Valentine Gifting Guide Based on Love Languages

In this blog we will touch on gifts that are great to give for each of the five love languages! Let’s get to it!

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Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation is mine actually and I really love when my Husband or friends tell me how much they care about me. We genuinely rely on you telling us how much you care. For those with this love language I would honestly suggest these:

  • Personalized Candy Hearts – This can be an add-on to flowers and a card and it it just super thoughtful. Especially since you can personalize the hearts and have them say anything that could be so meaningful to your S/O or friend. You can get these by clicking: here. ($$)
  • Personalized Gift Book – There are a ton of sites and companies you could find one of these cute books from and it is such a thoughtful gift too! You can find one by clicking: here. ($$-$$$)
  • A Love Letter – This is a gift you can do more than just on Valentine’s Day and is very very thoughtful and so unique. Nobody writes love letters anymore! I would also get creative and even mail it to the person even if they live within your own home (pretend a letter came in the mail or something – LOL)! It is a sincere gift and your S.O is sure to appreciate it! You can even have lowers or a box of chocolates to go with it. ($0-$)
  • Personalized Bracelet – Get your S/O a personalized bracelet! You can find one by clicking: here. It is a beautiful way to tell your girlfriend or wife what she means to you! ($$$)
  • Voice Recorded Teddy Bear – Here is a very cute gift idea for children who hold this love language and Valentine’s Day isn’t just for adults! Teddy bears are also good gifts for really anyone who loves them so it isn’t limited to who you can gift this to. You can order one by clicking: here. ($$)

Quality Time

For those whom have Quality Time as their Love Language most likely that means they enjoy speeding time with others! They would probably enjoy these as gifts this Valentine’s Day:

  • Dinner Date – Someone who enjoys quality time really does enjoy having you in their presence! A dinner date would be perfect! If you’re a man wanting to surprise his S/O what I’d suggest is seeing what size she is in a dress (maybe look at her closet/sneak a peak instead of outright asking or bring it up nonchalantly), grab a cute black or any colour dress that is her style, grab some roses and take her out to dinner! Hopefully all that made sense. ($-$$$)
  • At-Home Movie Night – You could buy them their favourite snacks, drinks and candy, then rent a movie from a streaming device or get one from Redbox and enjoy some quality time at home. Maybe even grab them a blanket, and some popcorn buckets! ($-$$)
  • Have you ever heard of the Date Night Kit? You can check this out by the Dating Divas by clicking: here. It is so cool and PERFECT for both involved in the kit! Makes date night easy, and you get to spend some fun quality time together! You can also create this on your own. ($)
  • Game Night – If you and your partner or friend enjoy games perhaps investing in a few board games or digital multiplayer games! ($-$$)
  • Plan a Stay-cation – You can also always plan an affordable staycation! This can go however you want! Usually what I do is I will look up cool places in my state and go from there. I choose local restaurants and I also always look up awesome hotels in that area too. You can add anything you want to this staycation! ($-$$$)

Acts of Service

Acts of Service is another love language that may be hard to think of idea wise when it come to Valentine’s Day, but I got you covered! People with this language of love often appreciate when you do things for them, mainly practical things that contribute to something. Here are some great ideas:

  • Homemade Coupon Book – Keep it homemade and make sure to add guilt free to some of the services. People with this language don’t want to HAVE to ask for it, so adding guilt free will help the book feel more genuine and thoughtful. Keep it homemade because I find it come from the heart when homemade rather than buying a generic book from Amazon or whatever. You can view some ideas by clicking: here. ($0-$)
  • Fill Their Gas Tank – Simple. But practical and they will appreciate it! Especially with gas prices rising LOL… ($-$$)
  • Breakfast in Bed – Make them their favourite breakfast foods and bring it to them in bed when they wake up! Try making it while they’re asleep but only 20 minutes before they usually wake up. Have it all ready and warm to eat! They will appreciate this!
  • Make Their Favourite Dessert or Buy Their Favourite Candy – Valentine’s Day is all about the sweets and love! Instead of buying the ridiculous box of generic chocolates just buy their favourite sweets! Or bake them their favourite dessert! Baking shows them that you took the time to make them something which is an act of service and they will be so appreciative! ($)
  • Give Them a Couple Hours to Themselves Uninterrupted – People whose love language is Acts of Service enjoy time to themselves and really enjoy not being interrupted as they enjoy that time.

Gift Receiving & Giving

This who love receiving gifts really enjoy Valentine’s Day. HOWEVER some only enjoy 1 of the following: material gifts, homemade gifts or/and practical gifts. Try to see which one your partner or friend likes the most and use that to help you with your gift giving this Valentines Day. Here are some general ideas:

  • Material Gift, Bracelet or Watch – If they love materialistic things as gifts on Valentines Day then I definitely suggest a Bracelet or Watch if that is what they are into. Doesn’t have to be expensive, just something pretty to look at. Something they can look at and think of you each time. ($$-$$$)
  • Homemade Gift, D.I.Y Flower Bouquet – I suggest watching this video by Ramon at Home via YouTube by clicking: here. He shows how to make a unique Valentines bouquet that is for sure to be very special to that S.0 who loves homemade gifts. ($-$$)
  • Practical Gift, Kitchen Item – If they are more of the practical type I suggest seeing what they need or want for their kitchen. Some ideas for a kitchen item may include: can opener, coffee pot/Keurig, mugs, dish rack, etc. Maybe even try and get it in their favourite colour or the same style as their kitchen is themed. ($-$$$)
  • Classic Flowers & Chocolates – Get them a chocolate heart box full of their fave candy. I have seen Walmart carrying Reese’s hearts and etc. You can even make your own! or Order their fave fruit covered in chocolate! Also find out what their favourite flower is so they can be surprised and in awe of the floral arrangement choice. ($-$$)
  • Classic Jerky and Whisky – This isn’t just for men like the above isn’t just for women. But this was inspired by the men in my life. They LOVE some good whisky and beef jerky. Find out their fave brand and flavour of jerky as well as their fave whisky and there you go! They will be sure to love it. ($-$$)


Those with this love language rely on physical touch for connections. Here are some perfect ideas for them this Valentines Day:

  • Mittens & Hat – It is January/February and that means the Northern Hemisphere is still experiencing what is left of Winter so these warm goodies are perfect! Plus they are so soft and those who rely on touch will appreciate the thought. Knitwear in general is a great gift for them! I suggest looking at local boutiques that specialize in knitwear! Salem Style is a good place to start looking! I have bought a few things from them and I absolutely loved what I received.
  • Massage & Lotion – Buy their favourite lotion, and offer them a massage. This can be romantic or platonic depending on circumstances however, it is a lovely gift! Could also fall under as a lovely gift for those who have Acts of Service as their love language too. You could also buy them a gift card to a local massage place! ($-$$)
  • Weighted Blanket – This is a perfect gift for anyone in your life who relies on touch. I promise you they will love it. You can get these really anywhere like Walmart/Target, Amazon.. etc. ($-$$)
  • Sensual Gift – If you are under 18 do not click link! Skip this line. But my main audience is over 18 so anyhow you all should look into: this kit or something similar for your partner this Valentines Day! ($-$$)
  • 5 Senses Basket – Try making them a 5 senses basket! Find something for each sense: Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste & Sound! For this idea you’re going to have to get super creative! Find out their favourites! ($-$$)

And those are the ideas I have for those who want to find meaningful gifts for their special someone’s! Be sure to follow the blog there are more Valentines ideas to come and be sure you’re following my Instagram (@lifewithcaitie) for more ideas as well. I am creating so much content from now until the end of February here is a peek at the schedule:

  • 01- 19-31 -21: Valentines Ideas!! I have a D.I.Y gift ideas coming out later this week and some guides over at the ‘gram!
  • 02- 01-28 -21: All February long we will be going over Self-care and love! I want to help those with low self esteems or those who struggle to practice healthy self care to turn their life around. I even have daily journal prompts planned for the whole month that will help you love yourself a little more this year. On my Instagram and here on my blog I will be going over tips, advice and so much more on the subject!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope your S/O loves the gift you choose to give.


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