My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

Picture from the Fayette Mall Event in Kentucky, Photographer: Sarah Canton

Before I get into my top FIVE blogs of 2019, I would love to give a shout out to some of my favourite bloggers of 2019, that have taught me, and helped shape me this year in the #bloggingscene !


  • Marie Pullen (@bluegrassblog)- One of the first local influencer event I had the chance to go to was actually hosted and helped coordinated by Marie Pullen. She is such a sweet woman, and has the best collaborations on Instagram and her blog!
  • Sarah Canton (@spaceplaceandgrace)- She has had a ton of events this year that I had the chance to attend, and she is probably one of the most sweetest photographers in the Lexington Kentucky area! Definitely check her out for all your photo needs!
  • Aisha Nwandu (@aishadaobi)- She has been so awesome as well! She is also the founder of the Facebook group and Instagram, Kentucky Bloggers!
  • Courtney Hastings (@kentuckygirlramblings)- She has been someone I have looked forward to seeing, and looked up to this year! She is killing the blogger game, and has an amazing Insta feed! She focuses mainly on all things fashion and beauty!
  • Sarah Harper (@sarah.jewell.harper)- She is one of the sweetest ladies ever and an amazing mom blogger! I love that blogging has helped me create relationships with amazing women!

Top 3 Bloggers/People That I Adore Outside of Kentucky You Should Also Follow:

  • Abigail Clifford (@abigailclifford)- She is such an inspiring person that edits her photos like a #QUEEN! I am in love with her aesthetic!
  • Mikaela (@rosegold.diary)- I found her through an amazing group on Facebook that she is the founder of called, Instagram Influencers! She gives the greatest tips and is such a sweetheart! Definitely go check her page out and maybe even the group on Facebook!
  • Vanessa Lau ( She is a business coach, but she also gives THE BEST Instagram and business advice on YouTube! She is also a sweetheart that deserves to be seen!

Since I gave some of my favourite bloggers and people of 2019 some recognition how about some local Kentucky businesses as well that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with or just love in general! :

  • Spotz Gelato – They have the best gelato in Central Kentucky! Many flavours, and they offer catering services and more! Locations in Lexington, Georgetown, and Versailles!
  • Wixology Candles – I love their scents! Y’all should definitely go check them out!
  • Rolling Oven – By far the best local pizza joint ever! Plus, their beer is amazing! Go give their watermelon beer a try! Or simply try their amazing mimosas!
  • Bluegrass Liquor Box – They have an amazing collection and so many choices! I absolutely adore the owner as well, super sweet people! Located in Georgetown Ky.
  • Gigi’s on Main – A southern boutique in Wilmore Ky. Great selection of many items and Lisa the owner, is just so sweet!

There are obviously much more local businesses and people that I just adore but those in particular definitely caught and won my attention in 2019! Maybe they will catch yours too by the end of the year!

Now, My Top FIVE Blogs of the Year 2019:

5. How To Win Giveaways – This blog has helped many actually win giveaways, so if you never have any luck maybe you can give this a read!

4. Sun Valley Farm “At the Crossroad of Bourbon & Horses” – If you love horses and want to tour a farm in Versailles, here’s a great place!

3. Things We Did In Central Tennessee | Things to do in Nashville and Franklin Tn – This was a blog on my interesting honeymoon back in July!

2. How To Love Yourself Completely – I am all about self-care and self-love as well as self-acceptance. If you are struggling or feel you may have lost yourself, please don’t hesitate to give this blog a read.

1. Places You Should Visit In Downtown Versailles, Ky – One of my most popular blogs of 2019 that can tell you all the awesome places in downtown Versailles Ky!

Honorable Moments of 2019:

This year was amazing! Here’s to 2020, I’m sure it will be a great one! Remember to subscribe to my blog, and follow me on Instagram @lifewithcaitie! I often host giveaways and I post all things #lifestyle #beauty and #self-care! Oh! I also post about local Kentucky businesses too! What are you waiting for? Click my username to go straight to my Instagram page and check me out!

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