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Should We Keep Calling it “Bikini Season”?

Hearing the words, “bikini season” tends to give millions of women anxiety about the way they look. So of course during this time frame of “getting ready for Summer” the media and companies who sell diet pills and programs prey on said women and it needs to stop. A lot of activists say we should stop calling it bikini season and just refer to it as what it is, Summer.

I’m going to be honest, instead of changing everything and telling people what they can call it or whatever why just help boost our confidence instead? So many people with almost every situation and idea want to address issues and treat the symptoms rather than the causes. For example: Katia (made up person) is upset about her body and thinks they should stop calling it bikini season and just say Summer so she doesn’t have to worry about wearing a bikini or her feel insecure about her body. Laura (another made up person) comes over and replies to Katia saying that instead of focusing on the media and what people are wanting to call it or refer to it as, let’s help build your confidence instead so you don’t have those feelings towards a phrase or your body. Your body is a temple, and it should be loved by you. Katia thinks on it, and agrees! Now when it comes to all the diets and propaganda surrounding them in the media, turn it off! Shut it out! Cause I am here to tell you that all of that is a waste. You don’t need to be on a strict diet nor do you need to use pills to lose weight just to “get ready for Summer”. You need to go deeper and simply start loving yourself more. Eat healthier, recite affirmations and truly love yourself. That is what will give you the confidence you need to wear that bikini or any swimsuit you desire for that matter!

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How To Be Confident In Your Skin This Summer

Now that I have your attention I really want you to know that I am here for you and I understand one hundred percent how it feels to look at your body in disgust. I used to loathe and I mean LOATHE my body in a bikini, it got to the point where I started wearing one pieces because I was so insecure with the way my stomach looked. I’m not telling you it will be easy, because it did take some time for me. But I’m sure if you start now, you will begin to love your body by Summer.

Here Is What I Did And Still Do

My everyday self-love routine consists of having at least 8 hours of sleep, the better you feel, the more confident in the day you will be! I also recite affirmations when I wake up. You can find affirmations anywhere really, Pinterest, Google… You can even write your own which is what I do sometimes. If you have trouble finding any every morning on my Instagram I share one to my stories! So don’t fret, I got you covered (LOL). Affirmations have helped me so much with everything I have struggled with including my depression and my body image. A ton of people have asked me, “how do affirmations work?” well, you simply speak them into existence. The more you repeat something or recite a phrase, the more it gets locked into your memory, and after time you start to believe it and it is true. It works for some so if it doesn’t work for you, maybe something else I do will. After I do affirmations I then look at my planner. In my planner I also have things written out such as, “don’t forget to love your body today” or “be sure to eat something nutritious today to fuel your beautiful body” these have helped me so much in remembering to take care of myself. And the better you take care of yourself, the more you will love and value yourself. I also have notes like these on post-it notes spread about the house, on my full body length mirror, the bathroom mirror, etc. Other people use inspiring bible quotes so if you’re a Christian or someone who follows the bible use quotes from it that will help you! When it comes to diet, DO NOT FALL FOR THE ADS AND DIET PILLS YADA YADA. Diet pills don’t work unless you actually out in work along side them. Instead, just simply change your habits and lifestyle. Instead of mac and cheese and corn on the side for dinner, eat some seasoned asparagus or veggies and add another nutritious side to go with that! Fueling your body with proper nutrition will really help you feel better about your body! Don’t skip breakfast! I never skip breakfast even if it is just a piece of toast or Activia yogurt. You should at least try to eat something that can help fuel you for the day! Next I will do exercises, in the warm months I like to walk my dog around the block. Get some kind of exercise in during the morning! or if you have a busy work schedule fit it in when you get home! You will gradually build muscle and you’ll start to feel so much more confident in your beautiful body. REMEMBER: Muscle weighs more than ‘fat’ so I suggest not even looking at the scale. As someone recovering from an Eating Disorder (EDNOS), the scale is not your friend when you’re wanting to love yourself. Working out and eating healthy will be enough (my nutritionist/therapist agrees) to help you feel better about yourself, you do not need the number! Also, losing weight is not necessary to love yourself and you should never make that your main focus in life unless your doctor has placed that goal on you or you yourself wants to lose weight. But I would do all that instead of taking fake diet pills with false hope. Know what I mean? During the day I like to remind myself my worth. So again I will look at affirmations sometimes, or just tell myself positive things about me. At some point during my day I will do something that I love, a hobby perhaps. I like to read, write, sing, and sometimes organize something. So I suggest taking an hour each day to do something you enjoy doing! And if you’ve been under the weather and your usual hobbies don’t interest you, learn something new! Before I take my nightly or morning showers I always look at myself in the mirror and I give myself at least 1 compliment each time. Start with your beautiful eyes, your gorgeous figure, your hair. Say something nice to yourself! I know it is hard but eventually it will get easier! Before bed I like to journal. So what I do is well… journal! I will write a response to whatever the prompt is (I make my own prompts or get them off Pinterest). After that, I will write down one good thing about myself and my body. For example, “I really love how I have grown as a person. I also really appreciate my jaw line.” You should also try journaling!

I know I have probably repeated myself a lot with some of the things I suggested but loving your body goas along with loving yourself! So of course if you read my self love blogs you may have noticed and already seen some of the same advice. Have you tried any of it? Let me know below (comment) and tell me if it had helped or not so I can better assist you in loving yourself! Anyhow, that is what I did to start loving my body and it has also helped me in my recovery from an ED. It has helped me so much so I am hoping these ideas will help you as well. Let’s recap!

  • Get At Least 8 Hours of Sleep Each Night
  • Recite Affirmations
  • Use a Planner – Write Down Little Notes To Yourself and Your Body
  • Spread Positive Notes About Yourself and Your Body All Over the House! Especially on Mirrors
  • Eat and Live Healthier
  • Don’t Skip Breakfast
  • Take Walks/Be Proactive
  • Tell Yourself How Much You Love You
  • Take 1 Hour To Do Something You Love or Try Something New
  • Compliment Something About Your Body While Standing In Front of a Mirror
  • Journal – Write One Thing You Love About Yourself and One Thing You Love About Your Body

Try those things and maybe just maybe… Summer won’t intimidate you as much as it has in the past. Thank you for reading and don’t forget that you are beautiful and deserve all the love this world has to offer.

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