Happee Health: Women’s Urinary Health

As a woman, I can assure you, if you get UTI ‘s often, you are not alone.

Out of 100 women, 50 will experience a UTI at least once, in their lifetime.

See? You are not alone! I am one of the fifty, that at least get them twice a year. I am also pre-diabetic which ups my chances at getting them unfortunately. But lucky for me, AND YOU I have found the perfect vitamins that we can use to either reduce chances of getting a UTI, or ease or pain through it.

My secret weapon is: *drum roll please*

Picture taken by: Crescent Moon Photography
(crescent_moonphotography on IG)


What is Happee you ask? It is a vitamin/dietary supplement that fights away the bad bacteria that causes UTI’s. Happee sent me 90 Berry Tablets, and I have used them once everyday (you can use them twice)! This brand is committed to us women, and we need to take advantage! Near the end of this blog, I will give you an awesome discount code that I hope you take advantage of. I may just even use the code for myself (LOL)!

Here are the supplement FACTS:

  • Serving Size: 2 chewable tablets (you get 45 servings per container)
  • Only 5 calories
  • 1g Carb, 1g Sugar
  • 38 mg Vitamin C
  • 150 mg Acerola Cherry Powder

And the main ingredient:

  • 500 mg D-Mannose

What is D-Mannose? It is a kind of sugar that is related to glucose! It is used mostly for prevention of Urinary Tract Infections, but also used for carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome as well!

Now let’s Cut to the Chase! My experience!

I have been taking these vitamins once daily for the past 14 days (2 weeks) and I have yet to experience any UTI symptoms! I will continue to use these, and update you guys on Instagram! Usually I experience a UTI once a month, but so far so good this month, maybe it is thanks to Happee! Just make sure you’re following me for the weekly updates on my story of this amazing product!

You should also check out Happee Health’s website, click here! You can also check them out on Instagram too! Just click here for their Instagram!

Photo taken by Crescent Moon Photography

Life is so much better now with Happee Health Vitamins!

DISCOUNT CODE: They also offer free shipping on all orders, so you should definitely take advantage of this discount code ladies! For 25% off your purchase, just enter in: LIFEWITHCAITIE at check out!

For more information on UTI’s click here!

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