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November 11th 2022

I pride myself in the work that I do and in being authentic for myself as well as for my loyal readers and followers. That is why I choose to work with brands that align with my values and interests, as well as my followers’ values and interests.

My TOP THREE Goals When Working With Brands and Businesses:

– To create high-quality content
– To spread exposure
– To tell a story

Caitie Lamb
Content marketer, model, and writer

I’m a writer who thrives off sharing small and local businesses worldwide and even local to Kentucky. I love content marketing and blogging as it gives me a space to be creative and add value to many people’s lives. It is truly amazing how words can influence people, which is why I strive only to write high-quality content that serves a purpose.

I’m based in Lexington, Kentucky, and have had five years of experience working with brands and businesses.

To learn more about me:

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