CNC Bakery – Nicholasville’s Number One Sweet Spot

Nicholasville is full of sweet spots, and when I tasted CNC’s donuts, I just had to spread the word. This bakery is full of love, laughter, and sweet treasures. I had the sweetest honor of interviewing the owner, Lana and getting an inside scoop on all the delicious information I will share with you throughout this blog post. If you don’t have a sweet tooth now, you definitely will after reading this!


CNC Bakery sits in a beautiful historic home right off Main St. in Nicholasville, Ky. The bakery started when the pandemic hit hard; Lana said her s/o suggested that she start her own business, and she chose a business in which she knew she would enjoy. Lana graduated from Sullivan University, thus creating Cinnamon Nutmeg & Clove Bakery & Deli, CNC Bakery for short. Her favorite thing about this bakery is that she gets to do what she loves!

Let’s Talk About Their Tasty Menu

CNC Bakery offers donuts, deli sandwiches, cookies, muffins, pies, salads, bread… If it can be baked, she and her team can create! They also take custom orders for cakes, cupcakes, etc. My favorite sweet treat from CNC Bakery is their long john chocolate donut filled with Bolivarian cream in the morning!

Lana said that their best-selling product by far is their cinnamon rolls. However, it really depends! She also mentioned how everyone enjoys the bread they make and that sometimes people even ask for just the bread alone. She noted how she was so shocked that so many people just wanted the bread alone. CNC Bakery also does offer gluten-free options.

CNC Bakery does offer catering and can create custom-made cakes for any occasion! Something I found really cool was how she created Loretta Lynn’s 89th birthday cake! Lana was a baking star in the Jessamine Journal’s article, Reaching For The Pie In The Sky, as this article discusses how she was chosen to make Loretta Lynn’s 89th birthday cake. The link to this article will be listed at the end. But can we take a few minutes to appreciate that a Nicholasville bakery was chosen to make Loretta Lynn’s cake? How awesome is that! Pictured below is the cake in question!

Image sourced from their Facebook page

We were famous in a small town when we got back from Tennessee (after delivering Loretta Lynn’s cake and even being apart of her 89th birthday celebration)

Lana Rowland, Owner of CNC Bakery

New Additions…

CNC Bakery is getting a drive-thru soon! Lana mentioned how they would be doing a cinnamon roll week after opening this new addition!

CNC Bakery is also expanding! Lana announced that they are adding a bakery in the Fayette Mall, located in the food court called Lana’s Bake Shop, and there she will be releasing a new line of items, including snickers, smores, and much more donuts. She also mentioned a few new coffee flavors! Lana’s Bake Shop is said to open real soon! The picture below is a sneak peek of the new location!

Image sent by Lana

Something Worth Mentioning…

Lana sent me something that I wanted to add to this blog post. She shared an article with me about her dad’s first cousin and how he, Fred, was bigger than life to her, and an inspiration. I encourage everyone to click here and read more about Fred (Frederic Lee) Baker!

My cooking and baking journey didn’t happen by accident, it happened by love. Over generations.

Lana Rowland

More Information + Final Thoughts

CNC Bakery is located at 615 N. Main St. Nicholasville, Ky, and you can call them via 859-241-6229. The bakery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 to 3:30 pm. Consider checking out their Facebook and Instagram page! (click the blue text to visit those pages)

I am so thankful for getting the opportunity to meet Lana Rowland and to get an inside view of her bakery! She is such a sweet person, and her baked goods are so delicious. I urge everyone, if they haven’t visited this cute bakery, to do so soon! I am so excited for Lana’s Bake Shop to open in the Fayette Mall too! Shop local, support local.

Oh! One more thing, CNC Bakery, like many other local businesses in Jessamine County, were featured on the board game, Jessamine-opoly, a Monopoly copy board game created by the company, Late For The Sky, a company that is known for custom-made board games. Jessamine-opoly has been sited at the Nicholasville Walmart, it is uncertain how many of this board game, are available.

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Link to the Jessamine Journal Article

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