In this blog I am going to go over a few ways you can stop being scared so you can take that leap. I will also be going over ways to help you raise your confidence as well as to help you stop caring about what others think about you!

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Let’s talk about ways to help us face our fears!

Something that helped me tremendously when I have been scared is that I would take a piece of paper and write down all my fears or that fear in the moment. Once I had finished writing down what I needed to, I would then crinkle up the paper and destroy it. I would literally crush and destroy my fears. It was an automatic fear remover for me, I gained confidence that no matter what was to happen,. I would get through it and crush it! It felt so good crumbling that piece of paper. It was like I crumbled the fears with my own bare hands (which… was technically the case)!

A few other ways to get rid of the fears:

  • Ask yourself, “Why am I afraid?” … “What am I afraid of?” Are those reasons valid? You can always work towards eliminating those reasons or working on them, too.
  • Prepare Yourself! Face your fear head on, after proper preparation of course.
  • Relax, try and relax so you can calm your mind and try handling it in a much neater and cleaner way.
  • TALK ABOUT IT! I say this all the time but it is true! Talking about your feelings really does help.
  • Write down everything you are grateful for, make a list.
  • It is okay to use humor. I also use humor to cope sometimes and it is totally okay!

I always tell others to stop saying FAKE it and to replace that with FACE it. FACE IT ‘TILL YOU MAKE IT! To me, facing the situation is always best because that helps us grow into our best selves. Faking it is just a tad bit… I don’t really know. I know it may work and sit well with some but not me!

Now let’s discuss how we can stop caring about what others think!

Now this is a list that could go on forever but I am going to give you just a few tips that have worked for me and those close to me. Personally, I used to care about what every single person thought about me. To me, being perfect and liked was all that mattered which eventually thinking that way destroyed me; the Universe decided to let me live and to let you all know that it does not matter what other people think about you. Strangers won’t remember you, stop stressing about that time you stuttered trying to ask for directions, stop thinking about what that boy who served you popcorn at the theatre thought of you. It simply does not matter. Now, it can be argued that it does matter what your friends and family think however, there are limits! All negative thoughts, they simply do not matter. You need to do you! Stop caring about what they will think and get the tattoo! Start the blog! Dye your hair.. Just do it for you and no one else. Here are some things you can put into practice so you can stop caring about what others think and to live a happy life:

  • Live like Miley Cyrus. Just do it. She is such a care free spirit and lives life how she wants.
  • Stop reading negative comments and the negative reviews! This will help you a ton.
  • Watch who you ask! Some ‘friends’ do not want to see you live better than them. THAT IS A FACT. So pay attention to those who are rooting for you and ask them instead.
  • Cut out toxic people from your life.
  • Listen to the Beatles going down a back road during the summer with windows rolled down. This feeling is the ultimate confidence booster!
  • Recite mantras and affirmations! – I post affirmations every day on my Instagram or you can simply make your own or look them up and write them down in a journal.

Again there is so much you can do to help! But those are the tips I have to share that have worked for me. Very short read for this blog and I do apologize as I have been a super busy bee! Stay tuned for next week’s blog post and please… live life how you want to live life without worrying about what someone else thinks. This is your life.

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My name is Caitie; I am a writer from central Kentucky. My three most valued passions include health, beauty, and sharing my thoughts. I enjoy reviewing places, ideas, and products! I am excited to help anyone the best I can. If you would like to take a look around, please do. Any questions? Visit my contact page. Happy reading!


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