Louisville Clearing Out Homeless In Time For “Derby Day”

You read that correctly. In this blog, I want to discuss an important topic that some find difficult to discuss… I want to cover, “homelessness” and I was inspired by articles going over how Louisville, Ky plans to clear out homeless camps AGAIN before the Derby so the “rich folk won’t have to see that”. The rich folk, in my opinion, shouldn’t care and keep turning blind eyes like they always do anyway (not really, they should instead help out or something). I don’t mean to come off aggressive in this post and I am trying my best to stay unbiased. I have never been homeless and I have fortunately never had to worry about when my next meal was or suffer from lack of funds, etc. I am also not rich or have more money than I know what to deal with. Wouldn’t complain if I did though however, I know if I had the money, I would help the homeless out. I donated money to a cause for homelessness this morning which was another reason I felt the need to type this. Enough chit-chat let’s get to the issue and my thoughts.

ARTICLE That I Will Be Talking About in This Paragraph – Click to Read

In this article above I have read according to the Courier-Journal (the highest circulated newspaper in Kentucky based in Louisville, Ky) that dates back to February 2021, they mentioned how they cleared out a camp without even announcing they were going to do so. That meant a ton of people came back to find their (most likely only) belongings gone. Can you imagine? I want you to really imagine this.

Imagine: You have just got out of a relationship where you were domestically abused and you had no where else to go. After a month of salvaging and having kind individuals help you with a blanket, your medicine, and some water you store them in a tent that you come to everyday for shelter. You forgot to pick up a newspaper (maybe to look for jobs or something) so you go back out to retrieve one. ONLY to come back to all your stuff being discarded by people who could care less about your situation. Doesn’t feel good does it? Did this make you feel uneasy? It should.

ARTICLE That I Will Be Referring To in This Paragraph – Click to Read

The article above is the article I was referring to when I said I was inspired to write this. My heart sunk after reading those paragraphs and how everyone is so worried about the derby and Louisville “looking nice” instead of how they can HELP the homeless or relocate them instead. Per the Louisville Metro, “camps on Liberty Street downtown near Wayside Christian Mission, which provides services for the homeless, and Adair Street near the airport will be dismantled on April 15.” there were 50 people currently living there a few days before this article being published. From what I understood from this article it felt like those moving them or forcing them out of the area are choosing to highlight the negative parts such as how they pointed out they “found an abundance of feces”. Well duh, people have to use the restroom it is a bodily function and at most places you have to purchase something before you can use their restroom and homeless people don’t have the money for that. So where else are they going to use it? And I feel highlighting these parts is the a part of the reason why people look down on homeless people in general. People like to be disgusted without understanding the facts and why things like that occurs in the first place. 

Louisville Metro also noted in this article that, “Louisville’s Metro Council passed an ordinance in 2018 requiring 21 days’ notice before clearing out camps after the city was criticized for not providing prior notice to residents” and this reminds me of the previous article how they didn’t get a notice… it is almost as if… they don’t care about the homeless, right? Am I the only one getting this vibe? The city has a good reputation for apologizing but not taking measures to prevent homelessness in the first place. I’m not residing in Louisville so please correct me if I am wrong. But I keep reading in these articles how they keep apologizing for their actions in the other article the city acknowledged how they respond hurts their community relationships. But do they really care? I am not trying to make anyone angry with this blog I am just trying to spread awareness and share my thoughts using the resources I have. At the end of this article it is noted that some of the “unsheltered” refuse their services that are there to help them. I decided to look into said resources which will be discussed in the next paragraphs.

Here is the Link for the Website for The Coalition for the Homeless in Louisville – Click Here to read.

So when I searched, “homeless resources in Louisville Ky” this website was what popped up multiple times as a result. So I am guessing this website mentions the resources they were talking about; I am going to assume. You can go ahead and have a look around their website or wait until you’re done reading this post but I won’t go into too much detail on the website. I just wanted to highlight some things.

There is a ‘Get Help’ section under the ‘Resources’ tab. And I also wanted to mention this here as well in case anyone who may be reading is struggling as well: Reserve a Louisville shelter bed by calling our Single Point of Entry office between 10am-4pm: (502) 637-BEDS (502-637-2337) This was at the top and I find that very useful and I’m so glad they noted this on their site at the top. Of course though with the virus, they are operating diffidently than if there was no virus so some resources may be limited.

Either way, I feel it is very insensitive to treat the homeless like burdens and as if they aren’t humans. When we (the majority of us) see homeless people we tend to think very negatively and it is so toxic. Our minds go to alcohol, drug abuse, criminals, etc. I do believe people are all about helping our Vets except the ones they don’t recognize on the streets. People don’t realize that these are people. Everyday people. Sometimes HEROES. It saddens me to my core. Instead of thinking about ways, we can help the homeless we just sit there and degrade them. We make up petty excuses in our heads to justify not lending a hand. You can try and argue with me but this is very common. I may have stepped on toes but we need to have this discussion.

I feel our government(s) are too worried about eliminating the symptom but not the cause. How do people get in these situations? Why do they stay? – How does the government get people in these situations? Why does the government keep people in these situations? Is that how the system is set up? Rich over poor? This should give you something to ponder as you click out of this blog post. Below are organizations that you can donate to if you wish. Thank you for reading, please leave your thoughts down below in the comments. Stay respectful and make good choices today.

Wish to Donate?

I’m sure you can find other places to donate but those were a few and I personally donated to them in the past and present. If you cannot donate then try volunteering to help the homelessness in your local community.

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