Fall Photo Ideas For 2020

Fall is near, and we are READY for the Fall pics! Need ideas? Welcome, you found the perfect blog! Sit back, drink your pumpkin spice and enjoy what ideas I am excited to share with you!

Photo Ideas For You & Your Boo

My Favourite Fall pics are definitely those that take place in pumpkin patches. This one I’m highlighting to the left is my all time fave couple pic for Fall. It is so cute, and the focus on the pumpkin is soft, and it just gives the best “Fall Love” vibes. Some even get engaged, and find a pumpkin with a skinny stem, to place their ring(s) around!

(Picture of me & my Husband, Fall 2019)

Photo Ideas For You & Your Friends

Keep in mind I’m mixing professional photos with non-professionally shot photos! Okay so my favourite Fall photo trend that involve friends is the trend where they’re at a park with colour changing leaves, and someone throws a pile of them leaves they gathered whether it be in their hands or from a garbage bag, into the air falling ever so delicately on the group being photographed. It is such a Fall centered photo, and the smiles & laughs just come to life!

(Photo by Noémi Macavei-Katócz on Unsplash)

Photo Ideas For Solo Pictures

My favourite pictures that are solo and great for Fall involve the season in some obvious way, but are also more.. mysterious as well. When I seen this photo I just couldn’t help myself! This is definitely a picture I need to recreate for myself. I love how she looks dark, mysterious, and innocent all together while holding a piece of Fall close to her face. I find this photo beautiful, and perfect for late-Fall!

(Photo by Caju Gomes on Unsplash)


Fall 2019; Evans Orchard located in Kentucky, U.S.

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