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Cosplay Corner: Anna From Frozen 2


Anna is a character from the Frozen franchise owned by Dinsey. I’m sure everyone reading this has seen the iconic first Frozen movie, which features the story of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. Frozen 1 was a wild ride, and according to Little London Magazine, Frozen was the “world’s most popular Disney film choice is Frozen with 1.9 million Google searches globally every year since it launched (source)”. In Frozen 2, we get a more meaningful story with many deeper meanings and messages (in my opinion) than in the first movie. If you haven’t watched Frozen 2, you should plan to this holiday season!

Where I Got The Outfit

  • Costume: I actually bought the main costume from Party City; the cape and the dress came from Party City however, I cut the slit to make it more realistic to the film.
  • Shoes: I was so dissapointed I couldn’t find a replica of her shoes she wore in the film so I just ettled with a knee-high solid black boot instead, which came from Forever 21.
  • Wig: The wig came from Amazon, however, I styled it myself.
  • Leggings: In the film Anna is wearing brown pants under the dress/robe so I decided on a brown pair I found from Forever 21.
  • Makeup: For her makeup I decided to keep it simple, and elegant. Natural look with a lot of blush to represent the cold weather and of course I added a lot of freckles.

Photographer Info.

For this cosplay, I decided to have a photoshoot to really capture the look in its full glory. The photographer I approached for this shoot is one I have worked with many times before and adore, Alyssa with Crescent Moon Photography. She offers minis and other packages as well! You can check her out on Facebook by clicking here, and don’t forget to follow her Instagram! She is Nicholasville-based!

The Photos

Final Thoughts

I was absolutely stoked when I received the images; I also feel this has been my best cosplay so far! If you enjoy cosplay content, consider following my cosplay and gaming account on Instagram, and for lifestyle and Kentucking living content, consider following my main Instagram page! As always, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do! Happy Holidays!

My Cat’s First Photoshoot

I took my cats, FluffKatt (Fluff Cat) and Tinker (Short-haired Cat), to get Christmas photos done! …the outcome is absolutely adorable too. Earlier in September, I won a giveaway, and it involved a pet photo session from Jeannie Francis’ Pet Pics. Wonderful person, excellent photographer! I’m just going to have to have these pictures speak for themselves!

Jeannie Francis Pet Pics

This pet photographer is gifted, and her prices are excellent, especially for her talent and what she delivers. She is a photographer who specializes in pet photography based in Lexington, Ky. You can check out her website by clicking here! You can also check out her Instagram as well by clicking here.

How My Cats Acted

My cats weren’t too excited. However, they did so much better during the session than I thought they would! We used the door squeaking and a few noisemakers to make them look, and for the most part, the pet clothes we had them put on helped them stay in one spot to somewhat pose some. Tinker is just a natural star, while FluffKatt was the one we really had to work with. Overall, it was such a fun experience, and I’m so happy with how these turned out!

The Photos

These photos turned out so good! I hope they bring a smile to your face!

Cute Poses For a Sunflower Field Photoshoot

In this blog post, I am going to show some pictures from 2019 to show some cute poses you and your friends should do this year or any year at the sunflower fields! Sunflower fields are a huge part of Summer as it is the last taste of Summer we get in mid-August. The fields are amazing for photo shoots and just picking sunflowers to take home in general. Check out your local farms for these fields as they have may have events for sunflower picking!

Be wonderous

This pose is simple and always cute! Another example of being wonderous:

Close ups

Try doing close-up wonderous photos too! They always come out great! Make sure to have a pretty healthy setting, for example, flowers that aren’t broken or wilted.

Fruit Fly

You can never go wrong with this pose whether it’s pumpkins, leaves, and of course, sunflowers! I think it’s cute anyway… If all else fails try covering your face a little bit with a single sunflower! Try to find one already picked on the ground unless you plan on taking the ones you use for these photos home!

Try Casually Posing Together

This is a must-take picture right? Sitting down with the sky in the background always makes for a fun photo to look at!

Try Posing With Other Objects

We chose AL8-1’s because it’s unique as it is a drink you can only find in Kentucky! It’s ginger ale if you never heard of or tasted it.

Do Some Couple Poses

Fake a kiss behind a huge sunflower or pose like that cliché couple we see all the time at these events! The fake kiss / hidden kiss photo is my fave though!

Try Photos You Can Edit

I love editing so when we were on the ground doing this cute pose, I just HAD TO ADD SOME CUTE STICKERS!

Final Thoughts

Honestly, there are so many poses you can do at the sunflower fields! For more ideas maybe check your local farm’s Instagram pages, and look at photos they were tagged in, that can give you some inspiration as well! Thank you for reading if you enjoy this kind of content consider subscribing to my blog and following me on Instagram. Comment down below if there are any poses you’d like to add!

Four Farms in Kentucky With Sunflower Fields:

History of Faeries – My Cosplay

Photo Taken By: Crescent Moon Photography

History of Faeries – Where Did They Come From?

Faeries have different ways you can spell such as fairy/fairies, fairy/fairies, faerie/faeries, faery/fayries, fayrie/fayries, fae, fayes, etc. All spellings are acceptable! I prefer spelling it faerie and faeries. “Faerie” is a word that has been derived from Gaelic ‘fear shidhe,’ which means “man of the shee.’ Unlike the fairiesfaeries are considered to be evil, horrid, and mischievous creatures. These mythical figures are portrayed as spirits that know easy ways of stealing. (Difference Between . Net)” Sometimes people also refer to faeries as ‘nymphs’ which originate from ancient Greek.

Faeries are loosely originated back to mythical beings in Greek mythology. “The Norse versions of the fairies are the wide variety of elves and the dísir that exist in the Teutonic traditions. The Valkyries could also be classified as fairies (Timeless Myths . Com).” Did you also know there were many more versions and different places that have their own versions of fairies/faeries? You can learn more by clicking here! There is also a name for those who believe in faeries called, Faerie Faith which doesn’t conflict with other beliefs! You can learn more about Faerie faith by clicking here.

Even though most claim and usually it is that way, that Faeries are evil in comparison to fairies it doesn’t have to adhere to that rule. Faeries are just more seen as evil; some say they are misunderstood. The difference between a Faerie and a fairy can be argued. Let’s just pretend my version of a Faerie is misunderstood. If you’re wondering about why fairies have elven-like ears maybe clicking here will help you understand more, it’s kind of hard to explain but in reality, you can depict them truly however you want.

The Cottingley Fairies – Photo Proof?

Let’s talk about the “first photo of fairies”, The Cottingley Fairies. These photos were taken circa 1917 and by 1920 they had gained worldwide attention which was pretty big of an accomplishment during that time. Two girls of the name, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffith were playing in Elsie’s garden at her Cottingley village home when they decided to take these photographs. Originally people used these photos as “proof of fairies” when in fact later during 1970 they were true, debunked! Below are two of the photos the girls had taken:

I have to give it to these young ladies, they could have fooled me! If I had not known this was debunked and the story behind these photographs I would have eaten up this fairy story that was created with these photos. I would have looked at this and declared them to be real. It’s truly amazing what we can create in photos, like even now in the 21st century we have all these sources and apps to create these photos and know it’s fake but back then not having the technology we have now just amazes me how they could create such a real and unique picture. Click here if you’d like to learn more about these photos.

My Cosplay – Diana the Faerie

I chose to name her Diana because Diana is a Roman name that can translate to Goddess of the woodlands as well as that most common faeires in roman history happen to be water-type faeries. During these photos I was indeed in water, The floral headpiece also can take you back to Roman origins. Plus Diana (pronounced dee-on-uh) just sounds super pretty. So the abilities I have given Diana are that she is to protect the waterways and water wildlife as well as animals who rely on said waterways and water wildlife. She is often misunderstood as many claims she is holding a human skull. You can choose to interpret the rest with your imagination!

My Cosplay – Caitlin the Faerie

I chose Caitlin for this one because not only does my real name fit the part, it is Celtic. The headpiece I’m wearing in these photos is that of Celtic origin. Caitlin translates to “pure”. And I feel so pure looking at these images! Or rather, the images are giving pure-like vibes. Caitlin is the original spelling of Caitlin as well if you all didn’t know. For this faerie I have given her the ability to help wildlife and keep nature in check. She can make nay flower bloom with radiance. She isn’t misunderstood, she is more not understood at all. She has rarely been spotted by human eyes. May the rest of her story be in your imagination.

The Photographer – Crescent Moon Photography

My best friend is a local photographer whose business is Crescent Moon Photography. She has done many photoshoots for me and I’ve listed some of her work for me below. She is so kind and amazing to work with; if you need any photo work done please do consult with Alyssa. Her Facebook page: @cmphotography23 ; Her Instagram: @cmphotography_23! She is LOCAL and works here in Central Kentucky!

As always thank you so much for reading my blog! If you enjoyed this blog or have more to add on please do so by leaving a comment! If I have something incorrect and you wish to correct me on that please shoot me an email at! If you like to see more content like this please follow my blog and give me a follow on Instagram!