New Skincare Products You Will Need in Your Cabinets for 2019

Photo captured by Mary Adams, Edited by Me

You may be wondering why I am smiling a little more these days, well I can tell you right now that it is because of my toothpaste (shout-out to Crest 3D whitening toothpaste)! But not only because of that but also because I have been using two of my favourite skincare products! Raluca Skincare definitely hooked me up, well us up because by the end of this blog you will have the chance to receive a 20% discount on Raluca’s website with the code they gave me to share with my followers! YASSS TO SAVING MONEY! Am I right?

Raluca Skincare is a skincare line that is all-natural, based in Canada! What do they have to offer? Great variety of face masks, face serums, soaps, body butter, bath salts (DO NOT INGEST), lip balms, and body scrubs! There is so much to choose between, and from! The ingredients are always natural, GMO, AND CRUELTY-FREE!

They have two different face serums you can try! Such as the Everlasting (anti-aging) Face Serum, as well as the Revitalizing (antioxidant), Face Serum, which I have actually tried! I can testify that the Revitalizing face serum is my go-to in my collection that is chilling in my bathroom. I usually skip the serums but this one has me using it religiously! It is so soothing, and though it feels oily at first, it sure leaves my skin soft and healthy, not to mention, glowing! My Fiance wanted me to add that he thinks it makes your skin feel as soft as a baby’s butt (help me).

There are three face masks on the site as of right now! They’re all powder and again, all-natural! You can choose between these three: Fruits & Clay, Charcoal & Clay, and Matcha & Clay! I tried the Charcoal & Clay because for one it is a detox mask which is my favourite for face masks, and for two, I am allergic to bananas, and their extracts (stupid latex food allergy) which are always in my experience, in charcoal face masks! Every charcoal face mask I have tried in the past has broken me out, burned my face off, and/or reddened my face for a couple of hours. But this one does the trick! No banana extract, so it is safe for me and those of you who may share this allergy with me! After I tried this mask for the first time, there was no going back! I will keep coming back to Raluca for more; I will try the others soon.

Does your boyfriend/fiance/husband have stinky feet like mine does? Then opt for Raluca’s foot butter which can be found in the ‘for the body’ section under body butter! Instead of smelling disgusting worked-out feet, you could be smelling double the mint! I would also recommend the Sweet Orange body butter when you are there.

With so many options to choose from, there is something for someone in the family, or you can just treat yourself like I do sometimes (all the time)…

My photo, Raluca’s Products

Since you have stuck around for the whole blog…

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If you are already subscribed, CONGRATS! You should check your email. Don’t forget to visit Raluca Skincare’s website,

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