D.I.Y Valentine Gift Ideas

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

In this blog post I will share the ideas I thought of and found as well as link YouTube videos that helped me make these creations happen. I also tried three of these this year and wanted to share my outcome! I have yet to make the floral arrangement but it will be posted on Instagram soon, for sure! I hope you can make use of these fun ideas!

Floral Arrangement –

Things you will need:

[  ] Flowers
[  ] Greenery flowers
[  ] Foam green block thingy
[  ] Valentines ribbon
[  ] Container/vase/pot
[  ] Pliers & knife
[  ] Any other valentines craft looking thing to decorate/add finish touches

Items straight from my notes (couldn’t you tell?) Here is a YouTube video link for this idea I am going to use to help guide me: [Click Here For Video] Ramon at Home is one of my favourite YouTube creators! He made this video last year and I meant to do this last year but couldn’t find the time to, however, I am going to put this idea into use this year for sure!

Edible Arrangement –

Things you will need:

[  ] Pineapple
[  ] Chocolate to melt Pink/Brown/White
[  ] Strawberries
[  ] Honeydew Melon
[  ] Red grapes
[  ] Cantaloupe
[  ] Kale ?
[  ] Paper towels
[  ] Skewers/sticks
[  ] Green foam thingys
[  ] Ziplock bags

I practiced this idea the other day and it went very well though, I forgot to take pictures before demolishing it with the family (big whoops) but you can too make a one by using this video for inspiration: [Click Here For Video] Maribel TV does a beautiful job explaining how to create such a gift; even though hers is made for Mothers Day, it still works for V-Day! You can grab some shape cutters (THAT REALLY WORK – I BOUGHT THEM) by clicking here! They work like a charm! Very sturdy and cuts clean!

Candy Arrangement –

Things you will need:

[  ] Valentines Day Balloon (the little one)
[  ] 4 boxes of candy boxes (chocolate)
[  ] Assorted Candy Bars
[  ] Valentines Ribbon thin and thick
[  ] Hot glue gun
[  ] Foam thingy
[  ] Valentines Tissue Paper
[  ] Sticks/skewers
[  ] Valentines Styrofoam hearts
[  ] Sparkly heart paper décor

Olivia’s Romantic Home does an amazing job creating a candy arrangement! She even does better than I did! She also goes over other ideas as well in this video: [Click Here For Video] Her placement is so well done and she even remembered to grab 5 boxes instead of me who only remembered to grab 4! You will know what I mean… Below is my creation:

Valentine Custom Basket Arrangement –

Things you will need:

[  ] Basket from Dollar Tree
[  ] Tissue Paper Valentine’s
[  ] Relevant Item
[  ] Valentines-ish Sponge ?
[  ] Valentines Related Item
[  ] Box of Chocolate
[  ] Any other pink or red items that are Relevant
[  ] Valentines candy
[  ] Valentine’s Ribbon & Bow
[  ] Small inflated Valentines Day Balloon
[  ] Whatever else

When making a custom basket for Valentines Day there is so much you could do and include; there are so many themes you could go with. I made one of my friends a self-care basket (she is also going through a rough time – Sorry M, if you’re actually reading this, love you) and I made my sister a cute teddy bear themed basket! For kids you could make a Paw Patrol or Barbie theme as well! No YouTube video tutorial for this idea, but below are the baskets I made so far:

Unfinished but cute!

Strawberry Bouquet Arrangement –

Things you will need:

[ ] 25 Strawberries
[  ] Candy Melts pink & white
[  ] Coconut & Sprinkles
[  ] Vase
[  ] Skewers
[  ] Foam Tray (to keep them up)
[  ] Ziploc Bag (for white chocolate to create lines)
[  ] Dark Pink tissue paper & sparkly & white tissue paper (or whatever colours you want)
[  ] Clear Plastic Wrap
[  ] Valentine’s Ribbon

I actually watched a video of a floral strawberry bouquet and decided to just put it in a vase! Basically all you do is create chocolate and candy covered strawberries! Use the skewers to allow the strawberries to dry by sticking it through the top of the fruit then place on a foam block so it can dry without disruption! Here is a great video that inspired me [Click Here To Watch Video] she just makes such a beautiful bouquet! Below is my creation:

Are you going to try any of these ideas? Comment below or send me pictures on Instagram! My Instagram is: @lifewithcaitie ! I can’t wait to see your creations! If you have any ideas to share please comment below or again, send me a message! I absolutely love Valentines Day and all of the creativity that comes with the Holiday! For more ideas subscribe to my blog! Thank you for reading!

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