How You Can Utilize Bloggers for Advertising Your Business

Bloggers can be very beneficial in so many ways to your business, whether your business is small, big, local, remote, etc. I have been blogging since 2018 and have worked with brands and companies on many projects! In this blog post, I will share how you can utilize bloggers and influencers for your business!

Blog/Social Media Posts

One of the primary and most popular ways you can utilize bloggers to advertise your business is by paying for a blog post or social media features. Sometimes, you can find bloggers that will post in exchange for a free item/service or even for free, as some of us may be building our portfolios.

Most blog websites have subscribers that get notified every time there is a new post, which can be very beneficial if their stats align with your goal and target market. For example, I have over 2,000 subscribers and counting. Every time I post a new blog post, it will be directly sent to their inbox, creating traction for the business(es) that may be mentioned in it.

A good thing about blog features is that blogs can be targeted toward those of all age groups, gender, etc. Primarily if the blog post has utilized SEO which stands for Searchable Engine Optimization. to put it into simpler words, the blog post is easily searchable and can be found in Google/Bing/etc. Search results. Regarding features via social media, it is always good to know your target market/audience. What kind of people does your business appeal to? For example, if your target market is between ages 18 and 50 (a wide range), then depending on what you’re selling, sites like Instagram and TikTok could be beneficial for features. If your target market is 50 and above, Facebook may be better as that age group is more attracted to scrolling the Facebook feed than Instagram.

A lot goes into finding the exact feature you’re looking for. Another example would be if you’re selling fashion, Instagram would be perfect. If you’re a new coming restaurant, Facebook would be the place. Blog features have a lot more wiggle room! Either way, this is the most popular way to utilize bloggers and influencers for advertising, but it isn’t the only way!

Giveaway Collaborations

When scrolling Instagram, you may often notice giveaway collaborations. This is the second most popular way to advertise by utilizing bloggers/influencers, as it brings more followers and potential clients/consumers to both parties’ pages. For instance, I have done a few gift card giveaways where a local coffee shop provided a gift card to their cafe, and we both posted about the giveaway. One of the rules was letting our followers know that they must be following both of us to be entered in the giveaway to win the gift card.

Most captions may include, “You must be following me and @ [random coffee shop] to enter! We check!”. The followers of the coffee shop may venture to the blogger/influencer’s page and follow to enter, and vice versa; their followers will come to your page and do the same to enter. But beware, an influx of followers is never guaranteed with this method as some people do unfollow after the giveaway is closed. These giveaways can be hosted on almost any platform of your choice, but Instagram and Facebook are popular platforms for this type of advertising/promotion.

Host a Blogger Event

I have attended several events hosted by local businesses and blogger event coordinators such as @Bluegrass_Collaborative & @KYCreatives on Instagram! these events are so fun and can be pretty informative too! You may have even read some of the blogs I have done for said events! The point of these events is to gather a group (big or small) of bloggers & influencers to, let’s say, your business. They learn about it, socialize amongst the place/building, snap photos, and gather whatever they need for content to, in turn, share your business or whatever it is that you need to advertise! Very simple, and I am sure the Bluegrass Collaborative or Ky Creatives can answer any questions you may have on that subject! 

Closing Thoughts

There are so many ways to utilize bloggers and influencers for advertising. The above are just the most popular ways we are used/utilized!

Personally, when a brand or business approaches me, I like to talk about their goals, their target market and audience, what they are trying to sell, or what message they are hoping to get across to see what kind of advertising works best for them what they need/have. Then, based upon the work they expect of me, I give them a price. Unsure if this is how others work, but I had a mentor that also uses these steps to determine the cost, etc.

Hopefully, this blog post helps those who have asked me about Influencers and Bloggers. I have had so many recently curious about how we work for advertising and if it’s worth it. My answer is that it depends on multiple factors. If you would like to meet up for coffee, let me know, and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have for me! I also give free consultations, or even if you’re just interested in learning more, visit the Contact page, and shoot me an email!

Why Bloggers/Influencers Are Better Than Marketing Companies (MY OPINION)

  • Organic Reach
  • Genuine
  • Essentially, Buzz Marketing
  • These Bloggers/Influencers May Become Your Client’s/Supporters Long Term
  • More Affordable
  • Blogs Are Still Popular
  • Local Oriented
  • Attracts Those Across The Web
  • You Can Potentially Buy Rights To Quality Photos to Use
  • Our Readers/Supporters TRUST Us

Sometime in the future, I may do a video on the Pros & Cons of Utilizing Bloggers and Influencers for Advertising. When that happens, I will come back to update this post. But for now, I leave you with that. Be sure to subscribe for more, and consider checking out my content over on Instagram!

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