Halloween Special: Woman in White Photoshoot

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I have decided to create a few spooky galleries to release this month with accompanying stories and poems. For the first post of this Halloween series, I have decided to share this gallery first as it was one of the first we shot, and it really puts whoever viewing it in the perfect Halloween spirit. These photos were so fun to shoot and the photographer I worked with even shared short writing to accompany them.

The Location

Though most are in the same spot, I am not one to gate-keep the locations of my photoshoots. I love to share sites as it may inspire others nearby to create their own photos in the same spots. For this photoshoot, we chose Jacobson Park in Lexington, Kentucky, as we felt many areas could help catch the vibes we were going for. Jacobson park is perfect for just about any photoshoot idea you have.

The Photographer

The Photographer for this shoot I worked with is Ashley of Moments Entwined Photography, a fantastic person I love to work with and knew would rock it with her camera. I highly recommend everyone to follow her socials and book with her soon!

The Photos

I titled this gallery “Woman in White” because that is the description I had in mind for the shoot and keeps it pretty simple. I wanted people to look at these and gasp in awe. I want people to look at these and not only feel a chill run down their spine but also to see these and think they’re beautiful and eerie at the same time.

Forest Siren

He wasn’t sure who it was, but he could hear her kulning through the deep, vast forest.  The snow was covering as far as he could see.  Untouched by the living.  Its beauty went for miles as he starred out into the open field that faded in to the forest beyond. He could hear her, the beauty of her voice echoing through the trees out in to the field.  The waves of snow glittering across the land.  The wind blew the snow around in the motion of the way she was kulning.  It was as if she was the wind, she was the earth.  For many months, he heard her calling out to nature.  Her voice echoing every time he made a move.  He tried searching for her but never was able to find where this beautiful voice was coming from.  He felt trapped by her voice.  Unable to leave, to move forward.  She was a siren to the forest he was destined to be trapped in.  The moon was at its highest peak of the night, he could hear the wolves in the distance.  He could hear her, kulning, singing to the gods and goddesses of what ever she believed. He wasn’t in control of himself any longer. He rose from his bed, leaving his cottage, his refuge.  He wandered through the snow, through the field, to the forest that was calling him. He could hear her voice, this time singing his name.  He wandered through the trees, his feet were numb.  The wolves were by his side guiding him to his calling. He came to a clearing just past a large patch of pine and he saw it.  Engulfed in light shined down by the moon; there she was.  Drenched in light and covered in white.  Magnificent beauty only those who saw could recall.  The wolves surrounded her like knights of a round table. He moved slowly, finally able to see, to touch the one he had dreamed of for so long.  He got closer, her shape, her exsistance excited him.  She began her kulning once more, as if she was doing it just for him.  He reached out to touch her beautiful, porcelain skin and everything went dark. – Ashley Estep

Overall, I am in love with how the photos turned out. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share below in the comments! I would also love to hear any other interpretations you all might have of this gallery! Hopefully, this will get y’all in the spooky mood if y’all weren’t already.

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