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How to Cut Ties With Toxic People

This blog post will quick and briefly go deep into general family and personal issues as we are touching on the topic of toxic family members. Sometimes cutting ties is the unfortunate answer. Don’t let anyone shame you for doing so, as we need to do what we can to save our peace and to lower our stress. In this post, we will go over how to slowly cut ties with these toxic family members; now, family is important, as long as they aren’t affecting your mental or even your physical health.

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Ways to Cope With Toxic People:

• Set limits & boundaries
• Be empowered/proud of your motives/don’t be a victim
• Choose battles wisely
• Forgive but don’t forget
• Protect your own happiness and soul
• Understand & remember that you don’t need their approval
• Separate if it comes to saving your peace

How To Slowly Cut a Toxic Person Out

There are many reasons why we may need to cut someone out of our lives, even if it is temporary. Sometimes toxic people are our family members who may view us/you as competition or jealousy or animosity towards us/you. When they start to harass us/you is time to cut them out to save our/your own peace. This is the sad and unfortunate truth. After some research and going through these experiences myself, here is my advice on how to slowly cut ties with said toxic people:

  • Make sure it isn’t something that can be “talked out” or overcome in group therapy.
  • Be honest, and don’t cut around the corners. Let them know how they make you feel and your feelings about the relationship.
  • Let others who know you and this person/group of members know what is going on, and let them know you don’t feel comfortable around them. They should respect your reasonings.
  • Slowly end the contact. Talk to them less and less, mention how you feel once more, block on all platforms on social media, erase contact information.
  • Avoid any more drama and gossip with the other family members in this situation.

If in the future you feel it could be time or okay to come into contact with them again or visit them to see how they are or whatnot, do so slowly.

What To Do If You Feel Alone

Don’t feel guilty. Sometimes there are other family members who will feel the need to “choose a side,” sometimes it isn’t your side they choose and just remember that it is okay, avoid gossip and drama with said members if that is the case, if there are family members who support you during this event, that is good. But some of us don’t and sometimes won’t have that kind of support.

“If you cannot get support from other family members who are also aware of the situation – do your best to love yourself”

Natasha Adamo

After reading Natasha Adamo’s response to the matter, it really shows the importance of keeping your peace and loving yourself through these hard times. Don’t forget to practice self-care and love yourself. Be patient with yourself.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes cutting people out of our lives, even temporarily, is what is needed. “family is family”; however, peace is peace! We need to stop forcing relationships that are harmful and toxic on others just because “they’re family.” For more on this topic, I have written the articles below in the past:

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