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Valentine’s Day Haul 2022

Pieces from FashionNova and more!

FashionNova Haul

Spree Dress in Black

I just had to snatch the TikTok viral dress in time for Valentine’s Day! It is a perfect mix of elegant and sexy. Click here to snatch it too!

I’m wearing a size medium and keep in mind I am five foot even and 121 lbs.

Wouldn’t That Be Nice Heeled Sandals

I added these to my bag once I laid eyes on these shoes! So perfect for a special night out! Click here to add them to your bag! And yes, I can walk in them!

Softest Touch Mesh Robe

I remember this robe being a hot item last year for Boudoir sessions + TikTok also went crazy for these! Had to grab one too. Grab yours by clicking here!

Rough Lover – Two Piece Set

Click here for the link! It’s a super cute lingerie set… much different than my normal go-to but I’m excited to see how this one looks on me.

Other Dresses I’ve Found

Tie Back Glitter Skater Dress

Instagram saw it first! I found this dress on sale at Dry Goods in the Fayette Mall, you can also grab one for $14.00 online by clicking here! It is so beautiful, sparkly, and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Women’s Sexy Deep V Neck Long Sleeve – Amazon Prime

If you’re afraid the other dresses shown in this blog won’t come to you in time, here is a dress I found on Amazon that is Prime compatible! It is very classy and stunning. Click here to view it on the Amazon app!

Exclusive Valentine’s Day Look – First Look

All makeup items used to create this look will be listed at the bottom!

Products Used:

Moisturizer – Neutrogena Hydro Boost – Water Gel
Concealer – ELF Camo Concealer
Brow Pen – NYX Fill & Fluff
Eyeshadows – Cat Nap Pallet by Taylobeauty; Sailor Moon Palette from Colourpop
Eyeliners – L.A. Colours Jumbo Liner (white), HengFang Double Eyeliner (red), NYX Epic Ink Liner (black), NYX Epic Wear Liner (white).
Inner Corner Glitter -Colourpop Glitterly Obsessed Glitter Gel in shade Moonlight Legend
Mascara – Loreal Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara
Foundation – Milani Conceal & Perfect 2-in-1
Highlighter – Revolution Strobe Highlighter in the shade Lunar
Contour – Generic Pallet by ELF
Blush – Colourpop Pressed Blush in the shade From The Moon
Lip Gloss – Victoria’s Secret Colour Shione Lip Gloss in the shade Radiant

I’m Just a 60’s Witch – 60’s/70’s Inspired Witch Look

Y’all asked for it, I have come to DELIVER!

About a month ago I asked what my Instagram followers would love to see Halloween Character + Era wise and they came up with a 60’s witch. I have also incorporated a 70’s mix vibe into the look. In this blog I will do a breakdown of the items, why I chose them, and will be posting a link for you guys so you can also shop the look. All links are NOT AFFILIATE links. I just love sharing fashion with others so much… Maybe later on I will try out affiliate marketing but right now all of this is for fun! Enjoy the blog and Happy Halloween Season!

The Items and Why I Chose Them & Where to Find Them

All I got were from Amazon and they were on Prime!

The Dress

The dress is one I found a while back when I was looking up 70’s black dresses. As soon as October hit, I KNEW I NEEDED THIS to add to my Fall closet. I thought it would go so well with the look. The dress feels witchy where the sleeves are bell sleeved and they are long, all while the dress ends at mid knee. Belle sleeves have remained top of the list in 1970 though they have originated and been popular even since the year 794 … Back in the Heian period in Japan. For more information about the bell sleeves CLICK HERE.

Amazon Link to Dress – CLICK HERE!

Style Tip: I feel it would be so cute with a clinch belt where it is a dress that is a little boxy and hangs straight down.

The Boots

For the boots I went with the 60’s Go-Go Boot! A perfect staple from the 60’s and the colour black went amazing with this dress. The brand is Ellie Shoes and they recreate amazing vintage shoes. I don’t know about you but when I think of these kind of boots my mind goes straight to Nancy Sinatra and her song, “These Boots Were Made For Walkin'” I just really love that song but it also showcased different styles of boots mainly the go-go boot. To read more about this, CLICK HERE.

Amazon Link to G0-Go Boots – CLICK HERE!

The Wig

Yep, that is correct. I am indeed wearing a wig. I have to give this wig a 10/10. It is perfect. Feels realistic and real, and isn’t too heavy but thick enough to pass as real. When I saw this I felt it was PERFECT for this look. I also thought of that one beauty history fact that talked about passports and hair colour. 1968 was the last year to ask people for their hair colour on passports. Hair colouring was a major trend and became very popular in the 60’s and into the 80’s. Read more about the history of hair dye by CLICKING HERE.

Amazon Link to Wig – CLICK HERE!

Style Tip: The top doesn’t look too fake however, if you have a ton of hair and it is thick then you may want to wear a hat so there isn’t an obvious bump where your real hair lies. Or simply flatten as much as your real hair can get using boppy pins and etc. to put it in perfect place for the wig cap.

The Hat Neck & Ear Accessories

I didn’t get my accessories in time so yeah, that necklace is photoshopped. BUT fear not for I have links to the hat I was going to use as well as the necklace. Picking out the accessories was so groovy yet time consuming. But I always figured gold peace signs went with green very well so that was what I had intended for the necklace. The earrings are from a small business so I will also link where you can find those!


Necklace – CLICK HERE.

Earrings – CLICK HERE.

For the Makeup I used:

As always thank you for reading I hope everyone has a fantastic and fashionable Halloween! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and say hello!