Me Too – Behind the Article That Grabbed Many of Y’all’s Attention

I wrote an article on my personal account of domestic violence and rape in a relationship not too long ago via Vocal to share my story and to spread awareness of domestic violence. In the article I expressed how I felt and how it almost destroyed me. I will say this, I didn’t let the relationship nor the guy destroy me. I refused to hide my hurt, guilt and pain, because someone needs to break the quiet cycle. I wanted and still want to encourage others that they aren’t alone and to speak up.

When the #metoo movement came out, the platform was my safe haven. It encouraged me to share and encourage others. I wrote that article because not only was I going through depression and needed closure, but because it felt safe to share because of that movement.

The article not only set me free, but others, maybe even you, free too. That is the final step of the healing process, to feel closure and freedom. I had finally let go of all my restraints and provided myself with closure, the article.

Don’t be afraid of judgement nor hate. Did I receive hate and blame after I spoke out? YES, of course I did. I lost friends, and even some important people in my life once I shared what I had been through. I was called a liar, and so much more I wouldn’t even call another being. I received nasty feedback, however, it was no where near the amount of support I gained. My real friends stuck by me, and I even gained a community of friends I could relate with. Coming out was a true blessing to find I wasn’t alone and there were others who could connect with me on that level.

Haters will always be there but there are more lovers than haters, I promise you.

My Me Too article is the second reason for my upcoming untitled book. I am in the works right now of a book that’s intentions are to spread awareness to teen domestic violence and encourage those who suffered like I, to speak out. This book is going to empower young survivors, and provide closure to most of you, that is my number one goal of the book. The book is set to launch in December 2019 as of right now. If all goes well it will be purchasable as an e-book Dec. 3rd 2019. I will be having contests and giveaways soon for some to have the chance to read it for free, so keep an eye out near August!

If you would like to check out my article please visit the link:

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