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KCAL Old Time Radio – Nicholasville Ky

KCAL Old Time Radio/Jessamine County Old Time Radio Troupe is a nonprofit located on Main St. in Nicholasville, Kentucky produced and directed by Doug Fain, Denise, and Norman Cline and features other members including but not limited to David Damron, Connie McDonald, Billy Holland, Eddie Clements, Roger Garrison, Steve Watts & Susan Clements.

Photo sourced from their Facebook Group Page

Background and Purpose

It started out as the Jessamine County Creative Art League, then The Old Time Radio Troupe decided to join in and do shows with them. Eventually, the KCAL group took over and this is the beginning of their 8th season! The group does 4 shows a year. The last 2 years and this one, they have and are hosting a Halloween show at First Vineyard. The KCAL Old Time Radio Theatre is located at 109 South Main St. in Nicholasville Ky!

We call it theatre of the mind because if you can, sometime during many of our shows we ask that you close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to either be sitting in the audience or listening on the radio.

Denise Cline

Upcoming Shows

  • October 30thSOLD OUT EVENT – Call for waiting list: 859-885-5363
  • November 5th – The Annual KCAL Gospel Showcase live and in-person at the Jessamine Christian Church
  • December 10-12th – Christmas Show at Downtown Theater

For box office, call 859-885-5363

More information on Nov. 5th show: FREE ADMISSION, however, a love offering will be taken during the concert. ALL of the proceeds from the benefit will be donated to the Jessamine County Schools Homeless Education Program.

Something to Consider…

I encourage everyone to put one of their shows on their bucket list! I hear so many say there is nothing to do in Nicholasville, well I found something for everyone to do! Their shows are entertaining, and they are non-profit. They do everything themselves and they work hard to entertain the community and to give back to our community through donations. Please consider donating, for more information click here. To see their current donors click here.

My Final Thoughts

I enjoyed meeting some of the members and had a great interview with Denise Cline. I cannot wait to attend their upcoming shows. I had the chance to have a peek at their upcoming Halloween show and it seems like it is going to be a hit! They have photo ops relating to the shows, and they’re just amazing people. Check them out on Facebook and visit their website by clicking here! As always thank you so much for reading, I really do hope you check them out, and please consider subscribing to my blog so you can stay updated on all things Kentucky, more specifically, all things Jessamine County! Stay safe.

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