The ‘walk-in’ shower was pretty sweet, the water was always hot, and never “ran out”. Having one sink was annoying though because my husband would hog it for no good reason, but it was tolerable. I will say, I am not a fan of hotel beds and pillows. Our necks were stiff and our backs ached for our own bed at home the entire time. Breakfast at the hotel was from 6 a.m until 9 a.m which was very inconvenient, but understandable. There food was’t really hot by the 8:00 a.m mark which was disappointing. The pool was pretty nice though. I would give this hotel, a 7/10 honestly. They were great employees with awesome manners.

Let’s talk about Day One…

Taken at the Williamson County Fair August 2nd 2019

The ride from Nicholasville Ky, to Franklin Tn was about four hours that day which was a Friday so understandable, and tolerable though I’m pretty sure I annoyed Jake with all the rock music I blared and sang to. Once we got there, we were early and couldn’t check in to our hotel yet so we went and had a late lunch over at Nashville Pizza Co. In Nashville Tn. Below is a picture of the pizza, and bread sticks we got. I told y’all I was going to be honest, and I am sorry if this hurts feelings, but here was my take on the place:

“Nashville Pizza Co. – It was trash. We ate there for under $25 however, the bread sticks weren’t garlicky enough and not many alcoholic options other than beer selections. The pizza was flat crust, and it’s not my style. 5/10.”

Let me add, this was right after I was dissatisfied, I will definitely let y’all know they had amazing service and very polite employees and a decent crowd that day for 2 p.m so don’t just take my word for it! This was just my opinion.

We finally checked into the hotel at around 3 p.m and we sat and chilled until the Williamson County Fair started which was about 6 p.m!

The county fair in Franklin Tn. – It was awesome, but so expensive! Like, in Jessamine Co. Kentucky and other surrounding areas you just pay one fee and you get unlimited rides. The fee is anywhere between 10 to 20. No admission fee either. In Franklin Tn, the admission fee was $9. But to ride unlimited rides it then costed $25 more. I think that was a little excessive for a county fair however, I can’t complain too much considering the fair was a blast! It was so fun! I paid like $10 for henna on my wrist and that was pretty chill. We played balloon darts and Jake played the basketball games. Unfortunately, they milked more money out of us that way, but I
now have three super cute stuffed animals! Sadly near the end, we had to leave cause everything was being moved inside due to lighting and a storm. Oh did I mention, no refunds? Williamson Co. Fair: 9/10!

I got henna done at one of the booths too as well as some lemonade from a cute lemonade vendor! Oh, and BMX TRICKS! It was a blast. We also went to the fair on our day 3 to have some more fun. On day 3 at the fair, we seen a dinosaur show meant for kids, and we walked inside a butterfly garden! So much fun!

Later that night after the fair we ate at a local Steak’n’shake!

Steak’n’Shake in Franklin off of Carother’s pkwy – Super great service! And super cheap but yummy food! 11/10.

Day Two…

We went out into the Music City, of Nashville Tennessee! And had an even more awesome time! It was super crowded though which made it intolerable, especially with the heat at 90 degrees Fahrenheit! We walked into Tootsies, and could barely breathe with all of the people, it was so overwhelming and too crowded for my liking so we went for a drink at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Bar instead! A day in Nashville or even a couple hours? I give it a 7/10. Just because the bars overcharge for drinks, but I get it!

Prior to the bar hopping, we went to an historical site in Franklin Tn! I wish I could say it was a very fantastic time, but we do plan on trying again next year.

The Carnton 1864 battle site – it wasn’t that great of an experience for me, so you will have to take my review with a grain of salt. I got sick and was about to faint and had to step out after the tour guide finally after what felt like twenty minutes explained how the family was caught in shock and their home turned into a hospital within a few minutes of the battle. She said she’d keep the door unlocked but after I got a bottle of water and was feeling better, I couldn’t go back in because the door wasn’t unlocked and basically the $36 I spent on our tickets were wasted. I was beyond angry and wanted to cry at that point. We left. But if you are a fan of history especially civil war history, I suggest you visit this place. It is really interesting and the property was just beautiful. I give this place 7/10 stars just because I didn’t get to enjoy myself to the fullest. Yes, I get that’s my body’s fault… but it would have been nice if tickets weren’t so expensive and i didn’t get locked out. Just saying!

Day Three…

We went to the fair once again, but we also went and visited downtown Franklin, and had a great time eating lunch at 55 South on their main street! Parking wasn’t that bad, but waiting at the cross walks were!

55 South – Crowded, but right in the historical downtown district of Franklin Tn! It was so much fun, and the drink I had was called the Category 5 which was very bourbon-y. It wasn’t my favourite, but as far as day drinking goes, I would recommend it! I had their friend chicken salad which was spicy, but it was definitely yummy and hit the spot at brunch. My husband got a burger and fries, which their fries are sooo bomb! 8/10.

After brunch, we went to the Farmer’s Market in Franklin! And I found a T-shirt from a local artist. I did pay $25 for the shirt, but I had to have something that proved I was there, right?

Pic from Instagram Stories

Let’s Talk About the Last Day now!

We left, but before we did we had to visit the Nashville Parthenon! It was a fun sight, gave me an excuse to say I was in Greece, but not really. 10/10.

It was a decent trip, and we had a lot of fun!