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Cosplay Corner: Creepers, Daphne Blake

My Inspiration For This Cosplay

Daphne Blake has always been my favourite from Scooby-Doo, as someone who watched the two original Scooby Doo series growing up I have just always had a love for the show and all things Scooby related. When I cosplayed Velma a week or two ago I received so much overwhelming love so I felt it appropriate to incorporate my favourite character in my new Cosplay Corner series before Halloween arrives. So many are asking me where I got my outfit so here is your chance to shop this look!

Shop This Look

I see a lot of modern-day Daphne cosplays, however I wanted to stay closely true to her character design without buying a cheaply made costume. For this look I decided on Daphne’s purple headband, purple dress, tights, modernized go-go booties, and the iconic purple headband. I actually got the headband, ascot and wig together, however, I did not like the wig that came in the set so instead, I opted for a different more realistic wig of similar colour. Below you can click the blue words to view the products on the websites I bought them from (Forever 21, Amazon Prime & JC Penny).

Final Thoughts

If you do Daphne for Halloween, you may have time to get this outfit before Halloween comes, if you’re ordering today as this blog comes out, or tomorrow possibly! Forever 21 and Amazon Prime are usually fast. If you do shop this look or dress as Daphne, tag me! I would absolutely love to see your version! As always, thank you for reading and supporting my cosplay hobby! I am planning on being there at Lex Con in March so if you’re also planning on going, definitely hit me up so we can meet or get a picture together! My cosplay Instagram account is @caitiecatcosplay and my Tik Tok is @caitiecatcreates . Let’s connect or collab!

Cosplay Corner: Velma from Scooby Doo

Shop the look! It is finally October and my favorite time of the year where cosplayers and the normal people collide, dressing up together and for fun, especially on Halloween! I will be sharing my cosplays and makeup looks with you all this month on my Instagram and here on my blog so you can shop or re-create the look! Today’s look I will be sharing with you all is Velma from Scooby-Doo.

What You Will Need

  • Short Wig
  • Glasses
  • Orange Sweater Top
  • Red Skirt
  • Orange Socks
  • Brown/Red Shoes or Red Heels

Amazon Links/Shop My Look Exact

I always buy my stuff from Amazon but I’m sure you can also find this look in retail stores near you or even on better websites. If something is unavailable on Amazon, don’t worry… I guarantee you will find it elsewhere!

The Makeup

Velma’s makeup is very subtle, honestly, you won’t need makeup at all. For my cosplay, I added some orange and gold shimmer to the eye with subtle eyeliner and lashes. With the glasses, there really is no reason for eye makeup unless you plan on taking off the glasses at some point while still in costume/cosplay.

Final Thoughts

Velma is such a sweet and easy character to dress up as and that is why I chose her. She was always my fave in Scooby-Doo and most likely always will be. Make sure to follow my Instagram where I will be sharing all things Halloween and makeup this month! I will also be having lots of polls to vote on, come join in on the fun! Thanks so much for reading.

Wilmore Kentucky – Let’s Go Shopping

Wilmore, Ky is a quaint little town in Jessamine County. This treasure is often overlooked and deserves more recognition. I grew up in Nicholasville however, half of my childhood was spent in Wilmore. I even attended Asbury University for two years because this town just holds a very special place in my heart, it always will.

I was so excited when Ky Creatives invited me to come to experience their Fall Night Market, unfortunately, the last one of this year, however, there will be more to attend next year and I am so excited! Last weekend was the first time in a few months I visited Wilmore, and it was a very good visit. Not to mention that downtown Wilmore is just so beautiful and filled with love and happiness. It was also bittersweet because as I passed the old Sims drug store with a for lease sign it just flooded tons of memories for me. Sims was a special place, the atmosphere matched a 1960’s movie. They had the best pizza and ice cream. Thankfully, The Local Confectionery brought ice cream back to the main street, so I guess that makes up for it. Below are some shops I recommend you stop by next time you are in Wilmore.

Let’s Go Shopping

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or getting Christmas shopping finished, Downtown Wilmore definitely has you covered!

Gigi’s Boutique

Gigi’s is owned by Lisa Smith who is a gentle soul with a passion for fashion of course! Her shop features clothing, home goods, decorations, just everything you would want in a cute boutique! I actually had the chance to interview her a while back which you will get to read once I post my blog, The Hidden Gems of Jessamine County. Definitely go check her shop out! She is also on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo sourced from Facebook

Shades Of Bluegrass

This cute shop showcases local goods by local artisans and even offers laser engraving pieces. They have the best coasters in town and I honestly wanted to buy everything in their store. Perfect gifts for any woman or man in your life. Follow this shop on Instagram!

Photo taken by me

Days Gone By Boutique

Days Gone By is one of my favourite clothing shops that even have a reward system! They feature affordable items that also have a hint of vintage charm. Their Fall styles are also almost to die for! Definitely pick up some new clothes for Autumn here! Days Gone By is also on Instagram.

Photo sourced from Facebook

The Local Confectionery

This ice cream shop is so unique and very charming, I definitely recommend everyone to stop and try a new flavour here! They also have the cutest sitting spots available! Maybe do your homework or work here while you enjoy a nice cold treat! Check out their Instagram and Facebook page too!

Photo taken by me

The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch is a very charming shop that includes items created by Kentucky makers, and local artists. They have the best candles, plants, home goods, and stickers! I always find myself buying their stickers. Follow them on Instagram!

Photo sourced from Facebook

Solomon’s Porch

Solomon’s Porch is a treasure. They were also featured in my Five Best Local Restaurants of Jessamine Co. Blog which you can read by clicking here. The atmosphere of this café is so cozy and everyone here treats you like family. The menu is also so creative and the food so so delicious! Follow them on Facebook.

Photo from 2019


Narratology is a non-profit social shop that features ethically made items. 100% of their profits are donated to charities that share their values. Their shop showcases very beautiful jewelry and beautifully crafted items. Definitely check them out as well as their Instagram page.

Photo sourced from Facebook

What I Got On My Haul

I got quite a bit of items from all over the Wilmore Night Market. Couldn’t show all as they are Christmas presents.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for reading and as always I hope I sparked some interest in you. Wilmore is so beautiful, go grab a cup of coffee, shop ’till you drop, and be open to meet amazing people. If you enjoy content like this or are local to Jessamine County, consider subscribing to this blog so you can receive an email every time I post a new blog! Don’t forget to also check me out on Instagram, as well as these shops listed! If you would like to have your business presented on my blog please email me at

My 23rd Birthday

Turning another year older is something some people dislike but for me, I enjoy it. The older you are, the more wise you become. Some dread birthdays but for me, I cherish them. I also love to document them and decided maybe people will want to know where I got some of this stuff like my outfit, jewelry, the balloons, the cupcakes… the sash and tiara? So I figured I would share a few things!

What I Did For My Birthday…

On Friday night I went out with friends to Texas Roadhouse and the Bar Complex in Lexington. We had so much fun and the drag show was a great watch! They even dragged me on stage with other people who were celebrating something and we did a ‘twerk-off’ … Nope, I didn’t win it either!

On Saturday I attended my niece’s (cousin’s, but she is just like my niece) Birthday Party! She turned 3 years old and that was a whole lot of fun. Her mother also made delicious cupcakes that were super tasty too! Later that evening Jacob (my Husband) had a surprise for me! We ended up at my favourite restaurant, O’Charley’s and then we went to the new attraction in Lexington called, Lex Live where we watched Mortal Kombat which is one of my fave series game and TV entertainment EVER! It was such a good movie and I give it a 100/10! The movie theatre at Lex Live was so nice and I very much enjoyed myself! Thank you again Jacob for taking me on this awesome surprise date night for my Birthday!

On Sunday (my actual Birthday – May 16th) we stayed home and chilled and my parents and grandparents came over to spend time with me. My dad cooked my favourite plate (cheesy mashed potatoes, ribs, cooked carrots & corn) and it was really good! Overall, I had a really nice birthday!

Where I Got Everything…

The Romper

I found it to be so pretty and perfect for 68 degree F weather!

Get Yours here:

The Necklace

I could not pass the opportunity to wear butterflies as they often times represent courage. Plus, they’re beautiful.

Get the Necklace here:

The Earrings

These earrings were also beautiful and I felt went with the necklace quite well.

Get the Earrings here:

The Shoes

At first, I wasn’t even sure about these shoes but they worked perfect! I just ties them around near the ankles instead of high up where they did unfortunately keep coming down.

Get Yours here:

The Balloons

When I saw these balloons I had to grab them! They are certainly super cute and perfect for us ’98 babies!

Get Them here:

The Sash and Tiara

I love attention and feeling like a princess so I just had to get a sash and tiara!

Get Them here:

Where I Got The Cupcakes From…

The cupcakes are always the most important part for me because no matter how old you grow, blowing out candles are so fun and I’ve always made 1 wish on my birthday every year when blowing them out! Who doesn’t want to make a birthday wish on their Birthday? So anyways, the cupcakes are a very important part for me so I always try and purchase them locally from a small local business. This year I chose to purchase from Baking Fairytales by Misbah! I tasted their delicious baking at the past Bluegrass Creatives Market and I knew I had to remember this business for my Birthday! The cupcakes were so delicious (I chose vanilla and strawberry) and the textures were richly fine. I LOVED THE COLOURS as well. They really made these cupcakes stand out beautifully. I definitely recommend Baking Fairytales for your children’s or your birthday or any other event that is in need of a tasty cake or scrumptious cupcakes! Want a better look at them? Head over to my Instagram (@lifewithcaitie)!

My Lashes…

I have been going back and forth between the Kiss lash liner glue and Glamnetic’s magnetic lash liner! But for my birthday I was wearing Vogue (my favourite lash style by Glamnetic) and I felt so pretty with this touch of lash! You can check out their lashes by clicking HERE.


Overall I had an amazing Birthday Weekend and am excited to live my 23rd year! Thank you so much for reading and just a little disclaimer: all links presented for the items are NOT referral links EXCEPT for the Glamnetic lashes. When you click the link for Glamnetic and purchase I do get points for your purchase. I appreciate all who do use that link, thank you.

As Always thank you so much for reading! Feel free to subscribe to my blog for more lifestyle and self love content and for all things Kentucky living! Follow my Instagram (@lifewithcaitie) as well to stay updated!

Shameless Birthday Selfies

Should We Keep Calling it “Bikini Season”?

Hearing the words, “bikini season” tends to give millions of women anxiety about the way they look. So of course during this time frame of “getting ready for Summer” the media and companies who sell diet pills and programs prey on said women and it needs to stop. A lot of activists say we should stop calling it bikini season and just refer to it as what it is, Summer.

I’m going to be honest, instead of changing everything and telling people what they can call it or whatever why just help boost our confidence instead? So many people with almost every situation and idea want to address issues and treat the symptoms rather than the causes. For example: Katia (made up person) is upset about her body and thinks they should stop calling it bikini season and just say Summer so she doesn’t have to worry about wearing a bikini or her feel insecure about her body. Laura (another made up person) comes over and replies to Katia saying that instead of focusing on the media and what people are wanting to call it or refer to it as, let’s help build your confidence instead so you don’t have those feelings towards a phrase or your body. Your body is a temple, and it should be loved by you. Katia thinks on it, and agrees! Now when it comes to all the diets and propaganda surrounding them in the media, turn it off! Shut it out! Cause I am here to tell you that all of that is a waste. You don’t need to be on a strict diet nor do you need to use pills to lose weight just to “get ready for Summer”. You need to go deeper and simply start loving yourself more. Eat healthier, recite affirmations and truly love yourself. That is what will give you the confidence you need to wear that bikini or any swimsuit you desire for that matter!

Image made via Canva

How To Be Confident In Your Skin This Summer

Now that I have your attention I really want you to know that I am here for you and I understand one hundred percent how it feels to look at your body in disgust. I used to loathe and I mean LOATHE my body in a bikini, it got to the point where I started wearing one pieces because I was so insecure with the way my stomach looked. I’m not telling you it will be easy, because it did take some time for me. But I’m sure if you start now, you will begin to love your body by Summer.

Here Is What I Did And Still Do

My everyday self-love routine consists of having at least 8 hours of sleep, the better you feel, the more confident in the day you will be! I also recite affirmations when I wake up. You can find affirmations anywhere really, Pinterest, Google… You can even write your own which is what I do sometimes. If you have trouble finding any every morning on my Instagram I share one to my stories! So don’t fret, I got you covered (LOL). Affirmations have helped me so much with everything I have struggled with including my depression and my body image. A ton of people have asked me, “how do affirmations work?” well, you simply speak them into existence. The more you repeat something or recite a phrase, the more it gets locked into your memory, and after time you start to believe it and it is true. It works for some so if it doesn’t work for you, maybe something else I do will. After I do affirmations I then look at my planner. In my planner I also have things written out such as, “don’t forget to love your body today” or “be sure to eat something nutritious today to fuel your beautiful body” these have helped me so much in remembering to take care of myself. And the better you take care of yourself, the more you will love and value yourself. I also have notes like these on post-it notes spread about the house, on my full body length mirror, the bathroom mirror, etc. Other people use inspiring bible quotes so if you’re a Christian or someone who follows the bible use quotes from it that will help you! When it comes to diet, DO NOT FALL FOR THE ADS AND DIET PILLS YADA YADA. Diet pills don’t work unless you actually out in work along side them. Instead, just simply change your habits and lifestyle. Instead of mac and cheese and corn on the side for dinner, eat some seasoned asparagus or veggies and add another nutritious side to go with that! Fueling your body with proper nutrition will really help you feel better about your body! Don’t skip breakfast! I never skip breakfast even if it is just a piece of toast or Activia yogurt. You should at least try to eat something that can help fuel you for the day! Next I will do exercises, in the warm months I like to walk my dog around the block. Get some kind of exercise in during the morning! or if you have a busy work schedule fit it in when you get home! You will gradually build muscle and you’ll start to feel so much more confident in your beautiful body. REMEMBER: Muscle weighs more than ‘fat’ so I suggest not even looking at the scale. As someone recovering from an Eating Disorder (EDNOS), the scale is not your friend when you’re wanting to love yourself. Working out and eating healthy will be enough (my nutritionist/therapist agrees) to help you feel better about yourself, you do not need the number! Also, losing weight is not necessary to love yourself and you should never make that your main focus in life unless your doctor has placed that goal on you or you yourself wants to lose weight. But I would do all that instead of taking fake diet pills with false hope. Know what I mean? During the day I like to remind myself my worth. So again I will look at affirmations sometimes, or just tell myself positive things about me. At some point during my day I will do something that I love, a hobby perhaps. I like to read, write, sing, and sometimes organize something. So I suggest taking an hour each day to do something you enjoy doing! And if you’ve been under the weather and your usual hobbies don’t interest you, learn something new! Before I take my nightly or morning showers I always look at myself in the mirror and I give myself at least 1 compliment each time. Start with your beautiful eyes, your gorgeous figure, your hair. Say something nice to yourself! I know it is hard but eventually it will get easier! Before bed I like to journal. So what I do is well… journal! I will write a response to whatever the prompt is (I make my own prompts or get them off Pinterest). After that, I will write down one good thing about myself and my body. For example, “I really love how I have grown as a person. I also really appreciate my jaw line.” You should also try journaling!

I know I have probably repeated myself a lot with some of the things I suggested but loving your body goas along with loving yourself! So of course if you read my self love blogs you may have noticed and already seen some of the same advice. Have you tried any of it? Let me know below (comment) and tell me if it had helped or not so I can better assist you in loving yourself! Anyhow, that is what I did to start loving my body and it has also helped me in my recovery from an ED. It has helped me so much so I am hoping these ideas will help you as well. Let’s recap!

  • Get At Least 8 Hours of Sleep Each Night
  • Recite Affirmations
  • Use a Planner – Write Down Little Notes To Yourself and Your Body
  • Spread Positive Notes About Yourself and Your Body All Over the House! Especially on Mirrors
  • Eat and Live Healthier
  • Don’t Skip Breakfast
  • Take Walks/Be Proactive
  • Tell Yourself How Much You Love You
  • Take 1 Hour To Do Something You Love or Try Something New
  • Compliment Something About Your Body While Standing In Front of a Mirror
  • Journal – Write One Thing You Love About Yourself and One Thing You Love About Your Body

Try those things and maybe just maybe… Summer won’t intimidate you as much as it has in the past. Thank you for reading and don’t forget that you are beautiful and deserve all the love this world has to offer.

Like my Bikini? You can find similar ones if Hot Topic doesn’t have them over at Etsy! Support small businesses and get one there anyway!

Consider subscribing! I write blogs on self love and care all the time and I also go over these subjects on my Instagram (@ lifewithcaitie) too. Hope to see you join the family! Feel free to leave a comment below, I love having conversations! Need someone to talk to? I am here for you! My email is: Stay Kind!

March into Spring with Pastels

Disclaimer: My hair is not fully black, I edited this so my hair didn’t look crazy… Dying it black ASAP though!

Spring is almost here, and I am a sucker for pastel colours and all of the polka dots! I have always been a fan of pastel frilly things and even when styling in vintage inspired clothing; I find that pastel and polka dots have always been a thing and I am so glad they’re still in! They are still in… right? I wanted to create a cute style book of all the fashion I will be wearing this Spring so I have brought links with me to share in this blog. Amazon fashion, and big name brands will be mentioned. NOPE! There are no affiliate links whatsoever as I blog for a hobby and want to keep my site as real as it can be for you all to enjoy!

Shop My Look!

I absolutely adore this look and wanted to share this with you all. I will also review the items pictured as I go! So here is the list with explanations and links! I hope you love this fun vintage inspired look as much as I do!

  • The Dress – The dress is so adorable and I just can’t get over it! It is a baby doll styled dress with a nondetachable peter-pan collar. The polka dots are not overbearing and the colour is very subtle. I would call the colour a pastel/dusty pink. It looks really beautiful in the sunlight. I matched this dress with white soft frilly socks from Forever 21 and some pearls I had given to me. The Oxford style shoes are what really help make this dress look like a style from the 1950/60s. This dress is sheer, but not too see through and kind of thin, but I don’t mind the thinness. You can view and purchase this dress by clicking here: THE DRESS
  • The Jacket – This was a thrift find via a Facebook group. I found a similar one you can view here: JACKET-LOOK-A-LIKE
  • The Socks – I found them while browsing in the Fayette Mall at Forever 21. It was a really great find! You can order it from Forever 21’s website by clicking here: THE SOCKS
  • The Pearls – Were given to me, you can pretty much find peals anywhere these days but to really achieve the vintage aesthetic I would definitely go to your local thrift shops and maybe even Goodwill’s and search at those places! I found a cute pearl earring and necklace set from Macy’s online you can view and purchase by clicking here: Pearl Set
  • The Shoes – I bought these shoes off of Amazon and I can tell you that I have had them since last September. They go amazing with just about ANY vintage inspired outfit I wear! Definitely a great buy if you love Oxford style shoes & vintage. You can view and purchase by clicking here: THE SHOES

That pretty much sums up this look! Below are other dresses I have found that I do plan to collect and wear this Spring:

Amazon Link:

Amazon Link:

Leave a comment below of which dress you would like to wear or check out this season! Or answer this question, Which design do you prefer for spring? Gingham or Polka dots? Let me know! Also feel free to follow me and these styles on Instagram by clicking here: Caitie’s Instagram ! Subscribe to my blog for more fashion! Thank you for reading 🙂

I’m Just a 60’s Witch – 60’s/70’s Inspired Witch Look

Y’all asked for it, I have come to DELIVER!

About a month ago I asked what my Instagram followers would love to see Halloween Character + Era wise and they came up with a 60’s witch. I have also incorporated a 70’s mix vibe into the look. In this blog I will do a breakdown of the items, why I chose them, and will be posting a link for you guys so you can also shop the look. All links are NOT AFFILIATE links. I just love sharing fashion with others so much… Maybe later on I will try out affiliate marketing but right now all of this is for fun! Enjoy the blog and Happy Halloween Season!

The Items and Why I Chose Them & Where to Find Them

All I got were from Amazon and they were on Prime!

The Dress

The dress is one I found a while back when I was looking up 70’s black dresses. As soon as October hit, I KNEW I NEEDED THIS to add to my Fall closet. I thought it would go so well with the look. The dress feels witchy where the sleeves are bell sleeved and they are long, all while the dress ends at mid knee. Belle sleeves have remained top of the list in 1970 though they have originated and been popular even since the year 794 … Back in the Heian period in Japan. For more information about the bell sleeves CLICK HERE.

Amazon Link to Dress – CLICK HERE!

Style Tip: I feel it would be so cute with a clinch belt where it is a dress that is a little boxy and hangs straight down.

The Boots

For the boots I went with the 60’s Go-Go Boot! A perfect staple from the 60’s and the colour black went amazing with this dress. The brand is Ellie Shoes and they recreate amazing vintage shoes. I don’t know about you but when I think of these kind of boots my mind goes straight to Nancy Sinatra and her song, “These Boots Were Made For Walkin'” I just really love that song but it also showcased different styles of boots mainly the go-go boot. To read more about this, CLICK HERE.

Amazon Link to G0-Go Boots – CLICK HERE!

The Wig

Yep, that is correct. I am indeed wearing a wig. I have to give this wig a 10/10. It is perfect. Feels realistic and real, and isn’t too heavy but thick enough to pass as real. When I saw this I felt it was PERFECT for this look. I also thought of that one beauty history fact that talked about passports and hair colour. 1968 was the last year to ask people for their hair colour on passports. Hair colouring was a major trend and became very popular in the 60’s and into the 80’s. Read more about the history of hair dye by CLICKING HERE.

Amazon Link to Wig – CLICK HERE!

Style Tip: The top doesn’t look too fake however, if you have a ton of hair and it is thick then you may want to wear a hat so there isn’t an obvious bump where your real hair lies. Or simply flatten as much as your real hair can get using boppy pins and etc. to put it in perfect place for the wig cap.

The Hat Neck & Ear Accessories

I didn’t get my accessories in time so yeah, that necklace is photoshopped. BUT fear not for I have links to the hat I was going to use as well as the necklace. Picking out the accessories was so groovy yet time consuming. But I always figured gold peace signs went with green very well so that was what I had intended for the necklace. The earrings are from a small business so I will also link where you can find those!


Necklace – CLICK HERE.

Earrings – CLICK HERE.

For the Makeup I used:

As always thank you for reading I hope everyone has a fantastic and fashionable Halloween! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and say hello!