Holiday Self Care

It’s that season again when stress is placed on many of us for many different reasons. It doesn’t help that time change also occurs, causing most of us to lose the very little natural serotonin we have left. This is why I have created this list to help many of us (myself included) during these last few months of the year – pour yourself a beverage of your choice and get your pen and paper – ‘Tis the season!

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One of the best things for anyone, even those not big into writing or sharing their feelings can do, is to journal. Something that I do quite often is just that – journaling. You can find millions of journal prompts online, especially on Pinterest. Journaling is perfect for your soul and can even help you grow in many ways. You don’t even need to follow a prompt. Just write what is on your mind, your goals, and whatever you need to physically get off your chest. Challenge yourself to journal once a day for 30 days and come and comment on how it went. I can almost guarantee that you will see some kind of difference!

GET SLEEP – Stay Healthy

Something about the Holidays has many of us losing sleep, but this year, let’s try to rest. My husband would say that’s me, ” the pot calling the kettle black,” but I will try to get my rest in. Meaning getting 8 hours of sleep, taking hour-long breaks often from the screens, and resting mentally with meditation – just kidding, I can’t meditate, but I can nap! If you can meditate, definitely do more of that this season. Also, let’s not forget that it is flu season (and the pandemic never really left), so we should also stay clear as possible from others/strangers in public while buying groceries and practicing an appropriate amount of space while out and about. Never neglect your health, even when it isn’t flu season.

Stay Organized

Do not freak out if you are not a good organizer – I can help you (Google can help you). What I do every Christmas/Holiday is I will create an itinerary to keep up with events/dinners and presents. I’ll list everyone I plan on gifting to, and then the other one, I will list all the dinners my Husband, and I have to attend. You can do this in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or your cellphone’s Notes App. My go-to is Google Docs. Then print it! Cross the names off the list as you go, and cross the dinners off as you attend. Staying organized can help you keep your mind clear, and you’ll be more likely to remember every gift and event.


I will shout this until I am purple in the face: SETTING BOUNDARIES IS NECESSARY! We all have at least one person we need time away from here and there, which is okay. Whether you had cut them off or intentionally lost contact, do not feel you need to bring them back into your life just because it is the Holidays. This is one of the main stressors this season because even though society is getting better about boundaries, we still have family members like, “that’s still your dad,” “your aunt,” ” mom, ” whatever. Then we may start to feel guilt. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. Toxic is toxic. However, I would suggest staying civil if you have no choice but to be around this person for some reason. Say no when you feel the need or want to say no. Stick to your boundaries!

Be Realistic

I am guilty of setting unrealistic expectations for Christmas yearly just to get upset at the outcome. Don’t do that. Understand that nobody is perfect, and Holidays don’t have to be perfect either. You can make memories without it being extravagant or materialistic.

Photo Taken By Crescent Moon Photography

…And that’s a wrap! I am so excited for the Holidays this year and felt the need to not only type this out for you all but to keep myself accountable as these are tips I am also telling myself. If you enjoy content like this and are just as ready for the Holidays, please consider subscribing, as I plan to put out a ton of self-care and Holiday content these next few months on the blog! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, where I am the most active, so you don’t miss any updates! – Comment below if you have any other tips you would like to add – don’t gatekeep! 

Remember: get rest, stick to your boundaries, be realistic, stay organized, and try to journal! Happy November!

Photo by Sydney Rae on Unsplash

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